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4 Ways to Make Your Small Website’s Visibility Competitive with Big Corporations

Today, practically every business across the globe has at least some kind of presence online, with the biggest corporations already having years worth of content and a large base of loyal customers. As a result, it can be difficult for the websites of smaller businesses to compete with those of the big corporations, but it’s still not impossible.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has nothing to do with who has the largest volume of content or the longest online presence. Instead, it has everything to do with who has the content that is the most relevant to the individual web searcher. Therefore, there are certain strategies you can use as a small business owner to get your website to compete with your biggest competitors:

  1. Specialize In A Specific Niche

One of the biggest reasons the websites of big corporations are as visible as they are is because they offer products and content in a wide variety of niches, and thus can appeal to more search engine queries. There’s no way the website of a simple small business can compete with that.

Instead, you have to make your website competitive another way: by zeroing in on a specific niche and then pumping out content in that one niche alone. While this may minimize your relevance for a number of popular keywords in the general business you’re in, it maximizes your relevance for that one niche. In the long run, this will translate to greater visibility.

  1. Focus On Gathering Reviews

Gathering positive reviews for your local business pages and on directory sites are guaranteed to give your website a huge boost in popularity. This is because people will always feel more comfortable searching for or buying products from a business that is clearly receiving a positive reception from past customers. Even just two or three five star reviews will make a noticeable difference in daily traffic volume.

  1. Analyze Your SEO Campaign

Right now, your competitors are turning out loads of daily content and filling up that content with popular keywords and phrases to rank them in the top five or so websites related to your business.


The only way you can hope to compete with that is if you know what the big websites are doing and then outmaneuver them. A service that will analyze SEO for you will allow you to directly compare your website with your top competitors and see what keywords people are using to find them. If you can then include those keywords in your own content, or anticipate which variations of those keywords are likely to become popular in the near future, your site will become more relevant on search engines.

  1. Establish Yourself As An Authority Figure

Each of the corporations you’re competing with right now have legions of loyal customers, so you’ll have to build customer loyalty to your own brand sooner or later. The only way customers will become loyal to you is if they feel they can trust you, and trust comes from building awareness about your business and then delivering on what you promise.

This means you not only must sell high quality products and services, you also need to use any means possible to raise awareness about yourself: running a social media campaign, starting a blog, selling eBooks, and distributing podcasts and videos are just a handful of examples of what you can do.

Maximize Your Reach

While there are no shortcuts to improving your site’s visibility on search engines, by building a strategy that revolves around the tips in this article, you’ll be able to outpace your competitors in at least a few key places.


You Have an Ally in the Claims Process

The insurance claims process is tedious. Not only are you dealing with personal harm or property damage, you also have to deal with your insurer’s claims adjuster. The adjuster is the individual responsible for inspecting and researching the situation and recommending a settlement amount based on the perceived value of the damages. They are vital to the claims process for both sides of the matter.

The role of the adjuster seems simple, but there is more to it than you think. There are multiple kinds of claims adjusters. Your coverage provider’s duty is to protect you and your assets. Insurance companies are not charitable organizations. They have a bottom line to protect. Because of this, the company is going to attempt to get you to agree to the lowest possible settlement payout.


There is something you can do

If you are overwhelmed by the process, you should hire a private adjuster. This is the only way to truly know you have someone on your side during an insurance claim. It’s even better knowing the person working for you has years of experience in the insurance industry. Face it, you’re not Erin Brokovich, you don’t have time for the hours of research it would take to properly fight an insurance company.


Private adjusters are often former employees of major home and auto insurance companies. They have spent years honing their skills in damage assessment. This may not seem like an advantage over an independent adjuster, but it is. They know every scheme used to keep your settlement as low as possible. Private adjusters will use that knowledge for your gain instead of the insurance company.

Don’t balk at the price

There are a few different methods of payment when it comes to assessors. A quality one will charge a percentage of the final settlement amount, just like a personal injury attorney. The benefit here is they only get paid if you get paid. Any quality adjuster will garner you an amount much higher than your insurer would’ve offered. The benefits of quality private adjusters far outweigh the costs.

Don’t fall victim to your coverage provider’s attempts to lowball you on your settlement. In some home damage cases, this could mean thousands of dollars in settlement money left on the table. Too often people trust their insurance company implicitly during the claims process. Remember, they always have their best interests in mind whether you are a long-time client or not.

How to Develop a Career in Cyber Security

The internet and technology are here to stay, and the impact and role they play in our daily lives just keeps growing. With this increased use of technology, there are now great demands for people to work in the field of cyber security. New risks and issues pop up daily, and we must be able to fend them off and stop them from causing serious issues. Becoming a cyber security professional can be a great career move.

