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Are Video Game Consoles the Next Big Target for Hackers?

Are Video Game Consoles the Next Big Target for HackersAccording to data published by Facebook, some 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked a day. Social Media websites are a major target for hackers; but they’re joined by smartphones on the big-ticket-target list. But are the next-gen video game consoles next on the hacker hit list?


Over Christmas season in 2014, when many of the next-gen consoles were made available and brought home to the biggest swath of buyers since their release, a group of dedicated hackers worked to bring down the systems of both the Xbox and Playstation Live networks. They did so with a wide assault of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, or DDoS attacks. That could be bad enough on its own; but an entirely different hacking group repeated the attack the following Christmas.

Neither organization could prevent the hacks; and though there’s been great pressure for them to beef up their security systems, and despite updates, the systems continue to have specific vulnerabilities. And both systems collect sensitive user information: email usernames and passwords, credit card and billing information, and even logins for third-party services like cable television networks, Netflix, and others. Most game consoles also contain date of birth details, making them a massive potential payday for successful hackers: it’s relatively rare for email accounts, websites, or social media websites to offer all of these at once.

Many consoles are also linked to nearby computers and smart devices, so it could be relatively easy for potential console hackers, once they have command over a user’s gaming console, to gain entry to other smart devices in the home. The fact that a wide variety of socioeconomic, racial, and political groups are represented in the gamer category, coupled with the fact that the market share of gamers is growing, and that the largest demographic is represented by individuals with available discretionary income is likely to make the gamer category even more attractive to target to potential hackers.

All this might leave game console owners wondering just how to protect themselves and their personal information. After all, it’s not like there’s readily available spyware or virus protection available for most gaming consoles. How can users keep hackers from gaining access to their personal information?

The first step is usually to protect the entire network on which all a home’s smart-machines connect to. Good security should start at the router level, providing substantial firewalls to stop specific threats. It’s usually pretty easy to do; just log into your router’s administrative settings by opening a browser window and heading to the router’s internal IP address.

Your router manual should tell you precisely what that address is. Once there, you should easily be able to enable your router’s built-in firewall– something which the vast majority of end users never even get around to!

You can also heighten your console’s security in the native system settings and employing additional login securities requiring the controller-input of a code before logging in. As with two-factor authentication systems on traditional websites and apps, this might be a good way to stop remote hackers in their tracks.

If you can, avoid having your payment information saved on your Xbox One, and for an additional layer of security, you can consider modifying it’s record of your date of birth; even just having it one or two days off can give you another layer of protection, in the event that your user data is compromised. Xbox and Playstation both also aggressively release security patches remotely to their machines, which in some cases can be delayed. Whenever prompted, always opt to update your machines, rather than putting off the sometimes-lengthy process. You never know when doing so might quietly save you from a hacking attempt.

Caring about your Child’s Online Privacy is Essential

Child’s Online Privacy is EssentialKids can’t be prohibited from using internet due to the fears and online issues caused with the same. There are things which parents can do to keep their children safe online and it can actually help them in the long run. There are so many things to keep in mind for parents to check the status of their children and help them to remain safe and secured online.

mSpy is the leading software used by parents to secure their children from online fears. These things include: Cyber bullying, Online Dating, Online predators, Pornography, Personal Information, Checking Places, IM conversations, Facebook Messages and many other things.

  • Cyber Bullying: Parents really need to pay attention to this most as many children are bullied by other kids and get certain kinds of psychological and physical issues in this aspect. Social media brings the bullying people more close to children and it becomes tough for them to actually communicate for the same.
  • Online Dating: Children are more prone to get involved in online dating and parents need to give them enough advice for the same. Online predators are always looking for young people to get their advantage. You can know about all your children do behind your back with mobile spying software.
  • Pornography: Adolescents are always looking for pornographic material due to their urge to know more about it. You can know about the track of your children by installing spying software on their mobile.
  • Personal Information: You can tell your children not to share personal information with strangers as it can create problem in their lives. Spy software installed on their mobile phone can make you know about their new friends, social contacts and all their activities.
  • IM Conversations: You must know about IM conversations made by your children with their associates. It will be helpful to know about the contacts, associates and new relations of your children with outside world.
  • Facebook links: Facebook is the widely used social media platform and used by teenagers to interact with new people and existing friends. You can take all the status messages, new friends, acquaintances and other associative activities with mSpy installed on their mobile device.

mSpy is the best software designed for spying on their Iphone or Android mobile device. You can get their call logs, IM conversations, social media associations and everything you aspire to know about them. It would be great for them to get ahead with spying and find the appropriate ways dealing with them.

