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Safer Streets: Fast and Furious Innovations in Car Technology

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the numerous new car technology features emerging. But, as a savvy car buyer, you want to know what’s worth paying for and what’s not. Here are some of the best features being developed today, and how they will help you drive safer, and smarter.

Head Unit Integration

New head unit integration replaces the traditional car stereo or “head unit” with full navigation and mobile phone connectivity. For example, many vehicles are now coming equipped with Apple’s CarPlay, Android Auto, and Pandora integration, complete with a touchscreen interface.

These units allow you to put your mobile phone’s home screen up on a large screen so it’s easier to see. It’s also a safer way to integrate navigation into your vehicle. The systems typically allow you to make and receive phone calls, use your mobile device’s built-in navigation system, and the on-board music player.

Bluetooth Adapters

Bluetooth adapters are also changing the way we use our vehicles. The best integrated option is to buy a new navigation system that incorporates it, but this can be expensive. A low-cost bluetooth kit can also be added as a stand-alone option.

Backup Camera

If you’re wondering why buy an Explorer, it’s for the backup tech. Even on low-end models, Ford is working it into their vehicles ahead of the national rollout.

Backup cameras are promising to change the way we drive in a fundamental way. A rearview camera is integrated into the license plate area or a rear-facing badge. The camera then captures what’s behind the vehicle and displays it on an in-dash viewscreen.

The driver can see more than if he or she simply relied on the rearview mirror and looking out through the rear window.

These systems used to be found only on high-end luxury vehicles, but more and more manufacturers are putting them on low and mid-tier models. But, you don’t have to buy a new vehicle to have one. Aftermarket models cost anywhere from $15 for a cheap camera to $300 for a high-end rearview backup system.

Some of the systems also come with audio warnings and sensors to let you know if you’re about to hit something.

Heads-Up Display

CarHeads-up display is a quiet technology. It’s not new, but it’s being used more and more in newer vehicles. Once you experience its benefits, you’ll wonder why more vehicles don’t have them. A small device displays important information right on the windshield, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Information like vehicle speed, audio levels for the sound system, even navigation information, can be displayed right in front of you.

Driver Assist Systems

Driver-assist systems, like lane departure warning systems, and intelligent cruise control systems warn you when you move out of your lane, and adjust the cruise control speed automatically when others around you are speeding up and slowing down spontaneously.

Hands-Free Liftgates

This is another innovation by Ford. It’s new hands-free liftgates allow you to open the rear door of your hatchback or SUV by making a kicking motion near the bumper. Two sensors detect shins, and a kicking motion with one leg, to open the rear hatch. To close the tailgate, make the same kicking motion.

Ford rigorously tested this system to prevent false positives, and requires the individual to have the keyless remote on or near them while opening the door. They also tested the system for false positives, like a grocery cart moving past the bumper, pets getting in the way, and people walking just a little too close, as well as a heavy rain.

In short: the system works, and it’s amazing.

Kyle Marshall has managed to carve out a career in the auto industry. He keeps up to date with all the latest technological developments designed to improve our motoring experience and writes for a number of different car interest websites.

Image by michel,CC-BY-CarImages Under Creative Common License.


Nokia Lumia 1020 Review

Nokia Lumia 1020 is a compact camera comes with the Smart mobile, users recommend this especially for the 41MP PureView Camera with Xenon flash, which is not new to the market because it gathers curvature and overall shape from the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820.

Its façade will impress users with the 4.5-inch screen with 1280 x 720 touch screen display and it doesn’t have any physical buttons at the left edge of the device and the right side has a volume rocker, power/standby button and a dedicated camera button.Nokia-Lumia-1020-2ad

At the base of the device you can find the micro-USB charging port and speaker or microphone and at the top you can find the SIM card tray, 3.5mm headset jack, another microphone for noise cancellation.

At the back of the device you can find the large camera with Xenon flash, LED light and camera lens, which is slightly simmer than the Lumia 920. The Nokia Lumia 1020 is 130.4mm tall, 71.4mm wide and 10.4mm thick and weighs 158 grams.

The Lumia 1020 comes in yellow, black and white with the backbone of Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB on-board storage and a 2,000 mAh capacity of battery.

Nokia Lumia 1020 has the Windows Phone 8 inside for those who looking for the Windows based mobile, which allows you to do the update by double tap on the display and also for turn it on or flip your phone over to silence it.

If you do a swipe from the main screen to right, you will see a list of all your apps and settings, it offers the apps like Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Foursquare and more, but lacks in some apps like Instagram and Vine.

Windows Phone 8 will leaves you guess the notifications but the other iOS and android mobiles show their notifications in the centre or from drop down box.

So prefer this Nokia Lumia 1020, if you are looking for the best Camera based smart mobile.


Best Camera Phone on the Present Market

Smart phones, a way to express your world of joy, to the other people’s world, by sharing each and every happiest moments in your life in photo, now most people probably looking for the smart phones for taking happy snaps, because smart mobile replaces the handling of bulk cameras. Now list of smart mobiles here for you, based on the category of Camera.

HTC One:

The HTC One is an Android based smart mobile powered by the 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor, which has the 4MP Ultra pixel Camera with the 4.7-inch Super LCD display, 1080 x 1920 resolution and offers 16GB or 32GB as internal memory.HTC-One

Sony Xperia Z1:

The Sony Xperia Z1 is also a Android based Smart mobile powered by 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, which has the 21MP Exmor-R Camera with the 5-inch LCD display, 1080 x 1920 resolution with the 16GB internal and it can be extended with the help of MicroSD.

iPhone 5S:

iPhone 5S, powered by Apple’s iOS 7 and new A7 chip with 8MP iSight Camera with the 4-inch Retina display, 1136×640 resolution and available in 16GB,32GB and 64GB internal memory versions but it is lack in memory card Slot.iphone-5s-home-button-mockup-3-1280x960

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, a camera like version combination of the Smart mobile S4 and proper camera lens, which is also a android based smart mobile powered by the 1.5GHz dual-core processor with 4.3inch Super AMOLED display with 540 x 960 resolution and it has the 16MP Camera.

