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YotaPhone 2 Review

Yota-YotaPhone-2At present plenty of smart mobiles reached the market. The YotaPhone is the new entry to this digital market will overcome among all with its best features, people eagarly waiting for it. let’s see the review of it, what makes it best among all.

Design and build:

The YotaPhone 2 looks great with the rear e-ink screen is curved but combined with the 3D curved matte Gorilla glass, is simply stunning. It has two screen, though it is very
thin and light adn it is so impressive too. The YotaPhone 2 stunning with 8.9mm thick and it is a 5 inch AMOLED screen. This new flagship raised over the market with a Full HD resolution and then flip the device and you’ll find the 4.7inch e-ink screen with qHD resolution.

Why the second screen is must? What is does? The second screen isn’t just for reading your e-books on your travel, because it is really developed to give you the clear notifications, messages and other important information. It is not only for that you can also do the reply over it by a single touch. Single screen smart mobile itself consumes more power, but the YotaPhone 2 having 2 screens so what about the battery status, this is the obvious question from the user.

It offers longer battery life than the normal smart mobile. To achieve this, the YotaPhone 2 uses the e-ink screen, which always consumes only less power than your modern mobiles. Of course, if you use the front screen for a lot of gaming and watching videos then the 2550mAh battery is going to drain quickly. The e-ink screen saves power by avoiding the full-colour screen and allow you to check all notifications at the right time.

Next feature is the Smart Power mode, which will switch the front screen off and leave you with the rear screen. It enhances your battery life more. The officials says, the Yota device will last for more than 50 hours when reading on the rear screen.


Recharge your battery easily using wireless charging built-in.
Other wireless specs include 11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, NFC and support for 4G LTE networks.
Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor.
It has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.
8Mp rear camera with an LED flash.
2Mp webcam with better view.
Yota has opted for Android 4.4 Kitkat for the YotaPhone 2.

So the mobile really worthy to buy as well as use.

Stop upgrading your mobile- Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Galaxy S5

samsung_galaxy_s5_vs_s4_2Whether you are having previous version of Galaxy or non galaxy user read our comparison about the Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Galaxy S5. Both may vary in design, display, performance and more but you can buy your galaxy S4 in $300 but you have to spend $ 550 for Galaxy S5, do you think that price is worthy for Galaxy S5 more than $150. Let’s read and know in detail.

Design and Display:

In design Galaxy S5 screen slightly larger than the Galaxy S4, but Galaxy S5 is 0.2mm thicker than the previous versions and somewhat increase in weight too. This Galaxy S5 is offers fingerprint scanner and hear rate monitor than the other gadgets. Display of the Galaxy S5 is larger than the S4 but not more 0.1 inch only so it not consider as main. The display of the Galaxy S5 is adaptive in nature because it can adjust the color gamut, white tone and contrast based on the surrounding light sources.


The galaxy S4 powered by the 1.9GHz quad-core processor and the Galaxy S5 has a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and GPU also upgraded to Adreno 320 to Adreno 330. So you can find better performance in Galaxy S5. In memory management you can find the microSD slot additionally to increase the internal memory up to 128GB but S4 is allow only 64GB.

Other considerable:

Galaxy S5 offers same wireless features as S4 but you can’t find wireless charging as Nexus 5 and it has the 16 mega pixel rear camera with 1/2.6′ larger sensor and other features so S5 is better than S4 in camera vice. It runs with the Android 4.4 KitKat and also has the better battery life than the GS4. You can get this S5 mobile in varying prices $445, $416 and more.

While comparing the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 you can buy S5 if you are not considering money as a factor if you are considering money as a major factor you must try S4.

Lenovo Vibe X2 Review

07596507-photo-lenovo-vibe-x2Lenovo is back again with another flagship in the name of Vibe X2, which already grabbed a immediate attention of many users, with the features of high-end display, powerful chipset, plenty of storage space, big unit cameras and decent-sized battery. Though it is better in features, but budget wise costlier, somewhat.


The Lenovo Vibe X2 has flatter and rectangular design, which is similar as Sony Xperia Z range sans the glass-back body and sharp edges, but it is smaller and thinner than the Xperia Z. Lenovo has introduced three-layer design pattern and it is visible on the sides, in different colors.
Vibe X2 back is made by magnesium-based material, which prevents smudges, glossy nature by its textured finish. It is thick at 120 grams rather than other smart mobiles; Power and volume rockers on the right side, SIM-slot on the left and physical button at the bottom make up the Vibe X2.


Vibe X2 comes with a 5 inch full-HD 1920x1080p display with 441ppi, which improves look of the display more with decent viewing quality. Using the Vibe X2 at the outside over the sun will give decent and barring few reflective instances, we were happy while using the phone outdoors.


Vibe X2 powered by octa-core MT 6595m chipset from MediaTek, that claims to run all eight-cores simultaneously, another thing is, it has improved battery consumption levels, less-heating innards and decent real-time performance experience.
While looking in to storage, the phone offers 32 spaces, but you can’t use any MicroSD card to extend it further. 5 MP front camera allows you to take a quality selfie snaps and the 13 MP camera at the back is impressive.


Vibe X2 runs on Android 4.4 KitKat version which looks better, for the price Rs 19,999, is good enough and it is easy to hold and use also.

So grab your own mobile and enjoy the world with new experience.