How to Develop a Career in Cyber Security

The internet and technology are here to stay, and the impact and role they play in our daily lives just keeps growing. With this increased use of technology, there are now great demands for people to work in the field of cyber security. New risks and issues pop up daily, and we must be able to fend them off and stop them from causing serious issues. Becoming a cyber security professional can be a great career move.

Cyber Security Defined

Cyber security, also referred to as computer security, is the concept of keeping computers and other technological devices secure from harmful elements. This may include stopping hackers, preventing a virus or securing data so it can be transferred safely. Almost anything you do online has an underlying aspect related to security. For example, when you go to look at your UAB school account, you probably have to enter a username and password. These two things help to secure your information so that nobody else can access it unless you give them specific permission to do so.


Security, though, can get complicated because the people trying to steal information or otherwise cause harm are becoming more advanced as the attempts to stop them become more advanced. If your personal information from your UAB account were to fall into the wrong hands due to a major security breach, major issues could result for you and the school. Nobody wants to see this happen, so this is where a security specialist would step in.

Steps to a Career in Computer Security

You want to begin with a solid education in computer science. There is really no way to specialize in cyber security unless you understand the basics first. Security is complex, and this requires a good foundation in skills like programming. You try to build up a solid base by getting at least a bachelor’s degree, but a master’s degree, like one from Marysville that specializes in cyber security, can really give you that start you need in the field, and Marysville’s cyber security masters program is now online, which makes it even more convenient.

You also should enter the field, working in entry-level positions to give you a good working knowledge of computers and practical experience in putting your skills to use. You should start working even while still in school. You need that experience in order to get hired in a cyber security positon. Employers can be very strict about requirements, so you may want to do a check of what employers are looking for in computer security personnel, so you can build the skills you need and gain the experience they require.

There is no doubt that the field of cyber security is growing and has a real need for qualified professionals to fill key roles. However, unless you have the education and work experience required, it will be very difficult to ever secure a job in this field. It takes some work, but in the end, it is very much worth it to get a job where you can help protect others and put your computer knowledge to work every day.

Best Precautions when using public Wi-Fi networks

wifi63Wi-Fi networks are the best way to use the internet without any uninterrupted services. Now a days free Wi-Fi networks are available almost in all public and specially in private sectors to sophisticate their customers. When you are going for a mall, cafe or library along with your laptop or palm devices, you take a risk. But if you know what you’re doing, you can minimize that risk. To know about the dangers of using a public Wi-Fi network and also to know is there any other method to increase my privacy?.Please read out further.

When Windows logs onto a Wi-Fi network that it doesn’t recognize, it will ask you how it should handle security. And if for some reason it doesn’t ask, you can manually make it bring up the question itself. Actually it depends on your version of Windows. In case it is Windows 7 please read out the following.

Windows 7:

Windows 7 brings a large dialog box when you log onto a new Wi-Fi network whether the network may be Home, Work, or Public network. If the dialog box doesn’t come up, you are in the critical situation and you should confirm that Windows knows it’s a public network. For this go to the Start menu and search Network and Sharing Center. Once there, you’ll see the name of the network, and below that, the network type. The type is a link. Click that link, and you’ll get to the same dialog box that was supposed to come up automatically.

Windows 8:

When you log onto a new network, a panel will appear on the right side of the screen, asking if you want to find “PCs, devices, and content on this network.” If it’s a public network, select No.

If you want to make sure the setting is correct, go to the Search charm, type network, and select Network connection settings. Select your network. If the Find devices and content switch is turned off, Windows knows it’s a public network. If that switch is on, turn it off.

Apart these things you should also take some precautions such as logging onto the right network, check the network name, don’t contact your bank, and don’t use a credit card, use a good firewall and anti virus program and use different passwords for each site.

So take care of your secrets while sharing over Public or private sector’s Wi-Fi.

Apple’s Touch ID Review

??????????????????????Security is the major part when consider the smart mobiles as well as other electronic devices. People looking somewhat unique rather than the usual passcode, pattern and more. Another important consideration is convenience. Obtaining the both criteria on your smart mobiles is complicated one. To attain this developers focusing on one of the emerging technology, biometric fingerprint authentication technology. Here’s Apple’s Touch ID review:

Great convenient and highly secure way to access your phone is the biometric fingerprint authentication technology. Put your finger on the Home button of the Apple’s iPhone and it will read your fingerprint and grant permission to access your mobile, then you can do purchases from iTunes Store, the App Store, and the iBooks Store, so you don’t have to enter your password or pattern.touchid

Touch ID is capable of 360-degree readability, which means no matter how your placing your finger on the Home button it can read all kind of orientations such as portrait, landscape, or anything and your iPhone reads your fingerprint and knows who you are. Apart you, others can also access your mobiles only if you permit them, because Touch ID lets you enroll multiple fingerprints.

Entering a password on the iPhone was incredibly painful, because you have to be very conscious while typing characters, if you entered the wrong character, you have to face many consequences. In order to overcome this situation people forced to keep their passwords short without any complexity and strength. Which led your mobile’s security low.

To avoid this, Apple added much facilities on to their smart mobiles such as,

To increase the security level, it preferred strong passwords instead of simple passcodes to unlock devices.

Then you can also enter the character without type by showing, to increase the convenience without lowering the security level.

Apple also allowed you to copy and paste the passwords.

Yet mobile keyboards, especially virtual ones, still sucked for password entry, especially strong ones. so much people turned off the passcodes and keep their iTunes passwords simple and easy to enter.

