How to Create a Social Media Strategy that Works

How to Create a Social Media Strategy that Works

How to Create a Social Media Strategy that Works
November 24
13:50 2015

Social media strategy

Use of social media is one of the strongest marketing tools you can use to ensure your business is successful. When you use social media marketing correctly, you can come up with a very strong personal trust with your potential clients. Most marketers are known to dive into social media strategy without having a clear plan leading into a public relations disaster. For you to benefit from the social media management tools, you need to have a clear social media strategy that considers what you are trying to achieve, your type of customers and what your business is all about.

Here are tips to help in get started in creation of the social media strategy that works.

Know your goals

Before you start social media marketing, you need to  understand where you are headed to. Understand the purpose of the social media marketing. Are you interested in raising awareness of the brand? Are you interested in increasing the sales? What about the website traffic? Are you after increasing customer retention or customer loyalty?

Come up with measurable objectives

You need to come up with clear objectives which have been determined by your goals. Ensure you consider S.M.A.R.T to have your objectives be attainable, specific, relevant, measurable and time based. For example, in case you are a B2B marketer who is interested in increasing the sales, you might decide to generate an extra 100 leads every month. In case your goal is about brand awareness, then you might have to increase the number of times your brand gets mentioned on the social media. Make sure you can measure your brands. Get the right social media management tools to analyze and track each of them.

Characterize the customers

By now you are aware of where you are headed but still don’t have any idea as to how you will reach there. Have a succefull social media strategy means targeting the right individuals using the right type of messages. For you to achieve this, you need to know and understand the type of audience you will be targeting.

Analyze the competition

Competition in social media can always tell you what is working and what is not working for you. Most businesses usually target same customer you are also interested in. Ignoring your competitor would mean you are losing at a great opportunity to learn your competitors successes and mistakes.

Develop the messages

You are now aware of your customers. Now you have to come up with the messages. The messages are not the detailed contents. They are the top level key words which you think will resonate your customer. You can always adopt the successful messages which have been previously used by your competitiors.

Select the channels

There are some differences between various social media platforms. You need to select the most appropriate ones for the services and products you are selling.  Incase you are targeting a business to business sale, LinkedIn is the best available platform. Try identifying the right influencers who are capable of reaching your target audience. Target the appropriate bloggers.







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