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Photo Editor and Mobile Messenger-Camu

the-iphone-camera-app-is-about-to-get-a-lot-betterAre you an iPhone user? Do you looking for the best camera app? If your wish is so, this review is especially for you, because early apps only allow you to edit and then you can share it with the help of the other app now an awesome app will allow you more in one app under the name of Camu app. The Camu app is a new mobile application launched and especially designed for this, which offers you to edit and share the photos easily without switching between other applications.

The CEO of the company explains, more camera apps reached the market and offers more complicated way of using the camera app, our aim to offer a best camera experience by simple settings and all uses in a single app such as the capturing, editing and sending photos and videos.

What unique in it compared to the Apple’s native iPhone Camera app?

Apple’s native iPhone Camera app allows you to change camera modes, add filters, and then enter into your Gallery with a single tap and then you can do variety of edits and then you can share the photo via iMessage, email, iCloud, AirDrop, Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

The Camu app will also do the same functions but it includes some features like super focus mode, adding depth-of-field to images, a different filters, add text to photos, turn photos into collages in real time and a selfie mode will automatically shoots a photo under the no movement on the frame.

After editing your photos or videos, you can share your media privately to your friends and you can also chat privately with them on Camu or you can also post your media publicly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The new Camera app Camu will allow you to do photo editing and message in a single platform.


iOS 8 vs iOS 7 Comparison Review

7094787383_a8ae170523_bThe next version of Apple’s operating system is the iOS 8 will reach the market by the way of the new smart mobile launch in the name of the iPhone. Let’s see how the iOS 8 differ from the predecessor iOS 7. iOS 8 looks largely the same as iOS 7, most of all the features of the 7 reflects in the 8 but with some changes and also introduced some new features. Among the all features the iCloud Drive is the most important feature. So our review will explain how the iOS 8 differ from 7 via iCloud Drive.iOS-8-screenshots---control-centre

Apple’s Major features is iCloud Drive, iOS 7 offers and allows all files were stored and synchronized using iCloud, there was no way to access those files directly, Now, you’ll have a Drop box on your Windows 7 or 8 or Mac running systems. Some apps will allow you to save files to

iCloud Drive, but there is no other app to retrieve or store files in iCloud as simple as Drop box and other cloud storage services.
Now you can store your photos and videos in iCloud Drive, but the iOS 7 won’t allow you to access it but there’s still only 5GB of storage only available. But you can get the additional storage by paying extra money but it is really worthy for money, which allows you to enter with the help of Apple ID, so you can access your photo and video from anywhere.iOS-8-vs-iOS-7-Battery (1)

These photos and videos will be stored as original formats with the full resolution and they’ll be accessible via the iCloud website also. Upcoming iOS 8 will allow you to access your iCloud library from everywhere and you can also add all your photos and videos.

Let’s wait for some more days to reveal the features of the iOS 8.


News about iOS 8

Apple announces that the new iOS 8 updates will shortly available on the company’s servers from September 10, so far many news swirls around the net, if you want to know the complete news about the iOS 8 you must read this review.


Compatibility, is the important than to know more about the features and specifications of the new iOS 8, because each user having the different gadget such as iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and more, so are early waiting to know about which will get the update of the iOS 8, now the officials released the list of devices such as the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, iPhone 5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 2, iPod touch 5th generation , iPad mini with retina display and iPad with retina display will get the iOS 8 update but the unlucky the iPhone 4 will not get this update.wwdc_2014_1375

Other important features:

• You can easily download the iOS 8 beta 5 with the cost of $99 a year, this small price to pay for app developers.
• Previous devices limited by the Apple’s fingerprint scanner type lock screen for all apps but iOS 8 changes all by impressive way you can use the fingerprint scanner type lock screen for all apps instead of the confusing and time consuming pass code.
• Apple iOS 8 beta added a new camera option such as the time-lapse camera mode in order to help users by increasing the higher frame rate of video and allows you to capture a nice snap with the extended moments.
• The iOS 8 will introduce the features such as the Group messages with voice and video, Handoff and Wi-Fi hotspot, Interactive notifications, Quick type keyboard, iCloud, Family Sharing, Send Last Location, and Home Kit and so on.

These are the most important news about the iOS 8.