5 Video Conferencing Apps Your IT Teams Will Love

These days, communication needs to be instant. Whether you’re at your desk or working from a quiet, corner café elsewhere, staying in touch is crucial. That’s where apps and tools come in. With a lot of new technologies and names popping up, exploring the many ways you stay connected to everyone else on your team while you’re on the go is a must. So take a long look at the following cloud-based solutions for you:


It works on mobile, has tons of other users across the globe, and is free, so long as you and your contacts have a Skype account. With over 299 million users according to Search Engine Journal, you won’t have a problem reaching out to the rest of your contacts, old and new ones. Also, it’s one of the most long-running video chat apps in the industry so nearly everybody knows how to use it by now. That also means you get less down time, especially if you need a to set up a handy communication tool for your staff. If you want a tool that allows you and your team to circumvent distances and beat deadlines that much faster, this might be the add-on you need to get you and your pals through the day.


There’s something to be said for the convenience of apps that work together. That’s what you get with Oovo. You can log on with your FB account, so no painful ‘I can’t remember my password’ moments or the woebegone experience of having to deal with a 10 to 20-minute hassle just to remember or reset your password. Another one of its great features, though, is that it links up with your Facebook contacts and your phone, merging your contacts together so it’s easier to talk to a friend or reach out to any of the names on your contact list.


If you’re just looking for something simple, sans the bells and whistles, then this is a nice option to consider. You don’t need a password, so password-impaired folks have a good reason to rejoice. Just enter your phone number, email address, and your first name, and you’re good to go. It’s free for iPhone and Android users and even for those on Windows. Want a bit of fun and need something to keep your hands busy while you talk to friends? You can play tic-tac-toe with friends while you discuss the latest developments on Game of Thrones or just play darts and bet on who wins. This isn’t ideal for business calls, though, so you’ll need to look elsewhere if you need that in the bag.

Blue Jeans

If you want something that’s better suited to business calls, you can hardly go wrong with Blue Jeans among all video conferencing apps for IT. If you’re looking for an app that’s easy enough so you won’t have to stress your IT experts out, then this fits the bill quite nicely. It works with iOS and Android and has nifty features that allow you to attend your meetings wherever and whenever you are, whether you’re on mobile, an iPad, laptop or desktop unit. It’s designed to allow you to do more than just put in a token participation in any meeting. With features that make it possible for you to take the controls and use it to do page by page reviews or to share or revise a particular document or section, collaboration doesn’t have to be done through insanely long email threads or chats any longer. If you want something reliable and professional, this is a standout choice to have on your list.

Facebook Messenger

You use it every day and is perhaps one of the best tools for getting in touch with family and friends. Like most choices on this list, it’s also free and easy to figure out, which is an advantage for users everywhere. It’s great for keeping your up with your personal contacts. It’s not, however, the best choice for business meetings, says Digital Trends. Adding your work colleagues and even your boss on Facebook can be dicey. If you tend to rant on your wall a lot, stay on the safe side and keep work contacts out. That way, you won’t have to worry about any backlash or repercussions from anything you put on your own wall. Also, if you want to use messenger to contact work mates, seeing your wall and all the updates as well as newest posts for the day can distract you from your goals. Before you know it, it’ll already be nearing noon, half the day will be gone and you still wouldn’t be halfway through your list of contacts.

So if you’re looking for tools to help you stay connected without putting too much effort and stress on your IT team, take a hard look at these choices and choose the best one.

What to Look For in the Best UI design tools

There are plenty of different user interface or UI design software in the market, and each one offers a unique perspective. However, it is important to ask yourself what UI design tools or combination of features would match your needs and make the work flow more efficient.

The 5 things to consider when looking for UI design tools

1. How does it perform?

Performance does not just mean how well UI design tools renders, but also how it affects the rest of your system when you use the software. For example, Photoshop is known to eat up space and bandwith and this makes your computer run slowly. Adobe Photoshop consumes about twice as much memory compared to Affinity Designer. Sketch is also better at this.

