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Which is Best Google Glass, Sony SmartEyeglass and Toshiba Glass

gad1_9oct-1764x700Are you in dilemma about which is best Google Glass or Sony SmartEyeglass or Toshiba Glass? If you’re looking so, here is a review reveals the difference between them…


The technology used to create the display on these glasses is the biggest difference, which enables a translucent image to appear in the top right corner of your vision. Google smart glass has a prism projector that floats in front of the wearer’s right eye. Which means it is quite thick, and the plastic casing sticks quite far from your head. It offers most clear and effective display. All the smart glasses are round-up prototypes, but Google Glass going to change this from the upcoming products.

Next is the Toshiba Glass, is also prototype form, uses different display technology , but not clear and crisp as Google Glass’s, could be a better solution in the long term. Unlike Google having a prism of glass protruding in front of your face, the Toshiba Glass manages to look like an ordinary pair of glasses, with a projector attached to the right arm of the glasses.

The Sony SmartEyeglass uses a different technology for the display, which offers black and green rather than colour like the Google and Toshiba glasses. Like Google glass Sony uses a prism for the display.


When comes to the wearable tech we have to give some keen attention on it, particularly when you’re going to be wearing it on your face. Google Glass is the most attractive one among three, which is available to buy in several different colours, such as black, white, blue, brown or a sort of orangey red. The standard frame is a metal band that wraps around your head, sitting just above your eyebrows and tucking behind your ears. Google does offer different frames but Toshiba Glass has a huge range of frames, varying from normal-looking glasses in different designs to sports sunglasses and protective goggles.


Toshiba lacks in camera now, but other two are having. Google glass having touchpad built-in to the outer edge of the component on the side of the glasses that can detect swipes, taps and double taps. You can also be control it using head movements and by speaking to activate the speech recognition. Simply say “OK Glass, and then issue commands such as take a photo or Get directions to. In case of Sony, it too offers voice control and has touch pad and same for the Toshiba Glass.

So prefer the right one, which is best for you…

Check out iPad Air 2’s Important Features from iPad Air

maxresdefaultApple’s new iPad Air 2 will diminish the drawbacks of its predecessor iPad Air; both have some similarities in height, width, screen size and resolution, then why the iPad Air 2 is successor of iPad Air? Obviously the question is right, who looking for this, must read the below review.
The new iPad is now specified as 6.1 mm thick, but the last year’s iPad Air measures 7.5 mm, which replaces the Apple A7 processor by A8 Processor.

iPad Air 2’s Touch ID:

Obviously Touch ID is one of the important features when compared its predecessor iPad Air, You will be able to use Touch ID to unlock your iPad Air 2, and to unlock various apps. iPad mini 3 will also get this Touch ID feature and makes you way of using good with this little sensor.

iPad Air 2’s light weight:

Perhaps various competitors take advantage in many features but iPad Air 2 break out all with one feature light weight, which weighs 437 g while adding a 3G/4G modem results in 444 g. Of course as a user, will take a keen view on weigh, because carry over to everywhere this tab is so important, so iPad Air 2’s light weight features really impress me and all too.

iPad Air 2’s Display:

Such a thinner display yet, you people never have seen in many predecessor tablets, How Apple’s iPad Air 2 attain this much thinner? Previous iPad Air’s display made by three layer such as cover glass, touch sensitive layer and then LCD, now in iPad Air 2 all these three layers are amalgamated and form as a single layer which gave a birth to this pretty thinner life, which is really effective and you can feel the vivid colors better contrast in this.t-mobile-will-offer-200mb-of-data-free-with-every-new-ipad-air

The iPad Air 2 display remains at the same resolution as previous iPad Air 2048×1536 resolution at 264 pixels per inch.
Now you may feel the confusion like cat on a wall, so read the upcoming reviews about the new sexy thinner iPad Air 2 and Apple’s upcoming partner iPad mini 3 reviews.

LG G3 Stylus Specification at a Glance

LG’s new budget based smart mobile is the LG G3 stylus; let’s see the important specifications of the LG G3 stylus.

Design and Display:
LG G3 Stylus is a slender mobile with 5.5 inches screen and it has the qHD display with the 540×960 pixels of resolution and the screen as the few physical button as power on button, volume up and down button, which has the 149.30 x 75.90 x 10.20mm of dimensional with 163.00g of weight. This slender slightly chunkier has the plastic feels on the cover.LG-G3-Stylus

Hardware and software:
The new LG G3 Stylus powered by the quad-core processor clocked with the 1.3GHZ and runs with the backbone of Android OS, v4.4.2 (Kitkat), which will sense with the help of Accelerometer, proximity and compass sensors. The G3 stylus has the removable type of Li-Ion battery with 3000 mAh of capacity, which offers good talk time as well standby. The memory management of the LG G3 Stylus has 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory and it can be extended with the help of additional MicroSD card up to 32GB.lg-g3-stylus-smartphone

The G3 stylus offers 13 mega pixels of rear camera with 4128 x 3096 pixels of resolution, autofocus and LED flash and so on, which has the features like Geo-tagging, touch focus and face detection. It also allows you to do the video call by 1.3 mega pixels of front facing camera.

Other features:
In LG G3 you can find many features under connect GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA and HSUPA Speed, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB; you can get this slim and stylish LG G3 stylus in three different colors such as the Black, White and Gold.

These are the important features and specifications of the upcoming LG G3 stylus budget based smart mobile, so wait for some days to know more about the performance of it.


Nokia Lumia 530 VS Motorola Moto E

Customers, we can’t easily make them satisfy, because each customer need is unique but all will come to the common platform when consider the budget or money. Smart mobile available from different range for budget considering customers Motorola Moto E and Nokia Lumia 530 is best. Now our review will help you to grab a better one among the couple of mobiles.

Design and build:

In terms of design Nokia Lumia 530 is slightly lighter than the Motorola, because its weight is 129g than the 142g. Nokia is also a little bit thinner with 11.7mm against the Moto E with 12.3mm. The Moto E is wider and taller with the dimension of 64.8×124.8mm but the Lumia 530’s dimension 62.3×119.7mm.Nokia_Lumia_635_rear


Under the display category the Motorola Moto E has 4.3inches with the resolution of 540×960 pixels and the panel has anti-smudge and splash proof coating and the screen protected by the tough protective Gorilla Glass. The Nokia Lumia 530 has 4inches of display with the resolution of 480×854.Nokia-Lumia-630-vs-Motorola-Moto-G-001

Processor, graphics and performance:

Nokia Lumia 530 runs under the Windows Operating system and the Motorola Moto E powered by the Android based operating system. Both have 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chip, but the Motorola processor is dual-core and the Nokia is quad-core. Both runs with the Adreno 302 graphics but memory of the Moto E are twice than the Lumia 530’s 512MB RAM allocation.

Storage, Camera and Connectivity:

The Nokia Lumia 530 offers 128GB by additional MicroSD but the Moto E offers only 32GB but it comes with 15GB of free cloud storage via One Drive. Since both phones are supplied with just 4GB of internal storage. Both offers 5Mp of rear camera but the Lumia 530 supports slightly higher-resolution video than does the Moto E. Both offer 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4 and GPS and more connectivity features.

A major difference between the two mobiles is the apps, while Windows Phone is gradually getting more and more apps and Android lags. So Procure a smart mobile as per your need.