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Safer Streets: Fast and Furious Innovations in Car Technology

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the numerous new car technology features emerging. But, as a savvy car buyer, you want to know what’s worth paying for and what’s not. Here are some of the best features being developed today, and how they will help you drive safer, and smarter.

Head Unit Integration

New head unit integration replaces the traditional car stereo or “head unit” with full navigation and mobile phone connectivity. For example, many vehicles are now coming equipped with Apple’s CarPlay, Android Auto, and Pandora integration, complete with a touchscreen interface.

These units allow you to put your mobile phone’s home screen up on a large screen so it’s easier to see. It’s also a safer way to integrate navigation into your vehicle. The systems typically allow you to make and receive phone calls, use your mobile device’s built-in navigation system, and the on-board music player.

Bluetooth Adapters

Bluetooth adapters are also changing the way we use our vehicles. The best integrated option is to buy a new navigation system that incorporates it, but this can be expensive. A low-cost bluetooth kit can also be added as a stand-alone option.

Backup Camera

If you’re wondering why buy an Explorer, it’s for the backup tech. Even on low-end models, Ford is working it into their vehicles ahead of the national rollout.

Backup cameras are promising to change the way we drive in a fundamental way. A rearview camera is integrated into the license plate area or a rear-facing badge. The camera then captures what’s behind the vehicle and displays it on an in-dash viewscreen.

The driver can see more than if he or she simply relied on the rearview mirror and looking out through the rear window.

These systems used to be found only on high-end luxury vehicles, but more and more manufacturers are putting them on low and mid-tier models. But, you don’t have to buy a new vehicle to have one. Aftermarket models cost anywhere from $15 for a cheap camera to $300 for a high-end rearview backup system.

Some of the systems also come with audio warnings and sensors to let you know if you’re about to hit something.

Heads-Up Display

CarHeads-up display is a quiet technology. It’s not new, but it’s being used more and more in newer vehicles. Once you experience its benefits, you’ll wonder why more vehicles don’t have them. A small device displays important information right on the windshield, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Information like vehicle speed, audio levels for the sound system, even navigation information, can be displayed right in front of you.

Driver Assist Systems

Driver-assist systems, like lane departure warning systems, and intelligent cruise control systems warn you when you move out of your lane, and adjust the cruise control speed automatically when others around you are speeding up and slowing down spontaneously.

Hands-Free Liftgates

This is another innovation by Ford. It’s new hands-free liftgates allow you to open the rear door of your hatchback or SUV by making a kicking motion near the bumper. Two sensors detect shins, and a kicking motion with one leg, to open the rear hatch. To close the tailgate, make the same kicking motion.

Ford rigorously tested this system to prevent false positives, and requires the individual to have the keyless remote on or near them while opening the door. They also tested the system for false positives, like a grocery cart moving past the bumper, pets getting in the way, and people walking just a little too close, as well as a heavy rain.

In short: the system works, and it’s amazing.

Kyle Marshall has managed to carve out a career in the auto industry. He keeps up to date with all the latest technological developments designed to improve our motoring experience and writes for a number of different car interest websites.

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Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker Bulb Review

Ligth-Cube-Speaker_45200_13A fantastic idea allows you to reveal the new level of lighting experience in the name of Olixar’s Bluetooth Speaker Bulb might sound like a gimmick, but it’s actually really cool, let’s read this review to know more it.

Have you ever think about the collaboration of a Bluetooth speaker and a light bulb? It sounds annoying but it’s a combination that really works. Olixar’s Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker Bulb is a very cool gadget and yet, surprisingly, not unique.

But we really love it, because the beauty of pairing light bulb and speaker provided a amiable situation when light is turned on, the speaker is fired up and ready to go. There’s no need to touch buttons, and no need to charge the speaker or plug it into a wall outlet, you just grab your smartphone and connect to the Olixar Speaker Bulb over 4.0 Bluetooth and instantly ready to blare out music, podcasts and audio books from the ceiling.

Olixar Speaker Bulb’s high up or central position is ideal to enjoy the rocking out audio without obstruction, which is a 3W speaker especially loud, but never create the annoying atmosphere.

Both light bulb and speaker is no way to separate in this product the speaker is good only as long as is the bulb, sometimes the speaker will still work, but a light bulb that doesn’t brighten the room if you used it too much.

Olixar offers a two-year warranty and LED lasts much longer than a traditional incandescent bulb, it works around 10,000 hours, there is one more benefit if you use LED lighting, such as reduced energy consumption and less heat generated. The £49 tag on the Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker Bulb is therefore much better value than it might appear.

Unlike many Bluetooth speakers the Olixar does not support hands free calls, though its good thing, you can hardly hold a private conversation through a light bulb. If a call comes in the music automatically pauses, then resumes when you hang up. But while your ringtone won’t play through the speaker, keypad tones and text, email and other notifications do.