2. How stable is it?

Stability means that the software should not crash or hang on you after a week of use. No one needs great software that works for just a while and then dies. For example, Affinity is known to crash often especially when using its transparency tool. Photoshop, on the other hand, may seem wobbly at times, but it still delivers. This is probably the reason why the software is still alive and with a huge following to this day.


3.Is the Interface UI focused?

These tools are not made alike. It is interesting to note that Photoshop was not meant to be one of the UI design tools, initially. It was created as a photo editor with countless add ons and improvements along the way. Sketch, on the other hand, was meant for UI design from the get go. Affinity, meanwhile, is also a great tool to use except for its measurement features. Some users say they can’t tell the distance between two objects or adjust them to scale. As mentioned above, Sketch offers almost all of the features a designer would want, with minor tweaks on the interface just to make it more user-friendly.

4. Is the workflow vector based?

Photoshop, Affinity and Sketch all allow the user to create designs which are vector-based. If you’re looking at other brands of software, check how well it can work with vector designs and how extensive its capabilities are. You will need vectors for majority of design work, and one which does not offer this basic feature will obviously not be a good choice.

5. Ask about pixel layers scaling

Everyone hates seeing designs (be they artwork or for online design) that are pixelated or scattered. It’s one of the major problems of UI design tools, especially Photoshop. The pixel layers are compressed and loose quality during the scaling process. This problem is addressed by converting it first into a smart object, which can slow down your work considerably.

Affinity excels in this part since the images can be scaled 10 times and the start quality remains the same. There may be some other software or tools out there which can do the same thing, so if you find one and it matches the other features you are looking for, don’t hesitate to try it out.
These design tools are not exactly cheap, which is why you should look around for the best one before buying.

Can I Build a Mobile App?


Have you ever browsed through the App Store and thought: I could do better than this? Well, you probably can! It’s becoming easier and easier to create and build your own app. In just a few years, we predict that app building will become as simple as building a website.

However, if you want to get ahead of the game, you’re going to have to learn a thing or two. In this post, we’ll quickly show you the basics of building an app. Hopefully it inspires you to get your sketch pad out, and start creating something.

Come up with a great idea

A fantastic, popular app all starts with a simple core idea. The best apps are devilishly simple and intuitive. Think of Snapchat, Tinder, Temple Run; they’re simple, addictive and incredibly popular. Do some research, and see what’s already out there in your niche. Look for the gaps in the market, and figure out how your idea can become unique. That’s what Snapchat did. The market was flooded with photo and messaging apps. But none that featured self-destructing images. Simple.

Start sketching

The next step is sketching out the rough design and layout of your app idea. Don’t worry, this will take you plenty of tries, and you’ll go through lots of pads of paper! It takes time to figure out the exact path of the user, and how to optimize the buttons. With every step, think about simplicity. Make sure the design is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Wireframe it

With your rough sketches complete, it’s time to turn them into usable blueprints. There are plenty of simple wireframing software options out there, but Balsamiq is one of our favourites. It allows you to simply drag and drop boxes and icons to create a professional-looking design. Most developers use these simple blueprints as a rough design to work from. These designs are also great for starting the feedback process. Show them to your friends, family, and target audience. Get their feedback, and make changes before you start the main body of work.

Building the front and back end

Now comes the tricky bit. It is possible to build the app yourself using a specific coding language and platform. If this is a path you’d like to go down, you can find additional info at Simplilearn. It is now getting easier to build your own app from scratch, and the coding is getting simpler. However, rookie app builders may want to hire an established development team to do the hard work.

Test, test, test

With your app completed, it’s time to run a series of tests on it. Make sure it works on iOS and Android (if you’re building for both markets). Then, get another series of feedback from friends, family, and your target audience. You may have to dive in and make a few changes. But, it will all be worth it in the end!

Congratulations, you just completed your first app. It is possible, and it’s getting easier. What would you build, folks?

Temple Run – Popular Smart phone Game in the World

temple runTemple run the endless running, fun video game is developed and published by imangi studios. The husband and wife of Keith Shepherd and Natalia, produced, designed and programmed this game and the art work is done by Kiril Tchangov.