Tips for Facebook Users

Facebook_to_let645Facebook is a massive social network media, let you know more about the happenings around the world instantly wherever you may. More than a million of users already gathered here and sharing their daily activities, global activities to others. Here some of topics which people must know those who are having Facebook account.

How to view the most recent stories on Facebook?

Watching recent happening is the most important one in Facebook, now it is possible to view Most Recent rather than Top Stories in your Facebook News Feed; here’s how.

For Desktop users:

Look to the top left of the screen, below your profile picture you’ll see a link for News Feed. Click the downward-pointing arrow to the right of News Feed, then choose Most Recent.c4e964b3

For Mobile site:

Find the sort option at the top right of the News Feed, just tap the Sort button and then choose most recent.

For Android app:

Go to the settings tab which is the icon with the three horizontal lines on the far right of the screen and scroll down to Feeds and you’ll see a Most Recent feed. Tap this to view the Most Recent stories.

For iOS app:

Everything is same as Android but the iPhone and iPad app as the Settings option at the bottom right of the screen and labelled More. Tap this and, as before, scroll down to Feeds and choose Most Recent.

How to remove a message or attachment from a Facebook chat without deleting the entire conversation?

If you’ve sent a message with or without attachment to the wrong person,now you can remove the particular message without deleting your entire conversation. For this click the gear wheel towards the top right of the pop-up and then select the option See Full Conversation and then select the action button at the top right and the select ‘Delete Messages. Now you could watch check box next to each message in the conversation and click the box next to any messages you wish to delete and press the Delete button at the bottom of the page. Then the pop up message will display a text to sure, click sure to remove the messages wrongly sent to others.

How to remove Bitstrips from Facebook?

The first thing you are going to need to do is actually find one of the Bitstrips comic and then click on the down arrow located in the top right of the post. Under Bitstrips click Hide all option and they will be removed from your Facebook new feed.hide-bitstrips

These are the some of the must know tips for every Facebook users.


How to delete unwanted comments from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others

social_mediaCommunication between the people on the Social media app is emerging trend. Aplenty of Social apps already reached the market and downloaded as millions of people includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and more. Using these Social apps people like to communicate each other instantly, sharing thoughts, links, photos and more. The communication even across time zones and continents too. But all the interaction over the internet could not be positive and sometimes people can leave comments on your posts that you’d expect.

Happily, the Social media developers have made it easy to delete any negative comments you might receive. Here a steps that clearly explain how to delete comments on Social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.(see also Step by step procedure to use Facebook’s Privacy Check-Up tool)

How to delete comments on Facebook?

To delete comments on the web version of Facebook, you just move mouse over the comment you’d like to remove, and click the ‘x’ that appears on the right-hand side and your unwanted comments will be delete within a seconds.

In the iOS app, simply tap the comment that you want to delete and click delete and for Android it might vary, you just swap the tap for a long press.5650163188_ed187206f8_z

How to delete comments on Instagram?

To delete a comment from the iOS version of Instagram, you just tap on the comment that you need to delete and swipe it to the left then tap the bin icon, and select Delete.

For Android users simply need to tap the speech bubble icon below the comments and tap on the comment in question to bring up the option to delete.(See also How to get more followers on Instagram)How-To-Delete-Instagram-Comments1

How to delete comments on Twitter?

Unlike Facebook, Twitter works slightly in a different way. You cannot comment directly on your posts but instead you can reply via their own, separate post. So you can delete other users reply easily as many other social networks. You must use the block or mute features to halt the offending user’s negative comments. If you are getting too much comments, in that cases, you report them for spam or abusive language.

For mobile versions app it could be differ. You can delete the negative comments in iOS by long-pressing on the tweet in question to bring up the menu with these options.(see also How to Block or Mute someone on Twitter)9d924f2fe1b56aed_howtodeleteinstagrampicks.xxxlarge

In the Android app, click on the tweet in question, then click the options button in the top-right hand corner to open the menu.

How to delete comments on YouTube?

Usually, in YouTube also people getting much navigate comments. To delete the comment from a video, click the drop-down options arrow in the top-right hand corner of the comment, and then click remove.

How to delete comments on Google+?

To delete comments from a Google+ stream, simply find the comment, click the ‘x’ in the top-right corner and then click delete to confirm.

Now you can enjoy the world on Social media apps without any negative comments…..