Cyber Security Defined

Cyber security, also referred to as computer security, is the concept of keeping computers and other technological devices secure from harmful elements. This may include stopping hackers, preventing a virus or securing data so it can be transferred safely. Almost anything you do online has an underlying aspect related to security. For example, when you go to look at your UAB school account, you probably have to enter a username and password. These two things help to secure your information so that nobody else can access it unless you give them specific permission to do so.


Security, though, can get complicated because the people trying to steal information or otherwise cause harm are becoming more advanced as the attempts to stop them become more advanced. If your personal information from your UAB account were to fall into the wrong hands due to a major security breach, major issues could result for you and the school. Nobody wants to see this happen, so this is where a security specialist would step in.

Steps to a Career in Computer Security

You want to begin with a solid education in computer science. There is really no way to specialize in cyber security unless you understand the basics first. Security is complex, and this requires a good foundation in skills like programming. You try to build up a solid base by getting at least a bachelor’s degree, but a master’s degree, like one from Marysville that specializes in cyber security, can really give you that start you need in the field, and Marysville’s cyber security masters program is now online, which makes it even more convenient.

You also should enter the field, working in entry-level positions to give you a good working knowledge of computers and practical experience in putting your skills to use. You should start working even while still in school. You need that experience in order to get hired in a cyber security positon. Employers can be very strict about requirements, so you may want to do a check of what employers are looking for in computer security personnel, so you can build the skills you need and gain the experience they require.

There is no doubt that the field of cyber security is growing and has a real need for qualified professionals to fill key roles. However, unless you have the education and work experience required, it will be very difficult to ever secure a job in this field. It takes some work, but in the end, it is very much worth it to get a job where you can help protect others and put your computer knowledge to work every day.

Useful Video Ideas for Launching a Business YouTube Channel

When you create a YouTube account for your business, you have the right to post as many videos as you want. You can then use the provided links to share those videos on Facebook and other sites or place those videos on your company’s official website. While you might think that all you need is a good camera and an internet connection to create and upload those videos, you also need some good ideas. Before working with a marketing company like iCrossing, look over some ideas for the videos you could create for your company. Then, after you have come up with some unique ideas, utilize the services of a company like iCrossing to create a plan of action.

How To Videos

Some of the more popular videos on YouTube are simple how to videos. These videos walk users through the steps of everything from building a deck on their homes to changing a light bulb in their cars. Your how to videos should focus on either the products you sell or some of the services that you offer. If you own a company that sells car parts, you might post videos on repairing broken taillights or replacing spark plugs. A company that sells clothing can feature videos on how to put together different outfits.


Office Tour

Customers often have an interest in how online businesses work. They want to know if that business has a dedicated office somewhere and what its employees are like. Consider shooting a simple walk through tour of your office that you put online. Do a basic tour of each area of your office, but make sure to stop and chat with some of the workers you come across. You can also do interviews with employees and let them share with customers why they like working there, what they do and how they help those customers.

Products in Action

If you sell products, give your customers the chance to see those products in action via your YouTube channel. Hello Fresh and other food subscription boxes often post videos that show everything that comes in the current box, which lets customers decide whether they should subscribe. Nike and other shoe companies use their YouTube channels as a way to show real life people and athletes wearing their clothing and shoes on the track, course and court. Seeing those products in action gives customers an idea of how they can use the same products and may encourage them to make a purchase.

Insider Advice

Customers look at business owners and executives as professionals with experience in the field. Use your YouTube channel to show your experience with videos that provide customers with insider advice and tips. A company that specializes in diet and nutrition can share videos that talk about creating a healthy diet plan, healthy snacks for office workers and the importance of proper hydration. If you do landscaping, you can post videos that discuss how to choose the right plants for different climates or how to properly care for certain flowers. Let your expertise come across in every video that you post.

YouTube is just one of the more popular social media sites used by businesses today. Whether you post serious or funny videos, you’ll quickly see your watch count rising as more customers find and share those videos. Your YouTube channel can include insider advice, a tour of your office, products in action or how to videos.

Twitter Masterclass: How to Make the Most out of Twitter for Your Business

Twitter is one of the world’s leading social media platforms, which makes it a highly contested battleground for small and large businesses alike. Almost every business in the world has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter or better yet, both. Whether or not you decide to use social media is ultimately up to you, but you’re missing out on a lot of potential exposure and clients if you aren’t.

Why you should be using Twitter

Twitter is the ultimate in short-form messaging and alerts. You can advertise products, you can speak about daily happenings in your office or you can respond to mentions and comments about your brand. For example, if you’re running a gift shop and you have a Twitter presence, happy customers can write tweets and mention your company brand, telling their followers how happy they are that your product arrived on time and exceeded expectations. This, in turn, makes their followers curious, clicks on the mention and leads them to your gift site.

