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How to delete unwanted comments from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others

social_mediaCommunication between the people on the Social media app is emerging trend. Aplenty of Social apps already reached the market and downloaded as millions of people includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and more. Using these Social apps people like to communicate each other instantly, sharing thoughts, links, photos and more. The communication even across time zones and continents too. But all the interaction over the internet could not be positive and sometimes people can leave comments on your posts that you’d expect.

Happily, the Social media developers have made it easy to delete any negative comments you might receive. Here a steps that clearly explain how to delete comments on Social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.(see also Step by step procedure to use Facebook’s Privacy Check-Up tool)

How to delete comments on Facebook?

To delete comments on the web version of Facebook, you just move mouse over the comment you’d like to remove, and click the ‘x’ that appears on the right-hand side and your unwanted comments will be delete within a seconds.

In the iOS app, simply tap the comment that you want to delete and click delete and for Android it might vary, you just swap the tap for a long press.5650163188_ed187206f8_z

How to delete comments on Instagram?

To delete a comment from the iOS version of Instagram, you just tap on the comment that you need to delete and swipe it to the left then tap the bin icon, and select Delete.

For Android users simply need to tap the speech bubble icon below the comments and tap on the comment in question to bring up the option to delete.(See also How to get more followers on Instagram)How-To-Delete-Instagram-Comments1

How to delete comments on Twitter?

Unlike Facebook, Twitter works slightly in a different way. You cannot comment directly on your posts but instead you can reply via their own, separate post. So you can delete other users reply easily as many other social networks. You must use the block or mute features to halt the offending user’s negative comments. If you are getting too much comments, in that cases, you report them for spam or abusive language.

For mobile versions app it could be differ. You can delete the negative comments in iOS by long-pressing on the tweet in question to bring up the menu with these options.(see also How to Block or Mute someone on Twitter)9d924f2fe1b56aed_howtodeleteinstagrampicks.xxxlarge

In the Android app, click on the tweet in question, then click the options button in the top-right hand corner to open the menu.

How to delete comments on YouTube?

Usually, in YouTube also people getting much navigate comments. To delete the comment from a video, click the drop-down options arrow in the top-right hand corner of the comment, and then click remove.

How to delete comments on Google+?

To delete comments from a Google+ stream, simply find the comment, click the ‘x’ in the top-right corner and then click delete to confirm.

Now you can enjoy the world on Social media apps without any negative comments…..


Fastest growing app- Tumblr

Tumblr-for-Android-update-Allison-BrieFacebook reached the peak already, but only the less number of new users sign up with it. In this large social platform the Tumblr steeped to a peak. Though Facebook continues to stay peak over the world’s largest social market, when it comes to the new users aspects the Tumblr over comes all Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and even Google+, from last six months. This makes the Tumblr team to be happy for a while. Even the Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and even Google+ also preeminent than the Facebook.

This survey makes the Facebook team somewhat disappoint but when comes to the social and messaging app Snapchat leads than the Facebook Messenger. At earlier to this year instagram over came first among all, but now the Snapchat beats all. This growing in Social platform, How force the Facebook to include anything new.

But the Facebook officially never bother about these changes in Social platform, because it always stay front in users, Nothing can drop the size and strength of the world’s largest social network( Facebook) whatever happens. Officially also included that there are now 3 billion people using this worldwide and 1.36 billion active users, So Facebook having over one-third of the world’s population is now.

Whatever it may be the report which covers the frequency of visit top social platform, Facebook hits the first and than twitter and YouTube at third place. This survey boost the Facebook Team more and it shows, whatever social apps reach the market never hit the peak what Facebook got.

So enjoy this world’s largest social platform as one of the user.


Check in Whether You’re Device Will Get Android Lollipop Update

google-android-5-0-lollipop-android-lIs your mobile will get the Android Lollipop Update? A great innovation leads a step ahead in Android World, in the name of Lollipop. Entire world is eagerly waiting to experience the real palatableness of Android Lollipop, which will introduce uniqueness in way of using it when compared to the successor of it. Though this happiness spreads everywhere some of them looking scary whether my devices will get this Update.
For this arterial question read further and get rid from it.
• Nexus 4
• Nexus 5
• Nexus 7 (2012)
• Nexus 7 (2013)
• Nexus 10
Google Play Edition:
• HTC One (M7)
• HTC One (M8)
• Samsung Galaxy S4
• Moto G
• Sony Z Ultra
• LG G Pad 8.3
Android One:
• Micromax Canvas A1
• Spice Dream UNO
• Karbonn Sparkle V
• Motorola
• Moto X
• Moto X 2nd Gen.
• Moto G
• Moto G 4G LTE
• Moto G 2nd Gen
• Moto E
• Droid Ultra
• Droid Maxx
• Droid Mini
• Xperia Z
• Xperia ZL
• Xperia ZR
• Xperia Z1
• Xperia Z1s
• Xperia Z Ultra
• Xperia Z1 Compact
• Xperia Z2
• Xperia Z2 Tablet
• Xperia Z3
• Xperia Z3 Compact
• Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
• One (M7)
• One (M8)
• One mini
• One mini 2
• SHIELD Tablet
• Xolo One
• OnePlus One
Samsung devices, we expect the Galaxy S5, S4, Note 3, Note 4, Tab S 8.4 and Tab S 10.5 to receive the update.