Now Apple introduced a incredible way Touch ID sensor on the Home button to access your smart mobiles with high security and convenience too. This sensor assembly protected by the highly scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens that also enhances the focuses of sensor. Then this sensor surrounded by stainless steel detection ring, when it triggered
the capacitive Touch ID sensor activates and takes what’s effectively a high-resolution snapshot of your fingerprint.touch-id

Then this fingerprint is compared against with your already stored enclave on the Apple A7 chipset, and if it is matches such as the arches, loops, or whorls match, you’re instantly authenticated and your iPhone 5s will unlock or your iTunes purchase will be authorized.

Enjoy everything under Touch ID security.


Top Level Protection for PCs, Laptops and Mobile- McAfee LiveSafe 2015

71-sskkkOgL._SL1500_Secure your devices is one of the important issues amongst other. People, using their palm devices or laptop, desktop for personal works such as online purchasing, mobile banking and more. The hackers targeting these devices to steal the data by spreading virus, worms, Trojans, Spyware, ad ware and more. These malware steals the confidential information such as banking details, photos, videos and more.

To escape or to protect your personal from these from malware, McAfee is reliable to use. Now the McAfee launched a product in the name of McAfee LiveSafe 2015. The McAfee LiveSafe 2015 is an economical way of protecting all of your PCs, laptops, smart phones and tablets. This ensures top level of Intel Security’s internet security range and introduced a new feature that is impressive well.

MacAfee LiveSafe has a unique feature, that is you can able to use it on all other devices, which are all your own such as laptop, smart mobile and more. Primarily, MacAfee developed for windows based PC, now the MacAfee LiveSafe 2015 offering various levels of protection. You can install them in any suits such as OS X, Android and iOS devices.

User interface screen of LiveSafe Internet Security is pretty well than the McAfee Internet Security 2015. It has four large tiles on the front screen, which denotes the four main functions of it. Subscription, and smaller ones for Data Protection, PC and Home Network Tools, and Parental Controls are the four main functions of it.

McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security comprises AV and anti-spyware, web and email protection – including a two-way firewall – and comprehensive, encrypted password management via SafeKey and Personal Locker, web browser guard and transaction protection. The Personal Locker keeps your sensitive documents safe on all your devices with 1GB of memory.

IS suites and local or online backup features missing in McAfee LiveSafe compared to the other vendors. But the McAfee Total Protection 2015 includes 5 GB of online storage from Mozy, which means the LiveSafe lacks in this. Usually Apple’s Mac OS strongly protected from these malware and also included LiveSafe and SafeKey in to it. iOS devices get the 1GB of Cloud storage and the Android includes backup to PC, warns of malware websites, anti theft, SafeKey and Personal Locker.

Under the end user test, it took 1 hour 30 minutes to scan our 50 GB test basket and checked 17,995 files, giving a scan rate of 3.33 files/sec. Unlike Panda mobile security, McAfee is the slowest one. It is 100 percent effective against malware. Under usability testing, it doesn’t provide any false detection, warnings or blockages during scanning.

This is the best security against malware.

Keep a Sharp Lookout! Trojan Virus is Here to Steals Confidential Information from your Android Devices

trojan-word-cloudMalware are a software that is specifically designed to damage, disrupt, steal data on your computer and other electronic devices. These Malware can easily ruin your hard drive’s file allocation table. There are many different types of malware available, each one having different ways to infect data on your devices. In this Malware or malicious list, you must find viruses, worms, Octopus, Trojans, Spyware and more.

Especially, Trojans are malicious programs that perform actions that have not been authorized by the user such as deleting data, blocking data, modifying data, copying data
disrupting the performance of computers. Now this Trojan turned its profile to steal the Confidential Information from the Android devices. This new Trojan virus called as ‘Android/Smssend’ able to steal your personal data from your Android devices.

The Android/Smssend is a malware that enter in t o your device through Android apps and infect it. The Android/Smssend was detected by eScan. The India’s Computer Emergency Response Team informed, that cyber criminals modify a legitimate application and make it malicious. This is then re-distributed via marketplace or other separate channels.???????????????????????????????????????????????????

Initially it affects your Android device and then begin to send text messages to numbers on the contact list and also to premium rate numbers. These messages contain links, when it clicked by the receiver downloads itself or a different threat onto the device. Alongside of this CERT, also added, that the successful infection of the malware on your device, begin to steal your device’s basic information such as IMEI number, device ID, device type among others are compromised and it can even install Spyware on the your device.

The Android/Smssend malware not only steal your device’s basic information and also steals contacts, pictures, passwords and more. Then begin to access your device illegally by sending text messages, crashes a complete system and steals personal banking information when logged in.VIRUS

The Android/Smssend malware also installs other sort of Spyware. This Spyware can even disables your device’s firewall and anti-virus program, So your device’s self defecting system is fully nullified. Now this Malware, can able to function free.

Here a list of safety measures to avoid such threats on your Android devices:

To Secure your devices prefer best mobile security for Android, to escape from those kind of malware.

Try to update applications and software installed on your device, regularly.

Avoid downloading from untrusted source, if you want to download any apps.

Always download apps, that having positive feedback from customers and check the rating.

Also, before installing an app, review all the permissions required by that application.
Don’t respond to SMS or automated voice messages from unknown numbers on your smartphone.

Never click on links sent through SMS. It may contain malicious files that can infect your Android device.

Always avoid using unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.