5 Services That Will Instantly Improve Your Ecommerce Startup


Are you just starting out in the world of ecommerce? If so, there are many different things that you will need to be thinking about. It’s a lot of work just getting things off the ground – and you won’t be able to do it all yourself.

The aim of this article is to give you a huge helping hand. While the DIY route is certainly cheap, it can take an awfully long time to complete – and there is no guarantee of quality. With this in mind, you should be looking to outsource tasks to third party services. But which ones should you choose?

Regardless of your capabilities, there are a few areas to consider; that will save you money and time. Here are five services that will instantly improve your ecommerce startup.

A professional business address

If you want people to feel safe about ordering goods from your site, you need to look professional. It poses a difficulty for anyone starting their business from home. The solution? Get a professional mail forwarding address that will give your ecommerce store a glimmer of respectability.

A call centre

When you are starting out as an ecommerce store, the likelihood is that you won’t have a budget for staff. The trouble is when orders and phone calls start to flood in, how can you deal with them alone? Well, the truth is, you don’t have to. A call center can take care of your customer’s needs, while you get on with delivering them the perfect online shopping experience.

An accountant

Don’t underestimate how much value an accountant can bring to your business. A good bookkeeper or accountant will save you money in taxes, advise you on opportunities and investments, and a lot more besides. If you want to take control of your business finances right from the start of your new operation, hire an accountant.

An SEO expert

The more visitors you have to your ecommerce store, the more chance you have of turning them into customers. The trouble is, no matter what you know about SEO, is that it is a time-consuming process. The answer, of course, is to outsource that work to a reputable, results oriented SEO firm. They will employ sound and foolproof tactics to improve your rankings so you can enjoy a lot more exposure.

A virtual assistant

There will be many laborious tasks that need doing in your ecommerce business. All of them will take you away from the important part of selling products and fulfilling orders. Basic admin, filing – all those kinds of things that eat up many hours of the week. So, why not outsource these tasks? A virtual assistant will be able to complete them far quicker than you – and for far less money. And, if it frees up your time and you use it to improve your sales, it is an investment, not a cost.

So, there you have it. Five simple services that can help your ecommerce site get off the ground – and stay there. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

What Should I Do To Make My Business More Successful?

Company leaders who are not satisfied with their current level of progress should know that there are strategies they can implement to ensure that their business attains a new level of power and prestige. Here are just three of many techniques you can utilize to optimize business success:

1. Update Your Technological Products.

One strategy you can deploy to get your company on the road to greater levels of success is updating your technological products. When you use old, outdated equipment, you’ll likely find that it takes more time to complete daily tasks. Moreover, using cutting edge equipment will help optimize your brand image in the mind of prospective customers. Additionally, it will prevent employees from experiencing unwanted frustrations and hold-ups as they work on their assignments. If you’re in the need of new migration software, you can obtain it from organizations like Infinite Software. Click here to learn more about the company.

2. Focus On Employee Optimization.

Another technique you can implement to ensure that your company keeps moving forward is focusing on employee optimization. This strategy will empower you by ensuring that your staff members possess the confidence and training necessary to wow customers and complete their tasks with expedience and excellence. There are several employee optimization strategies you can employ to facilitate these business-building outcomes, and one of them includes holding an Employee of the Month contest. This type of contest will motivate your staff members to operate at their highest level of efficacy in order to win the public recognition and elevated status that goes along with holding this title.

3. Make Health A Top Priority.

In addition to focusing on employee optimization, make sure that you put focus on getting and remaining in good health. Managing a business can be quite stressful, and ongoing, unaddressed anxieties can take a toll on your mind and body. Be sure that you keep your body continually rejuvenated and alive by implementing health strategies like regular exercise, meditation, and massage therapy.

Don’t Delay: Optimize The Business-Building Process Today!

If you’re determined to make your business as successful as possible, you can get the growth process underway immediately. Some of the strategies that will help contribute to your company’s success include updating your technological products, focusing on employee optimization, and making health a top priority!

