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Android L vs iOS 8 comparison

Android-mobile-phone-L-Vs-IOS-8+1Apple and Google have both going to update their mobile operating system such as the iOS 8 and Android L will be released later this autumn. Google’s offering is Android L, while Apple’s is iOS 8. Here, is the comparison between Android L and iOS 8 reviews, to know more about the both important features.


The design of iOS 8 is mostly unchanged design as iOS 7, but the Google’s android introduced new material design which changed the somewhat in the look and also introduced the automatically generates touches of color based on the content being displayed and so on. The Android L replaced circles instead of squares, triangle and circle and also introduced new animations, so the overall look and feel of the operating system is smooth and responsive.


In Android L you can find the enhanced notifications, you can get this on lock screen and they’ll be automatically ordered in priority. If you want to open the app do the double tap or swipe them away to dismiss them.Lock-screen-notifications
Similarly, in iOS 8 also introduced some improvements in notifications such as you’ll be able to reply to text messages, accept calendar invitations, snooze reminders and Facebook statuses, if you want to know more about the particular do the swipe to go to the relevant app, but iOS 8 can’t swipe to dismiss them.

Lock screen:

Android L brings a new lockscreen, which allow you to see notifications, swipe up to unlock, swipe right to launch the dialler or swipe left to launch the camera, but iOS 8 lock screen is similar as the iOS 7.bc0ec7508af0ab414cfc39560f647240


Multi-tasking in iOS 7 was already pretty good, but Apple introduced some additional features when you click the home button to access the multi-tasking menu a swipable list along the top, to allow you to quickly and easily call and so on.
Android L does multi-tasking in a new level if you press the multi tasking button all the apps will appear in cards in a carousel.

These are the important features between Android L and iOS 8 comparison.


Review Which Smart Mobile Will Be Update to the Next Level of Android

AH-Android-L-LogoRecent talk of the all people is obviously new Android L operating System and there features, specifications and more, apart from this, now all the people worrying about which mobiles will see the next version of the Android. This worry is due to the swirling news about the Android L over the internet such as the battery saver mode, easy user interface when compared to the Kitkat and more. So stop worrying, let’s read this review and know which mobile will see the next update of android.

• Google Nexus 5 will get the update of the Android L, but the sexiest and modern mobile Nexus 4 will not get any update on Android L.
• If you consider the Google tablets expect the Nexus 7 2013 and the LG G Pad Google Play edition to see an update and the 2012 tablets will not going to get any L update, it sounds sad for those users.
• Now HTC mobile all the mobile of HTC will get the Android update which is released after HTC One M7 and the mobiles released before HTC One M7 will not get Android L update.
• In LG, LG G3 will get the update but G2 and G Flex or the Optimus Pro 2 or lovely little G2 will never see the Android L update.
• In Motorola, Moto X, the Moto G and the Moto E will see Android L, remaining will never get the updates.
• Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3 will get the Android L update as fast as Samsung is able to update them and the Galaxy S4 will update Android L later.
• Android L updates for the Sony mobiles such as the Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2 and the upcoming Xperia Z3.XperiaZ2F-11

These are the mobiles going to get the update on Android L.


Overview of Android L

Successor always overcome the disadvantages of the predecessor, it is common to all, similarly the recent talk of the world and all the smart mobile users talk is the Successor Android L. This talk triggered by the Google announcement about the latest version of Android. Now all the android users started to whisper about the interface, performance, battery life of the Android L and many users worrying about which mobile going to get the update of the new android version. So read this review once and know more about the Android L.

Important couple of Changes compared to the predecessors:

The Android L will introduce the new core UI elements such as the multitasking and notification shade and quick settings and second is the basic design of apps. In Android Kitkat, the notification shade opens a notification layer and you can access it by simple tap on the notifications but in Android L the notification shade is the combination of three layers. The basic information like date, remaining battery, brightness of the device and more can be available on the top layer and the second layer offers you to access the most important settings like Wi-Fi and Airplane mode and the third layer will displays notifications from apps. Android L also offers cool and the smooth animation and also offers better mulititasing.Screenshot_2014-06-30-10-54-55

Which will see the update of Android L?

Android L is going to be available to consumers in the next few months, but in existing smart mobiles few mobiles only going to see the Android L update such as the Nexus 5, LG G3, Moto X, the Moto G and the Moto E, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2 and the upcoming Xperia Z3, after release of after HTC One M7.Developer-Preview-Android-L

These are the most important news for those who looking for the Android L updates.


Android L versus Android 4.4 Kitkat

Many news swirls around the online regards Android L, now the smart mobile users thoughts full of how the Android L vary from the Kitkat on performance, features, interface, material design, apps basic. Let’s read this review to know more about it.

Android L versus Android 4.4 Kitkat in Design:

The Android L introduced new material design such as the multitasking and notification shade, when compared to the Kitkat you can get all the basic information such as the date, time, Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, notifications about the apps and more on the three layer of the Notification shade. Enjoy the smooth animation cards based multitasking in Android L. But Kitkat offers slide type of multitasking and few options on the notification shade.

Android L versus Android 4.4 Kitkat Lock screen:

Good pretty feature of the Android L is the Lock screen, which offers simple swipe up to unlock, left to launch the camera and right to open the dialer, you can also easily access the quick settings by single swiping down the notification shade, but in Kitkat you can’t get these notifications on screen.Lockscreen

Android L versus Android 4.4 Kitkat Home screen:

When compared to the Kitkat, in Android L you can find the different home screen buttons such as the triangle for back button, a circle for home button, and a square for multitasking button, but the Kitkat vary in this home screen.