This game is the most popular game in the world of smart phone. Why it so popular because it is an ideal fermium model where the whole game is free to play and it includes creative controls. Every people similar to smaller one to adults are like to play this game because of its design and the curiosity to go to the next stage of the game. It gets the large impact from the people. This game not only attracts the people who are all playing, it also stimulates the people who are all listen. This is the major specialty of this game.

Interesting factors

Temple run has been a massive hit among the people because of its easy game play. This game is easy to understand and play but very tough to expert. It’s a performer control and adventurer game. The character he/she who stolen the treasure from a temple is pursued by the devilish monkey who would like to eat that character.

This is an endless running fun video game so it doesn’t has any end of the temple so player plays the character until he/she caught by the demonic monkey or the character get terminate. While the character he/she is running, the player is able to move the character in the sides of right/ left / jump by tilting your device. It helps to collect the coins and escape from the obstacles. At what time player wants to move the character right/left, they swipe their finger on the touch screen according to the direction and if they wants to jump over/ slide down, they swipe their finger upwards & downwards.

While you are running you can collect coins, credits, power ups and more boosts ups. These coins and power ups helps you to unblock many characters, upgrades, credits and more. There are three kinds of coin, the gold, blue and red coins. Each coin has different values, golden coin has one credit, red has two and blue has three.


Temple Run- 1.4

Temple Run 2- 1.15.1

Temple Run-Brave- 1.5.2

Temple Run-Oz- 1.6.3

How to Play the Game

  1. Download the game Temple Run according to your version preference. It’s a very popular and free game so you can easily search this game on your app store or Google play Service.
  2. Open the game. It will take few seconds of loading and it will redirect you to the home page with menus. You can use the menus to understand the game otherwise you can start the game immediately.
  3. The game is easy to understand so make acquainted with the buttons. Keep your eyes on the track while you are running. Because there are lots of obstacles to face on the running path.
  4. Use the tutorial mode to learn the basics of temple run.
  5. While you are running collect the coins, gems, power ups, and credits as much as possible. It will help you to unlock the upgrades, characters and it’s used to escape from the disturbance.
  6. It’s an endless game so keep on running gives you more points or credits.
  7. Whenever you complete you’re a game, your score is added to your store credits. You can use this credits to buy upgrades, utilities and wallpapers.
  8. Use the collected coins to purchase power ups or collect it while you are running. The available power ups are: Mega coin, coin magnet, invisibility, boost, score bonus, gem bonus, shield and bolt.
  9. The game might look like one directional but there are some available objectives. You can use these objectives to complete the game with more bonuses.

Enjoy the Effortless and Efficient File Synchronization -Dropbox

Apple and uniqueness both are same, whatever Android’s new trend escalates the Android growth, the Apple plays huge role amongst its uncountable users. Among its wonderful apps, the Dropbox is most important as well as efficient too. Let’s see the roles and responsibilities of the Dropbox app.

Dropbox is one of the popular iOS app, significantly developed to handle the file synchronization and sharing between your device and your computer. The Dropbox allows online data backup service. Is it need online data backup? To achieve this pen drives, Hard drives and other storage devices is well enough though online data backup is necessary why.

If you take a backup with these storage devices and it may corrupt easily, so your data will get erase accidentally. To recover this you have to search recovery tools, to avoid all these situation, online backup is efficient. The Dropbox efficiently allow you to dump files which ever you want. The Dropbox is absolutely free and easy to use.

Apart online back you can easily sync more files between you computer and your palm devices easily with the help of it. The Dropbox allow you to work on your desktop and allow you to continue it on your tablet or mobile. It is possible by using Dropbox app, so you don’t need not to use any driver or USB cable between your device and computer. For a ease of file sharing ,you must integrate your devices with this Dropbox app, for a ease of file sharing.

The Dropbox uses efficient backup method that takes backup in a continuous or automatic manner. Dropbox ensures faster backups, less space and more enhances the way of online backup services. You can sync unlimited number of file versions between your devices and You can made changes easily without any destroy your previous version of document. Dropbox allows you to restore versions within 30 days from the file history, to extend this you can purchase the Packrat add-on.