People are social creatures. They’re always looking for outlets to express opinions, show off something new or even just to follow a figurehead or celebrity. Celebs are some of the most influential people on Twitter, able to amass millions of followers. Anything they tweet is turned into gold by the media, and you too could reach that status if you work on your social media presence.

Implement social media strategies from the beginning

You always need to plan for social media. For example, something as simple as adding a dedicated Twitter share button onto blog posts and articles can take days if you aren’t familiar with the API or software that’s used to power your website. Even worse, the implementation could end up looking sloppy if it doesn’t fit into your website design that you paid someone to make you.

Always make sure to mention these widgets and needs to your website designer if you’re paying them, or if you’re making your own then take some time to draw your intended design on a piece of paper. Reiterate and improve it as many times as you can before releasing it to the public.

It’s also a good idea to hire or assign someone to social media management. It can be a time-consuming job, so you don’t want to give the role to someone who’s already a vital component in your company or even yourself. Choose someone that understands internet culture, how advertising and marketing works and knows their way around Twitter.

Topical tweets

If you’re running a news publication or create content, then you always need to relate your work to topical trends. Let’s say you run a video game blog. If you aren’t covering the latest releases and announcements then you’re going to fall behind when it comes to relevancy. People want to read the latest news articles and keep up to date on trends, so if you aren’t covering them you’ll never reach the reader base you want to. Stay topical, tweet about recent happenings in the circles and industries that you cover, and never wait too long before the news becomes old.

Of course, topical tweets that aren’t related to your business are fine as well. Let’s say your main Twitter account is a personal one that’s linked to your business. Since you’re not using a business Twitter account, it makes sense to tweet about topical things for the sake of social interaction and to get attention in hopes of someone agreeing with your opinion, clicking your name to follow you and then in the future, receiving updates about your business. Just make sure you don’t tarnish your name by introducing a controversial opinion that could make people unfollow you.

Stay trendy

The internet is a melting pot of all the world’s cultures. As a result, many themes, behaviours and in-jokes have become a staple among internet denizens. For example, internet meme culture is extremely popular among teenagers and adults alike. It’s a global phenomenon which many businesses have tried to piggyback off of, only to have their plans backfire when internet users shame them for trying to soil their “memes”. While you don’t need to understand every single nuance of internet culture, it can be incredibly beneficial if you understand how internet memes are spread, how they affect market trends and how they can be used to your advantage.

For example, one of the most popular internet phenomena right now is the use of emojis. You can add emojis into your Twitter messages by using an online website to copy emojis and paste them into your tweets. Be warned, however, because something as innocent as an eggplant could be seen as a phallic object, and the peach emoji is often used to represent buttocks. If you’re a humble online vegetable and fruit dealer, then you’d be wise to avoid using these emojis despite their simple outlook.

Subtle Twitter advertising campaigns

Although many internet users employ the use of free ad-blocking software, the majority of people actually don’t bother with them. This means that you’re almost guaranteed to reach an audience if you use Twitter’s targeted advertising services. Targeted just refers to the way those advertisements reach an audience. For example, if you run a software development company then your promotions will be targeted towards industry professionals and software developers instead of people that play video games or like music. Likewise, if you’re selling children’s toys, then your advertisements will be targeted to parents.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should only be using Twitter’s built-in services. You can also advertise with your own tweets as long as you aren’t blatant about it or spamming your followers. For example, you can tell your followers about an upcoming promotion or product release, giving them ample time to research it and generate hype among their own followers. They’ll retweet your message, link it to their friends and perhaps even share it to other social media circles. Keep in mind that you need to build a following before you should subtly advertise, because if your existing followers leave due to your spam then you’ll never gain enough traction. It’s fine to tweet about new products, but keep it at a bare minimum.

Vital Web Design Tips For Growing Companies

Do you want to propel your company to the next level? Is your business going from strength to strength at the current time? Then it’s probably a good idea to make some changes to your website. Having a simple domain was fine while your company was small. However, you’re going to need something a little more substantial to keep up with demand. So, we’ve created this article to give you some great advice. So long as your new site design contains all the elements listed below, you should be okay. If it doesn’t, you need to go back to the drawing board.

Excelerate Team, Monday August 29, 2011, at Excelerate Labs in Chicago. photo by

Live chat features

Customer service is an essential part of running your modern business. It’s also a vital part of running a successful business website. However, most people have no desire to call your team on the telephone these days. Responding to thousands of emails can take a long time, and so you should add a live chat feature to your site. That will allow customers or potential customers to get in touch in real time. They can make complaints to members of your team or ask questions about your products. Research shows that responding to queries quickly can stop a customer from leaving your website. As you know, most people will look elsewhere if they are not satisfied.

