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Nokia’s New Smart Z Launcher

z-launcherWe all know that the Android devices offer common perception to all over its home screen and way of using it. For this developers launched many Launchers, which make your mobile home screen different, but android offering wonderful platform to change the home screen without involving any permanent chances on to your mobile. Many launchers already reached the market such as Nova, Apex, Go Launcher EX, Dodol and Buzz Launcher.

These Launchers specially developed for not only changing the appearance of the home screen and also includes many smart way of access your apps, contacts and more. Launchers are categorized like design Launchers and smart Launchers. Design Launchers always focus on the home screen designs but the smart Launchers focus on enhancing the way of mobile using.z

Now the Nokia Launched its predictive Z launcher, to escalates your Android mobile in to a smart way rather than the previously launched Android Launchers. Here our review will show off what the brand new Z Launcher does.

Nokia Launched this Z Launcher on the Nokia N1 devices, but we can also download it from its official site for free of cost. This Launcher, launch everything what you want on your screen within a second, to achieve this you just scribble a letter, corresponding to that app, on your screen. Your scribbling will navigate you.

Nokia’s Z launcher learn your daily works on your devices based on time, then it will offer apps, contacts and websites based on your location, time and more. So use it more and it gets more for you.

This Launcher really enhance the way of your mobile.


Why Android Need Launchers

Z-launcherUsually Android devices forget to deliver a unique experience to each user, this is due to developers common perception about users, which lead customers to demand more than the common, for this the developers have created the concept of Android launchers. This
Android launchers enable you to change your mobile’s home screen, without doing any permanent chances on your devices and customize many things for you and begin to behaves like your personal assistant.

So far developers launched many launchers, but everything works on the common perception that’s the smart design and simple work. Especially they focus on changing your Android phone’s home screen and as well as creating simple designs and allow you to add custom gestures to your phone, such as to open a twitter you just draw j on the device screen which will automatically open what to want or double-tapping the screen to open a specific app.

Design launchers significantly looks on the home screen, which would completely change your common Android home screen. It allow you to create live widgets, shortcuts to apps, easy tapping home screen button, change your apps icon and more. For this you can use the launchers like Nova, Apex, Go Launcher EX, Dodol and Buzz Launcher.

Next is the smart launchers, which are having different goals from those of design launchers. The smart launchers only focus on the functional part of your mobile, these are works simply to put the apps and information you need right in front of you. The smart launchers enhance your way of mobile using in a simple and efficient manner. It learn which apps you use the most, which app you use on what location and on what time and more.

This review will allow you to choose the right Launcher among the cluster.

Best Launchers for Your Android

Unlike Apple iPhone now you can change your mobile interface as you want, with the new Android launchers apps. The Launchers would enhance the way of your phone’s home screen, which modifies your mobile operating system’s software design and features without making any permanent changes. Also checkout other Best Android Apps:

Here a list of launchers given for the Android users,


Aviate is the best contextually-aware launcher, it does many works for you, like it create shortcuts to an alarm, allow you to put your phone into ‘do not disturb’ mode, collects apps based on your activities and location and it will suggest you to use the same while you are in particular. Obviously Aviate is an efficient personal assistant.original

Nokia Z Launcher:

Nokia’s own Z Launcher is also a kind of Launcher, but it take you in to somewhat apart than the Aviate does. It collects your more used apps and sites easily and learn to work as per your habits over time and it also allow you to get apps easily by simply drawing the first letter on the display. It offer simple and easy to use interface.Z-launcher

Nova Launcher:

This is the simply customized partner, for those who are having less technological skills or inexperienced Android user. The Nova Launcher adds a variety of additional options and effects, which include the usage of themes and custom tabs, to use the apps in a right manner. This will allow you to experience the unique navigation but never change your screen layout entirely.Read out How to improve your Android battery life.

Buzz Launcher:

If you want to make your screen completely different rather than the Aviate and Themer, tryout the Buzz Launcher. The Buzz Launcher development team focused on enhancing the way of usage of Android devices in a smart way. Buzz Launcher is a full home screen replacement app, which allows you to create unique widgets and backgrounds.

Choose the right one what you want.