Step by Step Procedure to use Facebook’s new privacy check-up tool

privacycheckupstep2Facebook is a greatest Social Media. Still it serves as a best Social Platform where people can stay in touch with other easily. Although much Social Media Apps available in the market such as Instagram, You tube, Snap chat, Tumblr, Secret, Vine and more, but Facebook is best, yet. People love to share their photos, videos over this great tool but sometimes you don’t want everyone on the Internet to see what you post there.

For this, Facebook recently released a powerful tool Privacy Check-up. Privacy Check-up is a tool provide a easy way to ensure that no one seeing your post unless you want them. Hide your embarrassing selfies from your grandparents, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make Facebook private, as well as how to unfriend people.

Step 1:

Enter in to your Facebook account and find a small padlock type icon to the right of your notifications. Click on this icon, which lead you to a set of privacy shortcuts. These privacy shortcuts allow you to decide who can see what you post.xz7tubf3iuzeeciiajfo

Clicking on the first option will open the privacy wizard, which will take you through the various ways to modify which parts of your profile are visible to the public.

Step 2:

In that first option is to manage who sees your status updates, photos and location check-ins that you post. You can find ‘friends’ or ‘public’ option and clicking on it will open a drop-down menu where you can select the desired setting.

You can also click on ‘more options’ if you want to further narrow down the audience for your posts to those in a specific group or location, or specify any people it shouldn’t be visible to.

Step 3:

Clicking on ‘next step’, you will move on to modifying the settings for any apps associated with your Facebook. In that you can find a menu to modify who can see your status, photos in each app. To delete the unused apps from your Facebook by clicking on the cross.

Step 4:

Last stage is about section, where you can find details where you’ve worked, lived or been to school. Next to each setting, find a drop-down menu like the ones above, and you can change the settings for each listing to suit your personal wishes.

Click the finish button to close the wizard.

Step 5:

If there’s anyone you specifically want to prevent from contacting you or seeing your information, you can unfriend them by clicking on the same icon used to open the privacy settings.

Follow these steps!

Facebook has bought popular messaging app WhatsApp for $19bn

facebook-and-whats-app-join-hands1Facebook has bought popular messaging app WhatsApp for $19bn, what is the key reason behind this biggest acquisition, why did Facebook buy messaging app’s giant WhatsApp?

Facebook’s official added news about this acquisition, that’s the shared mission of Facebook and WhatsApp’s bring more connectivity and utility to the world wide users by delivering efficient and affordable internet services, which will escalates growth of both companies.

For this Facebook paid $16bn for WhatsApp, which consists of $4bn in cash and $12bn in shares. There’s also a further $3bn will be granted to WhatsApp’s founders and employees.

So far What’sApp gained 450 million users across the world with 70 percent of them active on any one day and the service has more than one million users being added every day, both having a common goal that’s to connect people.

Now WhatsApp is on a path to connect 1 billion people, this will be an awesome platform to reach more said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO.

Numerous recent report say that the Facebook suggesting by younger users as uncool platform, Those because of more parents joining, WhatApp provide more privacy for these users from the older generation and also allows more direct way of communicating with friends.

What about the WhatsApp and Facebook users? You might imagine that Facebook will merge to WhatsApp with its own messaging service, but t is not possible in this case, WhatsApp and Facebook’s existing Messenger app will continue to operate as standalone applications.
So the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp will work separately but both escalate the growth of Facebook and let it go forwards.

Though Facebook never bought its messaging app, WhatsApp users won’t get any interruption in their messaging and they can enjoy the services continuously.

Whatever happens we can enjoy both the platforms continuously.

Fastest growing app- Tumblr

Tumblr-for-Android-update-Allison-BrieFacebook reached the peak already, but only the less number of new users sign up with it. In this large social platform the Tumblr steeped to a peak. Though Facebook continues to stay peak over the world’s largest social market, when it comes to the new users aspects the Tumblr over comes all Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and even Google+, from last six months. This makes the Tumblr team to be happy for a while. Even the Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and even Google+ also preeminent than the Facebook.

This survey makes the Facebook team somewhat disappoint but when comes to the social and messaging app Snapchat leads than the Facebook Messenger. At earlier to this year instagram over came first among all, but now the Snapchat beats all. This growing in Social platform, How force the Facebook to include anything new.

But the Facebook officially never bother about these changes in Social platform, because it always stay front in users, Nothing can drop the size and strength of the world’s largest social network( Facebook) whatever happens. Officially also included that there are now 3 billion people using this worldwide and 1.36 billion active users, So Facebook having over one-third of the world’s population is now.