Simple navigation options

The design experts at Perth Web Design know that simple navigation options are essential for modern domains. Indeed, that is why they always recommend their clients keep things as basic as possible. Internet users don’t want to work hard to find their desired products. They will leave a website that seems complicated and look for something easier to grasp. For that reason, you should look at popular selling sites like Amazon for inspiration. Millions of people make purchases through that domain every single day, and that’s due to the simplicity. If you can replicate their concepts and techniques, you’re onto a winner.

Keyword-rich content

You need to make sure your site appears in all the correct listings on Google. That means you need to engage in some basic SEO techniques at the very least. With a bit of luck, your chosen web design agency will handle most of the hard work. However, you can still make improvements whenever you have time. Make a list of all the keywords and phrases you would like to target. You can then begin to add them to the content on your website naturally. For instance, let’s presume you want to target the phrase “adult skateboards.” You could add sentences like “we stock the best adult skateboards on the market.” You get the idea, right?

Those web design tips might seem simple, but you wouldn’t believe how many companies get it wrong. Sometimes you have to start with the most fundamental elements to ensure you build from a firm foundation. Continue your research to ensure your new site produces the best results possible. Remember, you can split test changes to see how they affect your conversion rates. That is a strategy all the top companies use with great success.

Grab your customers attention Immediately -Online stores

115Online shopping is one of the best ways to do shopping in an efficient manner. Through Online Shopping you can able to jump over a shop to shop easily, Change to Purchase the right product as in your mind with a plenty of discounts. Now this season is a festival season such as Christmas, New Year and more. This is the right time to grab your customer attention for Online Stores.

Many survey also revealed that most of the customers responding more positively to pictures and videos posted on YouTube, Pinterest and more rather than text. Based on the traffic analysis, you can figure out that the most will view all content delivered via videos and pictures but few of visitors only reading 50 percent of content before they begin to redirect that commercial site. As a online retailer you need to take advantage of multimedia.

How to improve sales from your online store:

Your site must be visible where consumers are searching that is the most important factor for this you could find aplenty tool that makes your website is always within eyesight in your local area. Offers a better chance to be easily found your websites in online directories, search engines, apps and map services. Then constantly and anatomically update your company’s important details so they appear on – for example – Google Maps, Thomson Local, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, TomTom, Scoot and newspaper directories such as Mirror Online and Independent Online.

How to improve sales from your online store:

It is a another option to garb a attention between the users Don’t ignore basic layout rules, and if in doubt, keep things minimal. You must create trust and user-friendly buying experience by setting the scene for products, brand recognition, suggest reassuring speed and modernity.

Follow these things and grab the attention of your customer.


Coming Soon – The Largest E-commerce With Its Own Logistics Network

It has been reported that, Amazon Inc. a well known and one of the world’s largest e-commerce firm has plans to use its own logistics service for delivery of various products sold through its vendors in India, Presently, Amazon is one of those e-commerce firms with their own delivery network though others also deliver some of their products on their site namely Myntra, Jabong and Flipkart. Amazon has been following a hybrid logistic model delivering a portion of the products with the help of other logistics firms in dispatching some of their product which are sold by vendors on the market platform. ( Image by GeekWhenSpoken2 )

amazon- webbozz

Purpose of this Venture
The decision behind this venture is to move with launch of high end products namely apparel thereby increasing tie ups with the local sellers which can form the cruz for the company’s strategy enabling them to face competitors in India which is one of the fastest growing e-commerce market in the world.

Amazon had earlier set out the process of setting up its logistic network more than a year ago before it had unveiled the India focused e-commerce platform and with it huge spread all over the country, the need to hire additional people to handle the running the strategy of delivery of products was essential. This in-house logistics would provide the much needed control over delivery time besides addition to fixed costs of running an e-commerce market. ( Image by sherwebdotcom )

amazon delivery- webbozz

Control on Delivery Model
A controlled delivery model could also be of great advantage to Amazon with an assurance for buyers to purchase products from its platform since the main criteria is the swift delivery time schedule where the marketplace is faced with issues over vendors shipping products on their own.

Moreover by shipping products for other vendors, there are capabilities of generating revenue from shipping the products and it was reported that for the fourth quarter ending on December 31, the worldwide shipping revenue of $1.1 billion as against shipping cost of $2.3 billion, had a net shipping cost of 4.7 percent or $1.2 billion on global net sales. Shortly, Amazon will now use its own logistic network in delivering major portion of their products which are sold on its Indian portal.