What Online Gambling Trends to Expect in H2/2016

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2015 was a massive year for online gambling. The number of online casinos has continued to rise, with more fresh companies approaching the business from fresh perspectives. The last year had its share of mergers and acquisitions, and some scandals, too. This year has seen a slowdown at the beginning, but now that the fiscal year has ended, the time has come for businesses to seek their new way in the new one. Here’s what to expect during the second half of 2016.

Virtual currencies move one step closer to fiat

Last year has seen a major change in the perception of Bitcoins. PaySafe Group, the owner of such online payment solutions as PaySafeCard, Skrill and NETeller, has stricken a deal with BitPay, one of the largest Bitcoin processors of the world. This deal means that players can now make Bitcoin deposits to the Wild Jack Casino, although indirectly – they can make Bitcoin deposits into their e-Wallets, where the cryptocurrency will be converted to fiat. This will make it easier for players worldwide to fund their Wild Jack Casino accounts to continue playing. You can visit the Wild Jack Casino at: www.wildjackcasino.com.

Mobile casinos will focus on quantity, quality

Smartphones have reached a plateau in their development. The software solutions offered by the Wild Jack Casino have also reached their apogee – its games are optimized to their best, offering the smoothest possible gaming experience across all devices. Now the time will come for quantity and quality.

The Wild Jack Casino already has one of the richest mobile game libraries out there, and new games are added to it every couple of month. In the second half of 2016 the development of mobile games will most likely speed up, following the shift of the players’ focus toward portable gaming solutions. I wouldn’t exclude the launch of the first mobile-first title at the Wild Jack Casino by the end of the year.

Nothing new on the American front

Last year has seen some progress in the regulation of online casinos and poker rooms in the US, but now everything has come to a stop. No wonder – the Land of the Free is occupied with deciding who will lead it in the next four years. Experts have predicted this – they say that no legislature will risk bringing up a subject as sensitive as online gambling in an election year, especially since one of the fiercest opponents of legalization was supporting (at least financially) some of the presidential wannabes. I expect the US online gambling debate to stay silent during the second half of 2016 – but it will most likely return into focus next year, with many states out to see the extra tax revenues the industry can generate.

4 Website Features to Boost Your Sales

Your website’s content isn’t the only thing that drives sales. How your website looks, and how easy it is to interact with, also informs whether customers decide to buy from you, or navigate to a competitor. A few key website features will help you keep potential customers engaged for longer, hopefully long enough to make a purchase!


People love to watch videos, and you can keep them engaged with your website by providing interesting and relevant video content. If you’re rolling out new products, consider videos that explain how those new products work and what’s great about them. Use videos to answer some FAQ questions, or post videos about industry news. They don’t have to be long and they don’t have to look like you shote them in a Hollywood studio, they just have to be short and informative.

In fact, if you put videos on your landing page and substitute some of your text for video content, you could increase your conversion rate by as much as 86 percent.

A Great Mobile Layout

Imagine you’re surfing the web from your smartphone and you come across a website that looks like something out of the early 2000s viewed on a first generation BlackBerry with a white background and blue underlined text in Times New Roman. Terrible! You wouldn’t be able to navigate away fast enough.

Having a stellar mobile layout is extremely important when you’re trying to boost your online sales. So many people use the internet primarily through their smartphones these days, so it’s important that your website looks good for these potential clients. For those with slow networks, it can be difficult to load pages with too many graphics and videos. Those with faster networks, like T-Mobile, will find loading pages easier.

Bear in mind the variety of screen sizes. While some will be using a phone with a large screen like the Galaxy Note 5, others will be using smaller screens that make it harder to navigate. Avoid the complicated layouts, bad graphics, and difficult user interfaces that crop up on bad mobile sites.

The text has to be readable, the graphics need to be simple, and you don’t want to send anyone through too many screens to get to the information they want. It may take you longer than you expected to craft a superior mobile site design, but it’ll be worth it when you’re done.