Best Way to Improve Your Smart Mobile Battery Life

Android-batter-2Battery life is a complicated word while you consider the smart mobiles because when a first smart mobile was launched many people expressed their displeasure due to the poor battery life, after that plenty of smart mobiles reached the market and hit peak sale though some of the smart mobiles lacks with poor battery life only few smart mobile offers better.
Unfortunately, these better battery life smart mobiles also, deserve some power problems due to the continuous use of bright screens along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G. Here some list of mobile settings should allow you to extend your battery life.

Reduce the Screen Brightness:

People like to use their large colorful display of smart mobiles but this is the biggest enemy of your battery, so keep your mobile auto-brightness feature that automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness to suit ambient lighting levels, which consumes only less power so avoid more brightness mode use of your mobile.Better-galaxy-S5-battery-life-screen-brightness

Keep the screen timeout short:

Under you display settings menu you can find the timeout options for your screen in that, choose always 15 or 30 seconds because every second of your on screen consumes more power.Better-Galaxy-S5-Battery-Life-Screen-timeout

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:

This is a time to turn off your Bluetooth, though you loves hands-free headset because it consumes more power so avoid Bluetooth radio, by this way you can save one hour or more battery life and then your Wi-Fi radio also a serious battery killer.

Go easy on the GPS:

GPS, another big battery sucker many apps access your phone’s GPS to provide services ranging from finding nearby restaurants to checking you in on social networks, avoid these apps.

Don’t leave apps running in the background:

Multitasking is a way of handling more than one app at a time, which is a most important battery sucker, but it is a powerful smart mobile feature, try to avoid unwanted multitasking.

These are the major features sucks more battery life apart from these you must also avoid vibration type status notification, turn off unwanted notifications, embark to use your mobile in energy saving mode and so on. Keep these advises and enhance your battery life.


World’s Advanced Operating System IOS 7

The IOS 7 is an awesome and advanced operating system of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, which offers many attractive features, intuitive interface, security and much more. The IOS 7 works beautifully, effectively and efficiently, which offers elegant and beautiful home screen allows you to explore the amazing built-in apps. The IOS 7 built-in apps make your device handling easy and fun. In IOS 7 each app takes the unique advantage because the Hardware completely handshakes with the software. Let’s get the review about the great features In IOS 7.

Control Centre:

The Control Centre offers the quick access to the important options such as turn Wi-Fi, brightness adjustment, airplane mode, Bluetooth, camera, audio player and much more. You can get this control centre by a single up swipe from any screen. Under the control centre you can find skip, pause or change the songs, calculator, torch, Airplay and Airdrop.

Notification centre:

You can get the notification centre from any screen with the single down swipe. The notification centre informs about the new missed calls, mail and your daily reminders. So make yourself speed with the single down swipe.

World’s Advanced Operating System IOS 7 01


The multi tasking makes your way smart with the IOS 7 operating system, which knows about your daily need. You can enter in to the multi-tasking by pressing the home twice and get the preview of the apps screen and you can get the update remainder when your Iphone device connected to the Wi-Fi.


The Airdrop helps you to share anything to everyone with the single touch, which allows you to send your contacts, photos, videos and all under the secured way. In Airdrop select whatever you want to transfer, press share and then select the contact and start to share.


The safari makes the Browsing more easy and beautiful, which allows you to see all the open tabs in a consolidated. This also allows you to search the URL and get the web page fast.

So these are the five important and most attractive features in iphone with the advanced operating system IOS 7.

Tizen Powered Samsung Z smart mobile

Are you getting bored to use the android based smart phone? The Samsung will launch its world’s first Tizen operating system based smart phone called Samsung Z. The Tizen already hits the Russian market, now it’s ready to knock all the countries market with the unique. The Tizen is the Linux based operating system, which is the open source platform and compatible with the other OS such as IOS and Android. Let’s read the review and get the idea about the complete specifications of the Samsung Z.


The Samsung Z offers the 4.8 inch super AMOLED display and powered by the 2.3GHZ quad-core processor made by the Snapdragon 800 run with the 2.2.1 Tizen operating system, which has the 2GB RAM memory and 16GB internal memory and it can be expandable up to 64 GB with the help of additional micro SD. In Samsung Z have the 2600mAh battery 2.1mega pixel secondary camera and 8 mega pixel primary camera, where you can find the finger print sensor at the home button and heart rate monitor on the back.

Tizen Powered Samsung Z smart mobile 02

The Samsung Z can sense all kind of shocks with the help of the LTE-A, NFC and an IR sensor, which is available in available in Golden and Black color with faux leather backs. In Samsung Z you can find many options under connectivity feature such as 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Micro- USB. The Samsung Z other feature are similar to the Samsung galaxy S5, which is the gateway for the Tizen future.

The Tizen operating system is easy to operate, use and allows you to experience the unique, so read the above specifications of the Samsung Z and it almost similar to the Samsung galaxy S5 specifications. The price of the Samsung Z is still not clearly mentioned and releasing date also.