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Importance of Domain Name For Business

One of the smallest investments businesses can make has one of the greatest returns. That investment is a domain name, and it is worth every penny. The primary reason to buy domain names is that it “evens the playing field” in the worldwide marketplace. The cost is minimal, about $10 a year. So, what do companies get for that?

Importance of Domain Name For BusinessFirst, understanding what a domain name is might help. The name represents the numerical code for the IP address. Domain names are organized with the most important information on the right. For instance, “.com” signifies a commercial site, “.edu,” is a university or school and “.org,” an organization or agency. The component just to the left of that lets the searcher know that the site is a subdivision of one of those designations. Other information can be added to the left of that component to mean that it is a subdivision of the previous information. That means for each page of a company website, a designation is added to take searchers to the exact website page they seek. Then, they may tailor their searches for “gallery”. good company.com. A company domain name can help consumers find out exactly what they want to know about the business. Domain names are so vital to E-commerce that they are sold like commodities.

One of the biggest concepts in marketing is branding. Businesses like Kleenex and Levi Jeans have built their credibility around their brand and the consumer trusts them to provide quality products. They can even introduce new products under the initial brand and they arrive already infused with that perceived trust.

If company domains contain key words, search engines like Google and Bing can land on the domain when those words are searched. Even if the customers forget the actual name, they can search by the key words. That can reinforce the brand if their searches bring them to the domain instead of to a competitor.

Once businesses have domain names, it gives them the opportunity to use it to diversify. Anything they sell, or promote, under their domain name will have the same credibility as the initial product offering. That is why it is important to own all possible corruptions of the domain name so that competitors can’t use a close facsimile and trade on that trust.

A Domain name puts small business on the same footing as a large corporation in the global market. With a virtual showroom and a searchable name, customers don’t know if the company whose site they are visiting is an international corporation or a “mom-and-pop” shop. They have the same access to world-wide consumers.

Customers will likely forget a website URL, and they certainly won’t remember the IP address. They will recall a name and can search for the company that way. Plus, if the website is moved to another server, the IP will change, but the domain name can stay the same.

Getting a domain name is a wise business investment. Of course, that investment is more valuable if the domain is well thought-out and branded.

Online Shopping with Coupons from Flipkart and Snapdeal


Saving money is one of the common human activities for having a better future and prosperity as well. Shopping is needed in our day to day life and in order to meet the most significant aspect of saving not only the common folks but different companies are even giving their efforts to assist the buyers and for themselves also. Shopping has turned into a passion for recent generation through PC. In the internet, a lot of companies who are offering the coupons along with discount rates are really helping in rising the saving of consumer. In the conventional type system of shopping, this saving is also achievable but the proportion of saving is large with coupon shopping. Major benefit in coupon shopping is that the product reaches in the hand of customer directly making a hop on several types of taxes. Flipkart.com is such a company of India that provides e-commerce facility to lots of people. Flipkart coupons have the capacity to buy a commodity on the genuine ground with an excellent discount. Therefore, the company and the client both get advantage.

Various facilities from coupons of Flipkart


Another benefit of using the coupons of Flipkart is that the widest variety of branded items is accessible with the business and all versions online or offline are offered. If any individual shops through these coupons, he or she can obtain the advertised price cut from the definite stores. If the stock exhausted and these coupons issued, the recovery of the same is also obtainable in a quick way. In this situation, the coupon surrender is presented at the particular departmental store of the company for fast redemption. In giving up the voucher, no price or any administrative charge is deduced and the whole sum credited back to the major bank account of buyer.

Benefits from the site of Snapdeal


Snapdeal is one such similar site that offers the greatest in deals and price concession for all shopping lovers. The site offers regular deals, which are certainly about 90 percent off the real price. In current times, nearly most of the retail websites present discount coupons to aid shoppers in reduction of their shopping bills.

But to gain the Snapdeal coupons, one will have to subscribe either by means of the mobile number or by email ID. He will get messages about every day deals and even about the newest deals as well as discount that the site is proposing. If you discover any appealing transaction that you desire to grab right away, just click the button of buy now and then choose the type of deal. After you accept your daily vouchers on the mail id, show these at the seller’s place and gather your deal. The process is quite easy and it is in fact easy to utilize these coupons.

The most important fact to keep in mind is, while visiting a website you must understand the terms and condition of the definite website. This will facilitate you to make out some unknown facts, which you must know as online customer.