Customer Reviews

People like to know what they’re buying before the box arrives, and if you’ve ever been disappointed by an internet purchase before, then you understand why. In the store, people can physically examine the products they’re thinking about buying. They can test them, touch them, and ask employees about them. Online, the closest thing is reading customer reviews from people who’ve already bought the product.

Display customer reviews. Highlight a few quotations from your best customer reviews right on your landing page. Then, on your product or service pages, display more customer reviews so that potential buyers can read what others have had to say. Make the customer review form stand out, so they know they can leave a review if they’re satisfied or unsatisfied.

Live Chat

No matter how many technological innovations shape how we do business, one thing will never change: good customer service is essential to keeping a business afloat. In a physical store you have employees there to answer questions and offer help. The store is also the place the customer can return to if something is wrong with their purchase. Online, it’s frustrating when the only recourse a customer has is to shoot an email into cyber space, fill out a form, or call an 800 number and hope that after hitting zero enough times they get to speak to a real person.

Add a live chat feature to your website so that customers can reach out to someone in real-time. If you’re a small operation, you don’t have to run the live chat 24/7. Run it during business hours, and as long as you post the hours in an obvious way, customers will respond. Live chat is a quick and easy way to give customers help, answer questions, and handle any problems they may have with their purchase.

When you show customers you care about their experience on your website and take steps to engage them, they’re more likely to trust that your products and services are top-notch as well.

Image via Flickr by wocintechchat.com

4 Times When It’s Better to Rent Office Equipment

Many professionals and business owners consider equipment purchases and long-term service contracts to be an investment in their enterprise. However, there are times when it makes more sense to lease big-ticket items like computers or telecommunications and multimedia equipment. Even server rentals are more convenient and cost-effective for short-term or temporary use than contracts. Here are four instances when it’s better to rent a service or piece of equipment than to buy it.

Business Relocation or Renovation

Business expansion is good, but moving to a new location or renovating an office doesn’t mean that you have to cease doing business. Often business disruption costs money, especially if you’re in a fast-paced industry where timeliness is essential to remaining competitive. A solution to this is to lease computers, servers and telecommunications equipment for use in a temporary work space so you and your staff can still conduct business as usual during the transition phase.

System or Software Testing

There are times when a company would like to try out a new technology or piece of equipment beforehand. Short-term leasing provides you with the ability to try a new technology to see if it fits well with your needs. In the cases like medical or specialty equipment, rental equipment is usually cutting-edge and pre-calibrated to suit the purpose. Many leasing agencies offer flexible terms so that you’re covered during peak times in a seasonal industry or when you have an unusually large production demand. Since a lease is an expense rather than a capital investment, it’s easier to obtain approval for temporary service or production disbursements.


Classroom or Staff Training

If you’re an instructor who isn’t tied to one facility or you conduct regional seminars on a regular basis, it’s more efficient to lease the equipment and accessories you’ll need in each location. This helps eliminate problems like transporting equipment and associated issues like lost, stolen or damaged computers and peripherals. Server leases are also a convenience, especially if you travel out of the service area of your regular provider. Staff training sessions are also well-served by leasing if it will take time to install a new system. This way, your staff can be familiar with the new technology and prepared to hit the ground running with no lag-time when the new equipment or service installation is complete.


Sales associates and other mobile workforces often do their business on the road, so transporting equipment is cumbersome and costly. If you need a secured server, leasing one on an as-needed basis is a better solution than relying on the public or semi-public accessibility at a convention hall or hotel. You may also find that you need an additional service or piece of equipment at certain locations, and leasing is the perfect way to fill a temporary need.

Aside from logistical issues, leasing equipment and services also eliminates worries like:

– parts replacement
– obsolescence
– unnecessary downtime
– transportation
– storage

There are many companies online and in your local area that offer sweet lease deals on a number of goods and services. In order to avoid problems, check each providers’ terms of service requirements, cancellation penalties and any extra clauses or provisions that might cause problems. Before you make a final decision on a provider, make sure to do a benefit analysis that’s suited to your needs.