Is your mobile comes under anyone of this category? If yes, Obviously you will get the update of Android Lollipop soon and experience the best way of mobile using.

Best Way to Share Your Snapshots over the Social Media- Phantom

Now a mobile application will allow you to share your snapshots in secured way over the social media such as the Facebook or Twitter, the name of this app is Phantom. Let’s read this review to know more about the working of this app.

It allows you to take stills, record a video or you can also select your favorite image from your mobile gallery then add your comments and edit using drawing tools similar as snap chat, but the Phantom allows you to do some configuration such as how long the content will live, period, as well as how many viewers it can have.snapchat

But the snapchat just offer time to control the viewers of this image. You can also limit the number of users and the snapchat also does the same but the difference is you can share your image over many public networks such as the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Word Press and Blogger and you can also find many public networks under the more option such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Whatsapp, LINE, Telegram, Movable Type, iMessage/SMS or email.snaphack

So you can share everywhere and anywhere. Phantom also takes the ban board against taking screenshots of other users’ images, if anyone does it, they will be automatically banned from Phantom, and will be reported to the user whose privacy was violated.

So the Phantom is available for both iphone and Android platforms and gets this application or downloads this app from the iTunes and Google Play. This wonderful app will allow you share more snapshots videos over the Social media in the most secure way, of course more apps do the same but the Phantom will differentiate in working and gives more sophistication to all without violating the others privacy.

So download it freely and share all your snaps over the social media under the secure roof.


Great Mobile Platforms – Android Vs iOS

Android Vs iOS are both great mobile platforms used primarily in mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets. It has room for improvement as well as various ideas for what the users need. They both are backed by rich development and application ecosystems.



Features of Android

Android a Linux based and a partly open source that let you to do many things with your phone. Android is now the world’s most commonly used smartphone platform and is used by many different phone manufacturers. It is an open platform which provides a sandbox for developers to get extremely creative. Android runs on a variety of different phone makes and models, and each tweaked with its own features and User Interface enhancements. The basic features of Android are features are generally more customizable from top to bottom.

It was introduced as a collaborative effort from the OHA which is said to be Open Handset Alliance, a unit that comprises companies such as Google, HTC, Sony, Dell, Samsung, LG, T-Mobile, Motorola, and many of the other company. Android is less expensive when compare to iOS.

Android uses the Java for its primary development kit which reduces the obstacles for the developers who is experienced in Java. Android increments adding a fewer updates each time rather than including a major updates to change the whole system. It is features with Auto respond and has a touch screen and smartwatch interface. For more detail you can visit android.com.

apple iphone 2

Features of iOS

iOS is the world’s best advanced mobile operating system created by Apple Inc and let the revolutionary mobile apps. The “iOS” platform is a mobile-device-based software system that works like a computer system but it won’t work on a portable phones. It can operate only on Apple devices such as iPhone but now it is updated to operate on iPods and iPad as well. It run slowly and they don’t have the access to most of the hardware features such as GPS tracking and other stable features.

It is well known for its ease of use and elegant design. It has number of different features developed over its many versions. It is developed and introduced as innovative and even ground breaking advances.

iOS offer a exclusive services like FaceTime and iMessage. Apple adds features to iOS they call it a “software update” and usually include a version number. Major versions of iOS are released annually. Apple has released its latest version of iOS 7 that is comprised of Control Centre, AirDrop for iOS and smarter multitasking. It offers you an effective processor performance and also ensures that is more capable of functionalities. Overall, it is designed to be faster, smaller and since it is touch user friendly interface to interact well with an operating system.

However, there are a lot of things that must be considered when you decide to choose on which mobile operating system to choose. Collect more information about the operating system before choosing. Good Luck!

Microsoft and Google on the same side of the Fence for Dual OS Devices

Several gadget makers had plans of dual boot Android and Window devices in the past and only a few have hit the market. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal that both Google and Microsoft are heading to quash out such developments and they have reasons to stop dual boot devices from coming to the market since Microsoft who dominates the PC market with Windows and is not in favor of permitting Android to get a foothold while simultaneously Google dominating the Smartphone boundaries does not want to give any advantage to Microsoft. With Microsoft having control over OEMs with financial contribution through funding for marketing activities and Android an open source platform, Google controls the access to Google Maps, Play Store and other Google services. Google or Microsoft would not want dual the OS devices in their marketplace and neither of them would want to compromise on their existing market segment. asus-transformer-book-duet,U-T-417125-22 Users in for Extended Functionality With dual OS devices, users would have extended functionality and the most appropriate OS could be utilized for work as well as leisure available on the same device or even switch to another for specific software packages. For Microsoft that is PCs for business and for Google which is mobile, duel OS devices could give Microsoft and Google a foothold in the market in which they are relatively small players. With this move, the biggest loser would be chip maker Intel who has already made headway in investing heavily in the development of its x86 architecture which is the only chip capable to run Android with the latest version of Windows 8. Assistance Extended to Makers of PC and Tablet An understanding of the situation was envisaged when the company had announced its assistance to tablet and PC makers in distributing devices without OS pre-installed but allowed the desired OS to be loaded when the order was placed by the customer. To kill dual boot devices could make some sense since Windows and Android in spite of being loaded on the same device at no level can communicate with each other which mean that if one uses the same app on both operating systems, they are unable to communicate with each other, and store their date independently.