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Every cloud has … the opportunity to transform your business

They say every cloud has a silver lining but in business, every cloud has an opportunity to transform your operations into something far more efficient and successful.


To bring it back to basics, cloud computing refers to the storage (and access) of data and programmes on the Internet rather than on a computer’s hard drive. This brings with it a number of benefits – the sharing of resources, coherence, converged infrastructure and so on – all of which prove very attractive to businesses.

Of course, any business looking to enter the Cloud will want its own little bit of it, the virtual equivalent of their own office, instead of just rocking up at the library every morning, laptop under their arm. Exactly what constitutes a private bit of the cloud is still a little hazy, and can vary from case to case.

Generally speaking, migrating from the more traditional set-up to the Cloud can be a bit of a nervy process for any CEO or business owner, even if the long-term advantages are obvious – a little bit like the transition from in person to online banking. There are issues to be ironed out, such as how to deal with potentially sensitive information so that it complies with privacy laws, the type of system you employ, and so on.

The answer for many companies is a hybrid cloud, as this Business2Community article articulates.

As the article states, a hybrid cloud offers a business flexibility, meaning that they can migrate certain aspects of their operations to the Cloud whilst keeping some on a private server. If you think that your company may only want to use certain aspects of the Cloud, this could be the ideal solution.

This infographic from Dell will also help give you some idea about your requirements and how best to fulfil them. Whether or not you come to the conclusion that the Cloud is the right place for your business, it still warrants serious consideration.

Nowadays, digital innovation is the name of the game. Your success or failure as a business will not hinge on desks and paper but onhow you utilise the technology available to you.

Cloud computing is one such example of this technology. Making use of it could be the best decision you ever make – so what are you waiting for?

Cloud based PBX system – The best option for any business venture


Cloud technology has completely changed a lot of things since its introduction into the market.   It is now easier to have access to your data/services from whatever part of the world you are.  Thanks to the introduction of the cloud technology.    Before going further it also important to understand how the cloud based PBX system works.  What really are the basics and how ordinary individuals willing to benefit from the technology can be able to do so?  This is a question that has been asked over and over and to make your work easier, we will look deeply on how it is important to easily use and access your documents.  You will essence have no worry to loosing valuable data once again.


How do you tell a cloud system from the other?  Quite simply just like its name suggest, you will see a cloud sign.  That is why it is called cloud.  The system works by using the internet to store your documents.    The system can be described in simple terms a group of phone grouped together and working together to keep available data.    A lot of interconnections are done at technical levels to ensure that as a user you are able to access your data or stored documents with ease.   There are different systems that are being used around and whatever your preference be sure to know it is one of the easiest and safest way to store data.

You do not have to be a large business entrepreneur to access cloud based PBX system services.  Depending on your requirements and needs you can find what works for you in the market at very affordable prices without having to break a bank.  There has been a notion out there that it is quite expensive to use the cloud based system.  This is no longer so.  PBX as is normally referred to is known as Public Branch Exchange.  This is where all the incoming and outgoing calls and services have to pass through.  It would be virtually impossible to access services/data without a central place.

One thing you will appreciate with the cloud system or PBX is that it does not require a lot of technical work like it was many years ago.  If you remember right these were quite expensive equipments that only a few companies with a large number of employees could afford.  Things change and unless you are still living in the 19th century, you will realise that hosting a cloud PBX is now the easiest and smoothest way to go for most companies whether large or small.   As a starting point you will realise that you must have an internet connection to enjoy fully the services to the full.

To be able fully enjoy cloud based PBX services you must register and personalize a particular device.  This is the device you will be using to access the services from time to time.    You will be required to provide a password or other required details to log in.    What this will enable you to enjoy is mobility.  You will be able to have all calls wired to your phone.  You will not have to wait until you get to the office to answer important calls.  You can attend to your business anywhere and with a lot of ease.    But remember that you must have a service provider.

All this will pass through a service provider who will be the one in charge of storing and or processing your calls as they come through.  There is normally a nominal fee to pay which varies from provider to provider.  One thing you will be able to enjoy is the mobility and convenience the cloud based system provides and gives you as a user.  Before signing the dotted line, find out from your provider what their Privacy Policy states.  This is important as the provider in charge of the cloud based PBX system will also have access to most of your numbers that you call regularly.

You also need to understand that for the system to work it must be connect to your IP.   The good thing is that unless you wish to do so, you do not have to hire personnel to take charge.  The entire work is handled at a central station and your services of data will stream in as agreed.    You can also opt for a

virtual PBX phone system which provides services for both commercial and residential services.

The good thing is that all phone calls are professionally streamed and you will be able to enjoy such services with maximum ease.   Their main aim is to make business easier without having to get stuck in one place waiting for a call. The fact that you are able to pick your calls and handle all your business while on the move is the desire of business owner whether large or small.