Six Tips To Trade Forex Online At XTrade Successfully

Forex has gained in popularity as more and more people trade forex online to make some money from the comfort of their home. In the past, banks and large investment firms dominated the forex landscape but today the story has changed. If you are willing to take the risk, you can create an account at XTrade and get a slice of this very tasty forex cake.

In a nutshell, forex trading refers to buying one country’s currency by selling another country’s currency. At present, the British Pound, The American Dollar, The Euro, The Japanese Yen, and The Swiss Franc are the major currencies in the forex market. The forex market has grown so big that it has surpassed the New York Stock Exchange in terms of trading volume. Currently, the total amount of currency traded in a single trading day stands at over 5 trillion dollars.


Tips To Trade Forex Online

If you would like to trade forex online but have never traded before, you must know what to expect when you open an XTrade account. Following some important tips will help to prepare you for success in your forex trading endeavors.

1. Know What You Are Doing

Do not get involved in the Forex market if you do not understand what you are doing. Going in blindly is just a waste of your time and money. Learn about what trading forex entails by researching and learning about the market and the systems that successful traders use.

2. Keeping It Simple

Anyone that has made good money trading forex will probably tell you that the best game plan is to keep your trading system simple. After all simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Keeping it simple is especially important when your first get into the market.

3. Be Ready To Take Risks

By its very nature, forex trading is one of the riskiest ways to make some money. However, with great risk comes great reward. Forex trading can provide returns that are simply unmatched by any other investment vehicle. However, it also carries the highest amount of risk. If you cannot handle losing money, you are probably not cut out for forex.

4. Start Slow

As a beginner at XTrade, start slowly and make small sized trades. Do not fall into the trap many beginner traders find themselves of overleveraging and losing everything. Until you have ample experience in trading, start slow.

5. Avoid Day Trading

Day trading carries too much risk simply because it is not possible to get accurate and trustworthy market data is such a short time period. Since the odds will always be stacked against you, avoid day trading.

6. Do Not Follow The Majority

Rather than following other traders’ leads, you need to create your own path and follow it sometimes. This refers to taking trades that other traders would probably never make. That is the key to survival and success in this industry. You will probably discover that you are most successful on the trades majority of other traders said would never succeed.

In conclusion, those are the six killer tips you should follow to trade forex online at XTrade successfully. Follow them and you will definitely find success.

Incredible Ways A Website Can Benefit Your Organization

Is your organization floundering? Perhaps it is not getting the attention that you thought it would. Maybe, you are starting to feel as though the interest simply is not there. This can be a disheartening situation. It may seem pointless to continue trying to attract the interest of the public. But, you should not give up. The answer, as is almost always the case these days, lies in different types of technology. In particular, you need to think about how you can improve the marketing of your organisation. Specifically, you should be looking at increasing the appeal of your organisation website.


If you don’t have a website online for your organization, then you should certainly set one up. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to attract local attention rather than everyone. Having a website online will just make your organization more accessible to the public. That will be true no matter who your target audience is. If you are looking to attract specific groups, we will examine how to do this with your site, further down. For now, we’ll show you how to build a site from scratch.

You can use any website builder to do this yourself. You may want to start on a free blog builder. That way you won’t have to pay to host the site online. But, once your site gains significant popularity you might want to host. That way you’ll have more control, and you can make sure your site functions correctly.

Alternately you can hire someone to help you design your site for your organisation. By doing this, you will guarantee that the website is both stylish and attractive. You can also ensure that it stands out from similar sites online. This will improve the brand of your organisation. However, this is just the start. You should then think about designing a site completely unique to your organization.

Unique Design

The way your site is built says a lot about your organization. The type of style you choose will play a part in determining how people view your brand. You might be interested to know that there are developers online who specialize in designing specific types of web pages. For instance, you can get a church website designed for your organization of faith. That way, you will be able to attract more followers and bring new interest.

Using a developer that specialises in this type of organization could be beneficial. They will know what your site needs to be success as well as the type of content that you will want, built in. If you want a local community website set up, you will almost certainly need a calendar page so people can keep track of upcoming events.

This brings us to one of the best advantages a site can give your organization. It can allow people to interact with it in a completely new way. Your organization is more accessible and is sure to attract new interest from the public.