Whatever it may be the report which covers the frequency of visit top social platform, Facebook hits the first and than twitter and YouTube at third place. This survey boost the Facebook Team more and it shows, whatever social apps reach the market never hit the peak what Facebook got.

So enjoy this world’s largest social platform as one of the user.


Get More Retweets and Shares from Your Social Media Content

1280px-Social-media-for-public-relations1Social Media advertising is a real unbeatable factor, behind the success of each product, if you want to reach your target audience; obviously you need to use social media, because social media is an awesome and less cost platform, to know what is going on in the world. For this shares and Re-tweets are the excellent way to push your message to the end user.

The most important step to create social media content with Google Alerts with the help of Google Alerts, you can subscribe to company blogs that are relevant to your industry, thus ensuring that you are always current, but keep it in a mind your material tempt the readers to hit the re-tweet or share button.

Remember, you must give valuable information to your readers, don’t make your readers why I have to read this? Or don’t allow then to move towards, some other content because of inadequate of information in your content.

Think from end user’s perception and also remember that your readers’ time is valuable, so make sure that they are glad they took time out of their busy schedules to read what you had to say. Think well how to make your content great; what are all the elements must add to the content, then only it is easy to promote in front of user. Always prefer images or videos which easily grab the user’s attention or which increase the likelihood of being shared.2x8hc9y3-1386559816

Monitor various social media channels and the type of content, which is mostly shared or re-tweets, check out some social media reports, usually twitter user like to share photos rather than videos, that images especially belonged to humorous and the shared articles were started as How to than any other type of article.

If you like to get more shares on Facebook, share content along with photos, if you share your content along with a photos, that’s a right way to gain more attention, to achieve this use high quality images, unique content and the most important one is include relevant links with all images.handcursor_cs6

Finally hit the target shares on any social media platform if you do practice it frequently.


Photo Editor and Mobile Messenger-Camu

the-iphone-camera-app-is-about-to-get-a-lot-betterAre you an iPhone user? Do you looking for the best camera app? If your wish is so, this review is especially for you, because early apps only allow you to edit and then you can share it with the help of the other app now an awesome app will allow you more in one app under the name of Camu app. The Camu app is a new mobile application launched and especially designed for this, which offers you to edit and share the photos easily without switching between other applications.

The CEO of the company explains, more camera apps reached the market and offers more complicated way of using the camera app, our aim to offer a best camera experience by simple settings and all uses in a single app such as the capturing, editing and sending photos and videos.

What unique in it compared to the Apple’s native iPhone Camera app?

Apple’s native iPhone Camera app allows you to change camera modes, add filters, and then enter into your Gallery with a single tap and then you can do variety of edits and then you can share the photo via iMessage, email, iCloud, AirDrop, Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

The Camu app will also do the same functions but it includes some features like super focus mode, adding depth-of-field to images, a different filters, add text to photos, turn photos into collages in real time and a selfie mode will automatically shoots a photo under the no movement on the frame.

After editing your photos or videos, you can share your media privately to your friends and you can also chat privately with them on Camu or you can also post your media publicly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The new Camera app Camu will allow you to do photo editing and message in a single platform.


Best Way to Share Your Snapshots over the Social Media- Phantom

Now a mobile application will allow you to share your snapshots in secured way over the social media such as the Facebook or Twitter, the name of this app is Phantom. Let’s read this review to know more about the working of this app.

It allows you to take stills, record a video or you can also select your favorite image from your mobile gallery then add your comments and edit using drawing tools similar as snap chat, but the Phantom allows you to do some configuration such as how long the content will live, period, as well as how many viewers it can have.snapchat

But the snapchat just offer time to control the viewers of this image. You can also limit the number of users and the snapchat also does the same but the difference is you can share your image over many public networks such as the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Word Press and Blogger and you can also find many public networks under the more option such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Whatsapp, LINE, Telegram, Movable Type, iMessage/SMS or email.snaphack

So you can share everywhere and anywhere. Phantom also takes the ban board against taking screenshots of other users’ images, if anyone does it, they will be automatically banned from Phantom, and will be reported to the user whose privacy was violated.

So the Phantom is available for both iphone and Android platforms and gets this application or downloads this app from the iTunes and Google Play. This wonderful app will allow you share more snapshots videos over the Social media in the most secure way, of course more apps do the same but the Phantom will differentiate in working and gives more sophistication to all without violating the others privacy.

So download it freely and share all your snaps over the social media under the secure roof.