This Dropbox is useful to collaborate with others easily. People can collaborate with their co-workers or for student projects and so on. This app is one of the best offers easy sharing among the people whoever you want. Dropbox allows 2GB of free space when you sign up with new account, if you want more space you can do the subscriptions also. Your subscriptions offers free space up to 500GB. But the Dropbox only allows you to restore data like documents, photos, music and videos.

So sign up your new account and enjoy easy sharing.


Replace your Standard Launcher with Blur Launcher

Blur_launcher_replacementWe love to use the Android mobiles than anything, but looking the same home screen on different devices creates a tedious journey to Android users. So replacement of home screen is must one and aplenty of third party launchers available for Android on the play store. There are all almost offering same features and none is unique. The Blur, a new launcher replacement app for Android with a unique Pages functionality.

We know that Klinker Brothers, who are the developers of Talon and EvolveSMS, released this new launcher replacement app Blur. Why Blur? What is the unique features of Blur? How it differ from other launchers? Is it does the same work of other launchers? These are the common questions when you place a launcher replacement app.

Blur does most of the things that almost any other launcher can do such as custom icon pack support, grid size changes, Android L styling, icon scaling, scroll effects, OK, Google hot word detection, re-sizing of all widgets, and more. So the Blur is similar to the launcher but it differ from all launchers with unique feature that’s the new Pages idea.

Blur included the Google Now concept from the Google Now launcher. We all love this Google Now Launcher’s Google Now concept. What is Google Now? Just a swipe from the left side of your screen, you can access a series of Pages. These pages could be pages for your favorite apps. For example, if you use the Blur, the Klinkers have created a Page for their Talon app, which allow you to experience a fully-featured Twitter by a simple swipe away from your home screen.

You don’t need to load up the actual Talon app each and every time. The Klinkers have also created another page for the EvolveSMS app. There is nothing much to add to your page, apart from weather page and a calculator page. If you make a page for weather, your single swipe turn you in to the blank page, so you have to load it. Without loading the pages you can’t get the present stage of that particular app.

The Calculator page works well with bold numbers and you need not to load this page at any situation. When it comes to the app page some problems we have to face, that’s app runs exceedingly slow. So the use of Blur is almost similar to the other launcher and its unique feature Google Now creates mess.

Interesting thing in Blur, Launcher Replacement app is totally free. That’s all well and good. The Blur runs like a beta currently, so it needs more work. It suits well, if you don’t mind being a beta tester.

Best Android Wear Smart Watch App for European-Capitaine Train‘s

In Europe, most of the people using their smart watches to do more instead of often taking smart phones in the busy time, usually you can get the notifications about the fight times, train times and more on your smart watch screen. Now an awesome app under the name of Capitaine Train‘s, which is specially coded for your smart watch to do more other than the notifications. So read this review to more about the hidden features of this app.capitaine_train
Now you’re using your Android Wear in many buzzing situations, so the app Capitaine Train‘s will allow you to do more rather than the notifications. This app is especially developed to improve the train ticket booking. The Capitaine Train‘s allows you to make the most efficient ticket booking experience in Europe.
The Capitaine Train‘s app keeps three core features in it, if your waiting for the train in the railway station with the bulk of bags, that time you can get the information about the Train number, carriage and seat availability everything on your wrist, it sounds awesome right! Now your Capitaine Train‘s app allows you to know the same as mentioned via your Android Wear.Capitaine-Train-réservation
After getting in to the train you have to show your ticket to him, that time you know need to worry, just do one swipe and find the barcode and show it to the train inspector, if you want to know more about the train departure and more you can open the Android app in one tap and know the whatever information you want.
Who will help you like this way, except the Capitaine Train‘s app. So download your Capitaine Train‘s app on your android wear and then avoid the buzz train experiences and enjoy the fun filled journey.