When you set up a site, you can start to think about using SEO. SEO is a way to increase the reach of your organization even further. Having a site allows people who are already aware of your organisation to access it. But, if you want your web page to act as a marketing tool in itself you need SEO. This method can be completed simply by adding high-quality content to your site. Adding quality content automatically increases the ranking of the search page, making it easier to find online. If we look at an example of a church website it’s clear what this type of marketing could have. You may have been successful at garnering the attention of people from the local town. But you also want to attract parishioners from the surrounding area. Once they find your site, you will certainly have their attention.

It’s also worth pointing out that the content doesn’t have to be on your site. You could guest post on Christian blogs or a blog related to your specific organisation and generate new leads.

Bring Your Organization Into the 21st Century

You might have found that your organization has fallen out of touch with modern society. This could be why interest in it is dwindling. If you want to take the first step in the right direction, look no further than setting up a website. By setting up a site, you will be able to offer your community regular updates. In fact, your site can be used for almost anything, from live webinars to news bulletins. A modern site could act as nothing less than the heart of your new, restructured association.

Connect It

Of course, you shouldn’t just be focusing on a website to make your administration more modern. Instead, you should use all the online resources at your fingertips, including social networks. Putting your organization on all the available social networks is the best way to get it out there into the world and ready to make waves. This is particularly important for charity groups that need the support of the local community. But, it’s true for any association that is interested in gaining a bigger following. The trick is not just to use social media but to link it to your website.

You can do this by adding widgets to the structure of your site. Add widgets to an existing website template and visitors will be able to see your twitter feed or perhaps a local news update. Again, this will make it more interesting and accessible to new visitors.

Go Mobile

Lastly, when you set up a site do remember to take mobility into account. Users will probably not be viewing a site on a computer screen. They’ll be using tablets, phones and other devices. To account for this, you need to have a responsive design for your site that changes the way it functions depending on the device used. Do this and you will get the attention of new followers, no matter how they are viewing your site.

How IOT Helps To Promote and Develop Countries to Break Through the Bottlenecks

The Internet of things is another nice scientific and technical innovation following Internet. The large-scale development of the Internet of things can bring the good modification to our off-the-rack life and industrial pattern. The business chain of Internet of things is mighty, contain all technical respects of up to date info, and can produce additional technology and merchandise with the event of sector application. The event of the Internet of things of our country is at the primary stage; even quicker development still must high many bottlenecks. Device fabrication is that the higher reaches of the business chain of Internet of things, are supporting method business, additionally a technological core of the link chain of the business. A form of product of the sensing element is bearing the performance on the article perception. As a result of touching every sector application, might manufacture sensing device and equipment with every trade characteristic. It’s the intermediate link of the business chain of Internet of things that the network runs; it’s the foremost necessary link too.

The network runs the conveyance floor wherever the system forms the Internet of things, begin to be over from the perception device to undertake to manage the PC system run finally, it forms the network technical Internet of the Internet of things, is bearing the burden of the task that the Internet of things interconnects in AN well-rounded method. At present, we’ve already seen that seem in Internet IPv6 technology of future generation within the network layer, the new operation mode of calculative the cloud on the side of laptop application etc. An outsized range of latest technologies, new merchandise, new architectures are rising perpetually, it’s one among the foremost hot fields of the technical progress of the Internet of things within the future to create the network run. The Internet of things can promote the economic information-based transformation of the tradition; this implies wanting the barrier whereas abolishing inter-tardily, establish the system of latest management and production flow.

Huawei Ascend P8 with 13 MP Autofocus Camera

The Huawei Ascend P8 flaunts a 5.2-inch IPS multi-touch display that offers pristine image quality and vivacious color accuracy with full HD resolution and a pixel density of 424ppi. It ships with the newest Android v5.0 Lollipop OS. For driving its processes, it depends on a 2GHz Cortex A53 quad-core processor in along with a 1.5GHz quad-core sitting on HiSilicon KIRIN935 chipset. Paired with a 3GB RAM, it ensures uncompromising mobile performance.