Android L versus Android 4.4 Kitkat battery life, security and performance:

Android L offers amazing battery life due to the battery saver mode, while the battery saver mode on brightness of the mobile gets dim and reduction in the performance level, but it lacks in performance when compared to the Kitkat. The Android L offers location and proximity based levels of security.AndroidL_settings

These are the important difference android L having when compared to the Kitkat.


Importance of the Android L

Are you looking for the Android L update? If you are wish is so you must read this review to know more about the features of it and improvements of it compared to the other previous released android versions.

• Android L introduces the elegant material design offers better multitasking and three layered notification shade. So you can get the most important things from these three layers such as the Wi-Fi and Airplane mode in second layer, date, time and more in first layer and apps notification at third layer.
• Now access more from the lock screen, lock screen will allow you to know more about the app notifications and from the lock screen reach the dialer by swipe from left edge to the right and to go to camera you can swipe from right edge to the left and you can also reach the quick settings easily.Lockscreen
• On screen buttons of the Android L also getting vary from the previous Android versions, it offers triangle for back button, a circle for home button, and a square for multitasking.
• New Battery saver mode of the Android L will allow you to do more work using your smart mobile. When your mobile battery power reached below 15% the Android L will automatically gets ON and it triggers the some of the task of your mobile such dim the brightness of the display, reduce the performance of the phone and switch of all the fancy animations.andorid-l-multitasking2
• Over all the battery life of your mobile will be improved some more hours when compared to the previous versions of the Android operating systems.
• Now get the better and smoother animation in multitasking with cards but the previous versions of OS lacks in that.

These are the most importance of the new Android L operating system.


How Android L Saves Battery Life

Smart display, wide apps, smooth touch, plenty of storage, stunning HD videos, higher resolution photos, easy touch with the social media and more are use to describe a smart mobile. But all can be live under the name of battery life, if you’re smart mobile lacks in power, all the above classified features will get zero, such a power depends on the battery. So far many versions of android operating system solved somewhat power problems in smart mobiles but the big boon to the smart mobile user is the new Android L, which introduces many battery saving features.e7675_notifications1

First see the user interface of power management in Android L, which contain the battery under settings, you can see the remaining battery based on your recent use. Then look a glance about the new battery saver mode, which is available under setting menu and find battery, in that you can find the battery saver mode, which gets on and show the notification at the top right corner of the screen. The battery saver mode will automatically on, when your battery power used more and it comes to 15%, if your battery saver mode on your mobile performance will be reduces by decreasing the back lights and clock downs the CPU speed.Screenshot_2014-06-30-10-54-55

Don’t worry about your notifications and apps; you can get all the notifications everything even your battery saver mode is on. This battery saver mode automatically off if you’re mobile plugged in with the charge. Now the Android L’s new Job Scheduler offers another important tool for developers that can help apps avoid waking up the device unnecessarily. So you can use your devices for more time because of the better battery management.Screenshot_2014-06-30-10-54-59

These are the important power management features of the Android L, So try out the devices with android L.


Android Kitkat successor Android L

A great distance in the technology path had covered with the big banner under the name of Android, Android is the heart beat of smart mobile growth, yet you can find more versions of android operating system such as Android jelly bean, Kitkat and more. Now a trendy of smart mobile using will be improve more because of the user interface of operating system.1280x720-rCi

Android L yet not reached the market but the rumors and other news about it is swirls over the online. What is special in Android L when compared to the Kitkat? Is this same as the Kitkat? And more are the important questions freely wander in your mind. Let’s read this review to know more about the improvements of android L over than the Android Kitkat.lvskitkat

Android L will have the excellent user interface than the Kitkat and it also include easy usage and excellent gaming features. Best and must considerable feature is the redesigned in on-screen buttons and you can find the use of more colors throughout the Android L apps and settings.
Let’s investigate on the apps part, the android L will easily explore the new users in Android L icons for settings, new sliders, new radio buttons, and will notice that there aren’t that many separation lines between various elements, such as contact lists, settings options or even keyboard buttons.

If you watch the Android L screen shots, which will tells you the Settings, Contacts, Calendar, Gmail, Email, Search, Maps, Gallery, Play Music, Drive, Keep and Hangouts. While you using Android Kitkat smart mobiles you will surely think about the some of the changes in the Mobile like you may felt that the Kitkat must too improve some user interface quality and more, now the Android L will completely change all and eliminate the disadvantages. So take a look and try out the Android L.

Android L at a Glance

Now upgrade your android mobile by the new Android L, now your may ask the question like what is special in that and how it differentiate from the previous version of the Android. Let’s read this review to know more about the Android L.
• The New Android L will sweep out the existing Android’s UI and improve the performance and security of the mobile, so the Android L will enhance your way of living more.
• This new Android L will takes Kit Kat’s streamlined UI to the next level and show the flatter, more colorful and multi-layered, with new visual flourishes touch.
• Not only for the mobile and also the Android L will upgrade your digital life such as the Android TV, smart watches and other Android implemented products.
• Android L adds a new battery saver mode which can be used to clock down the CPU, limit the screen refresh rate and cut down background data.android-mock-settings
• Under the Project Volta, the new job scheduler will allow optimizing power consumption in apps by placing the work like less importance and more. It can also be used to schedule battery-intensive tasks like downloading updates for when a phone is on its charger.
• Personal Unlocking in the Android L, which has the Kill Switch for the stolen mobiles, so you can completely stop the work of your mobile after stolen.
• New type of notification, the Android L offers the notifications on the top of your apps and after swiping down to reveal the full list of notifications, you can do the double tap to launch the related app, or wipe away to dismiss notifications.
• Now do every task in faster run time in the new Android L and experience the new chrome with the easier tab like switching.android-4-5-lollipop-leaked-screenshots-hint-enhanced-multitasking-project-hera

So these are the unique features of the Android L compared to the previous Android versions.