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Compact Tylt Energi 5K+ Review

IP5ENERGI52BL-T_4Present decade people dwelling in a busy lifestyle with multiple portable electronic devices, so people always have to carry portable chargers and other charging accessories during their crucial travel, to work without any interruption with their smart phones, tablets, laptops and more. In order to keep doing their work keep Tylt has released the stylish compact Energi 5K+.

You can also try out the new Stylish Portable Charger with 18000mAh from EC technology with 12mm ultra-slim matte-aluminum chassis.
The Energi 5K+ is look well pretty with a choice of red, blue or grey surface and the rest of the casing has a semi-gloss finish, which weighs just 160g and it is not too heavy when compared to some of smart mobiles which weighs with 192g and more. It measures only 70x142mm dimensions so it is light enough to fit in to pocket without any annoying or dragging down your trousers, because it looks same size as a 5inches smart mobile.Energi-5K+-8

When we inspect the technical part of the Energi 5K+, which is very sleek and it comes with captive microUSB and Lightning charger cables that neatly fit into the body with the help of clip. There’s also a full-size USB output for charging a third device, a microUSB input for recharging the Tylt battery itself and a power button and LED indicator to indicate charge level.

Most important reason to procure this compact Tylt Energi 5K+ is capacity, which has 5200mAh rating may be bigger than the average smartphone, but it is worthless compared with EC Technology 18000mAh battery pack because which offers trip power when compared to the Energi 5K+. While testing Tylt Energi 5K+ can able to charge a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 two and a half times from empty and also it allows you to charge three devices at once, including a tablet.

You can get this compact Energi 5K+ at £65, which is somewhat better but analyze in a good way and then procure your best.


Stylish Portable Charger with 18000mAh

Portable chargers are the boon for the travelers, long travelers and also for those who moving towards far regions, after the great invention of portable chargers usage of smart phone, tablet and other USB-connected devices is easy during travel. Recently all people using their mobile as a secret spot and also dump their devices with large personal information, so single charge is not enough to use the devices for long time as well as we can’t carry a charger everywhere for this purpose portable chargers invented, now stylish 18000mAh External Battery Pack from EC Technology with 12mm ultra-slim matte-aluminum chassis was launched.20140812103431212171

You can carry this stylish slim charger easily everywhere and wherever you want because it has only 540g and you can throw this portable charger in your pocket also. You can get this stylish portable charger in different colors such as the pink, silver and green. Right side of this charger you can find the ports and you can also find the 4 LED lights to explain the status. Previous chargers having the problem in denoting the remaining power in the charger but in 1800mAh External Battery Pack each light indicates the 4500mAh battery capacity. If suppose your charger having only 12600 mAh capacity, you can charger your iPhone 5S 8 times. If you want more capacity portable charger you can also buy the EC Technology’s 22400mAh Power Bank.maxresdefault (2)

In this charger you can find couple of outputs with 1A and 2.1A, if you are going to charge your tablet you must prefer the 2.1A port and for smart phones 1A is enough. This EC Technology offers two USB cables in the box and their heads are interchangeable for Micro- and Mini-USB. So you can use this single portable charger for all, so buy your own power bank.2B1F2C55-B3B2-4B77-B02B-ECACC3752259