The Huawei Ascend P8 impresses with its 13MP autofocus camera at the rear that supports touch focus, LED flash, geo-tagging and face detection and may record 1,080p videos at 30fps. The 8MP front facing snapper is guaranteed to woo selfie crazy generation. It boasts of 16GB of internal memory that is any expandable up to 64GB.

Battery and Communication

Keeping the Huawei Ascend P8 juiced up for a good amount of your time could be a sealed Li-Po battery of 2,600mAh. It are often connected via 4G, 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB port, GLONASS and GPS/A-GPS.


The Huawei Ascend P8 is a superb premium smartphone with latest and powerful options in each department, be it display, cameras, configuration, memory or OS. It arrives in an exceedingly sleek metallic outfit also.

Top 10 Components Every IT Professional or Engineer Needs to Know


There are a tremendous number of electronics components available on the market. They are frequently classified as either active or passive components. Active components are those that are capable of controlling the flow of electrons with an electrical signal. These include devices such as transistors, silicon controlled rectifiers and integrated circuits (ICs). Passive devices are electronic parts that are incapable of regulating current electrically and include resistors, capacitors and inductors. While the circuitry of an end product may consist of a variety of exotic electronics components, those listed below are some of the most commonly used with which all  electronics engineers should become familiar.

One of the most important electronics components are resistors. They are passive devices that limit the flow of current to provide only the amount needed by active components such as transistors and ICs. There are several types of resistors that fall under the classification of either fixed or variable. Fixed resistors include: carbon composition, carbon film, metal film, metal oxide film, wire wound, and thin film. Variable resistors consist of a fixed resistor element and a slider that serves as a variable potential divider.

Capacitors are comprised of two metal sheets partitioned by an insulator such as a ceramic or film. They store electrical current by trapping the charged particles on the metal sheets. The metal sheets can only accept so many charged particles before it repels others. This value is measured in Farads and is the maximum charge or capacitance that the capacitor can store.

Diodes are electronics components that act as a one way conduit for current. A diode is termed forward-biased when voltage is applied in a manner where the diode allows current and reverse-biased when it is prohibited. Forward voltage is determined by the composition of material used for the p-n junction. For example, silicon diodes have a forward voltage of 0.7 while germanium has 0.3. There are several types of diodes including Zener, Diac, &Triac.

LEDs are light emitting diodes comprised of semiconductor material. When voltage is applied, the electrons and holes interact to produce energy in the form of photons. LEDs are available in a variety of colors that are dependent upon the bandgap of the semiconducting materials.

ICs consist of a number of electronic circuits on a chip made from semiconductor materials, usually silicon. They encompass a broad range of electronics components including microprocessors, oscillators, amplifiers and memory. They are classified as analog or digital depending on their application. Analog ICs are most often used for audio or radio frequency amplifiers. Digital ICs are commonly used in computers, modems and networking devices.

Inductors are passive electronic parts that consist of a conductor, typically in the form of a coiled wire. They act to resist changes in the flow of current by means of energy accumulated in its magnetic field. Inductance (L) may be determined by many factors such as the number of turns of the wire, the shape of the coil or spacing between the turns.

Transformers lower the magnitude of AC current from the main to an acceptable level for use with electronic parts with a different voltage rating. They may also be used to regulate voltage when current is transmitted over long distances. There are many types of transformers available for a wide range of applications.

Relays are switches controlled electrically. The most common types use electromagnets to accomplish switching mechanically. However, there are a number of relays that operate on other principles, for example solid state relays, which use semiconductors to perform switching.

Rectifiers are another type of diode with a relatively high current rating. These electronic parts are used to convert AC current to DC current. They also have the ability to limit the flow of DC current between its anode to cathode, and vice versa.

Crystal oscillators undergo deformation when voltage is applied. The resulting mechanical resonance of vibrations from the piezoelectric materiel crystals produces electrical signals at highly precise frequencies. They are often preferred over LC circuits and ceramic resonators due to their small size and stability.