About CashKaro.com

Incepted in 2013 CashKaro.com is India’s No.1 Cashback & Coupons site. With over 500 partner e-commerce sites such as Amazon.in, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong; it allows customers to save money when buying items across these sites. CashKaro gives its members extra Cashback when they visit any partner site via CashKaro and then shop. This is paid over & above free Coupons which are also featured on CashKaro.com and on top of existing discounts being offered by retailers. The Cashback amount is collected in one’s CashKaro account and when confirmed, it is transferred to his/her bank account.

Global Rise in Online Sales

Just a few years ago shopping online was very much a niche activity. In 2014 however, it has become a common activity around the globe and increasing numbers of businesses are taking full advantage of this trend.

One of the biggest Asian e-commerce markets is China, where more than 340 million consumers regularly shop online and spent an estimated $265 billion in 2013.

Alibaba; the Chinese internet extraordinaire is one of the most prominent e-commerce players in the market today. They are one of the companies that have made huge profit, year on year due to their e-commerce sales.

The Chinese e-commerce giant changed the way online shopping was perceived by bringing together both buyers and sellers on one interface to exchange goods.

It’s been predicted that China’s e-commerce total will overtake the US by 2015 or even sooner. An infographic by Buddy Loans clearly demonstrates the huge volumes of traffic and transactions currently going through Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce company, in real-time. It is clear that within one second the business makes $9,360 and in five minutes can make nearly three billion dollars.

alibaba real time

Alibaba are looking forward to offering promotions for the 11th of November; last year they made $1.6 billion in just one day due to their promotions and offers. This year they are hoping to increase this and top rival Amazon.

The entire world is watching the Chinese e-commerce business to measure their success in the next quarter to predict the Chinese market as a whole.

Alibaba currently accounts for 80% of China’s online sales and as the numbers continue to increase, Buddy Loans’ real-time infographic could become a vital resource. The numbers are constantly updated to represent the current state of affairs with active users, active buyers, active sellers, mobile users, items sold and dollars made all recorded for viewers to see. You can even track the number of orders placed and the mobile merch volume in $.

UK and e-commerce

The UK is another important market for online retailers. The smaller population may make it a smaller market overall in comparison to both China and the US, but in 2013 Britons spent more online per person than consumers from other countries.

Nearly three-quarters of British consumers (73%) buy goods for delivery via the internet at least once a month, while nearly one in four (24%) do so every week.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), clothes were the most popular items bought on the internet this year, with 64% of 25 to 34 year olds having bought clothes online.

Price and ease of shopping appear to be the reasons behind the rise in global e-commerce.

India and China’s support making APAC the largest e-commerce market

With the increase in demand for online shopping by users, India and China have now come together to make APAC one of the largest e-commerce market for the benefit of their users with a focus to reach sales of $1.5 trillion by the end of this year. This decision has been taken keeping in mind the rising online as well as mobile user base, which can help business to consumer e-commerce sales, to rise by 20.1% to around $1.5 trillion from $1.24 trillion in the year 2013.

india and china

For the first time, consumers in Asia Pacific can now spend more on e-commerce purchases than their North American users. It is reported that by 2016, China will overtake US in spending, bringing about massive gains to China as well as India, Indonesia, pushing the Asia Pacific growth at new levels with Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Russia and Canada who will also generate e-commerce sales growth, across the globe. Growth will emerge with the rapid increase from online and mobile users in emerging markets, with increase in m-commerce sales together with advanced shipping and payment options accompanied with upgraded international market on major brands.

india and chine join hands in e-commerce - webbozz

It is expected that this year alone, the business to consumer sales have a possibility of reaching $525.2 billion when compared to $482.6 billion in North America. It is also reported that the outcome of sales in emerging markets is mainly due to increase in online users who come over to engage in online shopping for the first time and Asia Pacific will lay claim on more than 46% of digital buyers across the globe by 2014 and users can account for 16.9% of the population of the region. Though penetration will be low in eastern and central Europe, Middle East Africa and Latin America, as of now, North America and Western Europe are the only regions with a majority of inhabitants who will make purchases through digital channels.

It is also reported that the growth in China will be the world’s most popular country by 2014, taking in over 6 of every $10 spent on e-commerce in Asia Pacific and around three quarters of regional spending by the year 2017.