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Panda Mobile Security- For Best Android Mobile Security

Box-MS-ENSecurity for computer is essential, this is usual, and we all about it. Now Security for mobiles especially Android devices is Essential then all. In spite of over usage of mobile phones for personal works such as money transferring, mobile banking, online purchase via mobile and more. Hackers are now targeting, these smart mobiles, to get information about the particular person.

Recently a new Trojan malware, were found under eScan known as Android/Smssend. It can able to steal your personal data from your Android devices such as IMEI number, device ID, device type, photos, contacts, banking details and more. Apart this, it will also install a Spyware on your device.

Secure your device from malware by using best mobile security tool, that’s the new Panda Mobile Security, which is reliable and help you to overcome these malware easily. Panda Mobile Security, significantly developed to secure Android devices. The best mobile security for Android  product is the combination of anti-virus, a privacy auditor, anti-theft – locate lock and wipe, and a useful task killer, when you need more room on your phone or tablet.

Under the scan rate of AV scanners testing suite, the Panda Mobile Security tested and it can able to clean 50 GB of files. This 50 GB scan took 24 minutes 3 seconds to examine 274,486 files, a scan rate of 190.2 files/sec. This results, the Panda Mobile Security is the fastest product, we have reviewed, yet.

Panda Mobile Security was one of the first companies, that claim much of its AV work was done in the cloud. It shows the 35 percent increase, compared to the other system scan running at the background and it scored good marks in this.

It dropped 0.5 under Performance, with an average slowdown of just 1 sec in the range of tasks performed with it installed, and again 0.5 points on Usability, due to a false detection and a couple of false blockages during the test period. It scored 100 percent on malware detection.

The new Panda Mobile Security is really reliable to your Android mobiles. It protect your personal data on your mobile and never allow to infect your mobile by any kind of malware.

Secure your mobile with the new Panda Mobile Security.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Review

81NnmP0WHWL._SL1500_Protection against the Malware is essential, when it comes to PC. Now, it has become must for all devices such as smart mobiles, PC, tablet,laptop and more. For this, aplenty of internet security software available over the internet. It is really hard to opt the right amongst many, because you must prefer the highest rate of internet security software, when you are purchasing security software. At this perception, Webroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security provide a complete security to your devices, such as PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Here our review must reveal the features of it.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2014 is security software offering protection to up to five PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets. In spite of multi-platform functionality, you can easily access all among your five devices under safe roof. Let’s see how it looks for windows. Sign up in to the Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security. Now you are directed to the Windows 8-style tiles and pie-charts. Moreover, the main screen having a menu down the right-hand side showing the key elements of the software.

The Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security installs efficiently. After the installation, it does an initial scan and makes sensible default settings for its main AV, firewall, identity and anti-phishing modules. Additionally, it includes system analysis and optimisation that covers temporary files, registry entries and cookies. It takes special care on startup apps, a sandbox for trialling new applications and a password manager, where you are able to store all your security entries.

Backup and Sync:

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2014 provide 25GB online storage on Webroot’s servers for your files secure. Split the space among the five devices as you like. It is most probably efficient to configure as a common pool and share access among them. Obviously your files can be automatically synced.

When it comes to the Android, Webroot Secure Anywhere provides similar anti-virus protection and secure web browsing as on the Windows and OS X versions. But, additionally, it can be used to locate a device, wipe contacts, texts and other confidential information and lock it down, in the event of it being stolen. This is really best mobile security for Android as well as iOS.

Under the initial scanning test, it can able to scan 27,012 files and completing in 59 minutes 43 seconds, which gives a pretty slow 7.5 files/s. When compared to the Panda internet security, the Webroot SecureAnywhere lacks. It gives good score in the protection against the malware, but it files in usability test. Under usability, Webroot SecureAnywhere found 27 false detection.

Thus, the Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2014 works pretty well against the malware.