Why Partitioning a Hard Drive is Need

SJqnfHard drive partitioning is nothing but separating a physical memory in to several parts, why this disk partitioning is need, is this must to to? These are the common questions you may ask, while reading this topic, when you go through this review you would conclude disk partitioning is must.

Over the hard drive or disk we are storing tons of information, if we dumping more information on a single memory storage platform,it may lead to corrupt files. This is one of the major reason behind the disk partitioning. To safe your files long, you need to partition it.

Then another reason is, if you partition the hard drive it is easy for quick backups and you never look for the data recovery tools or wizards unnecessarily. if you want to have multiple operating systems on your computer data partition is must to avoid unwanted situations.

When you keep your documents in separate folders on separate space, you would never face any confusion on data usage. While dumping more information on single device, your system may feel dull, so speed of your system may lead to slow.

So your Hard Drive Partitioning allow your system to work quicker, more security and also avoid many unavoidable or accidental data losses.

For this Hard Drive Partitioning, plenty of software tools available in the market like TestDisk, Parted Magic, WinDirStat, CloneZilla, OSFMount, Defraggler, SSDLife, Darik’s Boot And Nuke (DBAN), HD Tune, TrueCrypt, CrystalDiskInfo, Recuva and so on. These are the some of the Hard Drive Partitioning available in the market.

If you are not Partitioning your Hard Drive, you may need data recovery software to recover deleted files accidental. So immediately start to Partition your hard drive!

Hidden Features of X Yosemite

osx_yosemite-finder-viewX Yosemite is a powerful operating system for your Mac; it is fully packed with more number of amazing apps, now this review will show off some hidden gem like features in front of you.

Quick Type Anywhere:

Similarly like iOS 8, Yosemite also has the QuickType feature, so you can get the suggestion words everywhere while you writing by pressing the ESC key.

Flyover in Maps:

Apple’s new 3D Flyover feature to Maps, will allow you to do take a tour immediately by just typing the name of a supported city, click the 3D Flyover Tour button, and off you

Remotely Close Tabs on Your iOS Device:

Suppose you may suddenly or accidentally leave an embarrassing tab open on your iPad, if you want to close it remotely you just load up Safari on your Mac, just hit a new tab page, and click the X next to any tabs you want to close, so know can’t see your private easily.

Record iOS Screens:

You can now record your iOS device screen, but this not useful feature for many users but good to use, if you want to make videos of whatever you’re doing on your iPhone, for this you need to connect your iOS device to your Mac with a cable, then upload any recording program to find your iOS device.

Input Signatures via Trackpad in Mail:

Initially you can put your signature by using your iSight camera, you can now use the trackpad to do the same on your Mac Book to sign documents, and for this you just upload any document in Preview and then click the signature button, and choose the trackpad option.

Share Your Screen from Messages:

Yosemite offers wonderful platform to the Mac users for Screen sharing with an easy environment, now you can click the Details button and select the screen sharing icon to share your screen instantly with someone. This should make tech support a little easier for everyone.

These are the most important hidden features of X Yosemite.


Microsoft and Google on the same side of the Fence for Dual OS Devices

Several gadget makers had plans of dual boot Android and Window devices in the past and only a few have hit the market. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal that both Google and Microsoft are heading to quash out such developments and they have reasons to stop dual boot devices from coming to the market since Microsoft who dominates the PC market with Windows and is not in favor of permitting Android to get a foothold while simultaneously Google dominating the Smartphone boundaries does not want to give any advantage to Microsoft. With Microsoft having control over OEMs with financial contribution through funding for marketing activities and Android an open source platform, Google controls the access to Google Maps, Play Store and other Google services. Google or Microsoft would not want dual the OS devices in their marketplace and neither of them would want to compromise on their existing market segment. asus-transformer-book-duet,U-T-417125-22 Users in for Extended Functionality With dual OS devices, users would have extended functionality and the most appropriate OS could be utilized for work as well as leisure available on the same device or even switch to another for specific software packages. For Microsoft that is PCs for business and for Google which is mobile, duel OS devices could give Microsoft and Google a foothold in the market in which they are relatively small players. With this move, the biggest loser would be chip maker Intel who has already made headway in investing heavily in the development of its x86 architecture which is the only chip capable to run Android with the latest version of Windows 8. Assistance Extended to Makers of PC and Tablet An understanding of the situation was envisaged when the company had announced its assistance to tablet and PC makers in distributing devices without OS pre-installed but allowed the desired OS to be loaded when the order was placed by the customer. To kill dual boot devices could make some sense since Windows and Android in spite of being loaded on the same device at no level can communicate with each other which mean that if one uses the same app on both operating systems, they are unable to communicate with each other, and store their date independently.