Nokia Lumia 1020:

The Nokia Lumia 1020 reached the market with a matching camera grip-come-body shell and powered by the 1.5GHz Snapdragon MSM8960 dual-core processor with 41MP PureView Camera, which has the 4.5-inch AMOLED Pure Motion+ display with 768 x 1280 resolution and 32 or 64GB internal memory.

These are the best camera mobiles in present market.



LG G2, Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Are in confusion to buy what smart phone among the LG G2, Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Note 3? If you are looking so read this review to know more about it.


The price plays a major role in purchasing a smart mobile, among the three the Sony Xperia Z Ultra price is somewhat less when compared to the other two devices. The price of the Sony is £350, £490 LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 price is £549.Samsung-Galaxy-Note-III1

Battery capacity for Talk time:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has Li-Ion 3200 mAh battery so it offers 25 hours talk time, but the Non-removable Li-Ion 3050 mAh battery of Sony Xperia Z Ultra offers 14 hours talk time and the LG G2’s Non-removable Li-Po 3000 mAh battery offers 17 hours talk time.


The LG G2 and the Sony Xperia Z Ultra offers 16GB of storage but the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offers 32 GB of the storage, so the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offers faster performance when compared to the other two devices.LG-G2-video-leak-640x357


All the three offers the clear and best still with the good camera features, but the Sony Xperia Z Ultra offers 8 mega pixels of camera and the other two offers 13 mega pixels of rear camera. All the three smart mobiles offer same 2 mega pixels of front camera, automatic Focus Adjustment and many features. Both smart mobiles having the LED Flash, except the Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

In sensor, processor, processing speed, RAM, internal storage, display, connectivity, data transmission and more reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the best and the next is the LG G2 is best in all aspects but the Sony Xperia Z Ultra must need some improvements.

So procure your own mobile based on your requirement.


Nokia Lumia 530 VS Motorola Moto E

Customers, we can’t easily make them satisfy, because each customer need is unique but all will come to the common platform when consider the budget or money. Smart mobile available from different range for budget considering customers Motorola Moto E and Nokia Lumia 530 is best. Now our review will help you to grab a better one among the couple of mobiles.

Design and build:

In terms of design Nokia Lumia 530 is slightly lighter than the Motorola, because its weight is 129g than the 142g. Nokia is also a little bit thinner with 11.7mm against the Moto E with 12.3mm. The Moto E is wider and taller with the dimension of 64.8×124.8mm but the Lumia 530’s dimension 62.3×119.7mm.Nokia_Lumia_635_rear


Under the display category the Motorola Moto E has 4.3inches with the resolution of 540×960 pixels and the panel has anti-smudge and splash proof coating and the screen protected by the tough protective Gorilla Glass. The Nokia Lumia 530 has 4inches of display with the resolution of 480×854.Nokia-Lumia-630-vs-Motorola-Moto-G-001

Processor, graphics and performance:

Nokia Lumia 530 runs under the Windows Operating system and the Motorola Moto E powered by the Android based operating system. Both have 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chip, but the Motorola processor is dual-core and the Nokia is quad-core. Both runs with the Adreno 302 graphics but memory of the Moto E are twice than the Lumia 530’s 512MB RAM allocation.

Storage, Camera and Connectivity:

The Nokia Lumia 530 offers 128GB by additional MicroSD but the Moto E offers only 32GB but it comes with 15GB of free cloud storage via One Drive. Since both phones are supplied with just 4GB of internal storage. Both offers 5Mp of rear camera but the Lumia 530 supports slightly higher-resolution video than does the Moto E. Both offer 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4 and GPS and more connectivity features.

A major difference between the two mobiles is the apps, while Windows Phone is gradually getting more and more apps and Android lags. So Procure a smart mobile as per your need.


World’s Advanced Operating System IOS 7

The IOS 7 is an awesome and advanced operating system of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, which offers many attractive features, intuitive interface, security and much more. The IOS 7 works beautifully, effectively and efficiently, which offers elegant and beautiful home screen allows you to explore the amazing built-in apps. The IOS 7 built-in apps make your device handling easy and fun. In IOS 7 each app takes the unique advantage because the Hardware completely handshakes with the software. Let’s get the review about the great features In IOS 7.

Control Centre:

The Control Centre offers the quick access to the important options such as turn Wi-Fi, brightness adjustment, airplane mode, Bluetooth, camera, audio player and much more. You can get this control centre by a single up swipe from any screen. Under the control centre you can find skip, pause or change the songs, calculator, torch, Airplay and Airdrop.

Notification centre:

You can get the notification centre from any screen with the single down swipe. The notification centre informs about the new missed calls, mail and your daily reminders. So make yourself speed with the single down swipe.

World’s Advanced Operating System IOS 7 01


The multi tasking makes your way smart with the IOS 7 operating system, which knows about your daily need. You can enter in to the multi-tasking by pressing the home twice and get the preview of the apps screen and you can get the update remainder when your Iphone device connected to the Wi-Fi.


The Airdrop helps you to share anything to everyone with the single touch, which allows you to send your contacts, photos, videos and all under the secured way. In Airdrop select whatever you want to transfer, press share and then select the contact and start to share.


The safari makes the Browsing more easy and beautiful, which allows you to see all the open tabs in a consolidated. This also allows you to search the URL and get the web page fast.

So these are the five important and most attractive features in iphone with the advanced operating system IOS 7.