Avoid Buzz Filled Train Ticket Booking Experience -Capitaine Train’s App

Recent decade is showing the pride of the smart watches, yet many smart watches reached the market and compatible with Android, Tizen and more, but the Android wears are more popular because most of the mobiles are runs with the background of Android Operating System. You can use these smart watches efficiently by best apps, in that list the Capitaine Train’s App will allow you to acquire the most efficient ticket booking experience in Europe especially for the Android smart watches. Now your mind will ask how it works and more questions? So read the below content it will help you to know more.capitaine-train-visuel-tc-2

Now you can book the tickets in seconds by register your personnel info and your family member details and select your favorite destinations instantly and get the upcoming and previous information about the train and book your tickets and get the e-tickets in the PDF or store it with your locality card and show it whenever ticket inspector ask you to show your tickets. The app will always remind you by notifications before 20 minutes before departure.

You can get these tickets without any fees and book your train tickets with best prices by knowing the offers of your train departments and get the discounts too. Never need to invade towards your booking centre to cancel tickets because your app will allow you to do the exchange or cancel facilities to you. So you can avoid the fumbling situations while booking train tickets and book your tickets easily by voice itself from your smart watch. To install this app your smart watch takes 3.9m space and need android 4.0 and higher versions of the android operating system.Appliness-5

So experience the best train ticket booking via best train ticket booking engine Capitaine Train’s App.


Step ahead in technology with the features of Apple ipad Air

The Name Apple always releases its new product with a step ahead of the new technology. The sentence will be proven by the new ipad gadget termed as the Apple ipad Air. The ipad air will really allows you to fly over the air. If you want know the stunning features of the Apple ipad Air you must read the below content.

Apple ipad Air

Thin but does more:

The Apple ipad Air is 7.5 mm thin with the 469 grams of weight, though it has the plenty of features within it. The design is very important while you buy any gadget. Because you must always prefer the less weight and thin gadgets then only you can carry it everywhere easily.

Stunning Display:

The ipad Air has the stunning display with the 9.7 inch of the display, which has the 2048×1536 resolution and 3.1 million pixels. The retina display allows the Apple’s display unique by varying the pixels per inch so the human eye can enjoy the real view the image experience.

Improved performance:

The new Apple ipad Air has the improved and incredible performance with the help of A7 chip. This A7 chipset brings the desktop architecture to the New Apple ipad Air gadget. The A7 chipset offers the more speed and better graphics quality to this gadget and the important factor is the great battery life when compared to the previous models.

Better connectivity:

The Apple ipad Air really offers the better connectivity and fast Wi-Fi with the help of the two antennas and MIMO technology. So you can download your favorite songs, videos and all under the 300Mbps speed and you can also connect you device with the more networks.

Awesome Built-in Apps:

The Apple ipad Air offers the attractive apps like which you need and which impress you more and which will be the best companion to you for everyday. So you can touch and also taste the real best experience while using such kind of apps.

The above features will surely impress you and allow you to make it your own and explore the real technology.

Top Two Instagram editing Apps

Instagram editing Apps is an awesome photo editing application that will let you to do some required adjustments to your photos before you start adding effects to enhance them. Here, our list of the top editing apps for you to download now.



Build something beautiful together with VSCOcam which is the simple photo editor that offers an incredible output. VSCOcam is featured with large numbers of filter packs which is very much helpful to add up the effects to your photos. With these filters you can take a little extra splash of beautiful light. You will get lots of facility options such as exposure, temperature, contrast, crop, fade, vignette, frame and much more. You can customize the image until it becomes a perfect picture as you expect. VSCOcam also boasts with VSCO Grid, a photo publishing platform where beautiful imagery abounds. Overall, VSCOcam is the subtle and precise editing app.


Whitagram offers the best way and the simplest way to use the original size photos with the background of white. Whitagram for Android is the easiest and quickest way to post entire photos on Instagram. Always keep in mind that the landscape and portrait photos can be uploaded to instagram. All you need to do is take a new photo or choose the photo from your existing files. Once you select the photo, save it in camera roll and send it to the instagram directly without any delay. Now you can able to access and reset the color palette, Auto fill hash tag and also with Location services. For a sub menu, all you have to do is edit the photo with Aviary photo editor or Camera and so on. Now, change the background color and brightness and add labels to the photo and change font, size, color and opacity of the photo.

Try out these Instagram editing Apps to design your perfect photo.