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How to delete unwanted comments from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others

social_mediaCommunication between the people on the Social media app is emerging trend. Aplenty of Social apps already reached the market and downloaded as millions of people includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and more. Using these Social apps people like to communicate each other instantly, sharing thoughts, links, photos and more. The communication even across time zones and continents too. But all the interaction over the internet could not be positive and sometimes people can leave comments on your posts that you’d expect.

Happily, the Social media developers have made it easy to delete any negative comments you might receive. Here a steps that clearly explain how to delete comments on Social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.(see also Step by step procedure to use Facebook’s Privacy Check-Up tool)

How to delete comments on Facebook?

To delete comments on the web version of Facebook, you just move mouse over the comment you’d like to remove, and click the ‘x’ that appears on the right-hand side and your unwanted comments will be delete within a seconds.

In the iOS app, simply tap the comment that you want to delete and click delete and for Android it might vary, you just swap the tap for a long press.5650163188_ed187206f8_z

How to delete comments on Instagram?

To delete a comment from the iOS version of Instagram, you just tap on the comment that you need to delete and swipe it to the left then tap the bin icon, and select Delete.

For Android users simply need to tap the speech bubble icon below the comments and tap on the comment in question to bring up the option to delete.(See also How to get more followers on Instagram)How-To-Delete-Instagram-Comments1

How to delete comments on Twitter?

Unlike Facebook, Twitter works slightly in a different way. You cannot comment directly on your posts but instead you can reply via their own, separate post. So you can delete other users reply easily as many other social networks. You must use the block or mute features to halt the offending user’s negative comments. If you are getting too much comments, in that cases, you report them for spam or abusive language.

For mobile versions app it could be differ. You can delete the negative comments in iOS by long-pressing on the tweet in question to bring up the menu with these options.(see also How to Block or Mute someone on Twitter)9d924f2fe1b56aed_howtodeleteinstagrampicks.xxxlarge

In the Android app, click on the tweet in question, then click the options button in the top-right hand corner to open the menu.

How to delete comments on YouTube?

Usually, in YouTube also people getting much navigate comments. To delete the comment from a video, click the drop-down options arrow in the top-right hand corner of the comment, and then click remove.

How to delete comments on Google+?

To delete comments from a Google+ stream, simply find the comment, click the ‘x’ in the top-right corner and then click delete to confirm.

Now you can enjoy the world on Social media apps without any negative comments…..


Get more Followers on Instagram

instagram-followersInstagram is one of the most popular and fastest growing social networking app, especially for sharing photos, which has been owned by the giant famous social media app, Facebook. Now the Instagram is the choice of celebrities, brands and most of your friends are using it to share square photographs with fancy filters with their followers. Let’s see how to get more followers on Instagram. Also refer How to mute or block someone on Twitter.

If you are the beginner with Instagram, the first and foremost thing is, you must get more followers by let your friends to know that you’ve arrived on the social networking site. For that, you must open the Instagram and go to your profile, then tap the Options cog in the top right corner. There you will see the options menu that has the options like Find People to Follow option, click that option and the tap the Connect Facebook. This will look at all of your Facebook friends and find out whether they use Instagram.

Simply click the Follow All if you’re happy to do so, or choose which friends you want to follow individually. Back in the ‘Follow People’ menu, you’ll also find people that are suggested to you based on who you already follow. You can also search for people to follow by going to the ‘Explore’ tab. You’ll find that your followers grow quickly once you begin following others. You must add your biography in to your Instagram profile that must include the describe of yourself and your interests, and relevant hashtag and then press the Edit Profile button. The tap Bio and begin typing.

Now, you should connect your Instagram account to your other social media accounts to improve your followers level to more. Go to your profile, tap the Options cog and then scroll down to ‘Share Settings.’ Here, you can connect your Instagram account with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr accounts so that your Instagram photos will be shared across those social networks. Still you want to grab the attention of more followers you must think in different way.

Usually people are interesting in follow with other who are making more related things sharing. for example. Other car enthusiasts are likely to follow you if you don’t stray too far away from that cars theme with your photographs. If you are a travelers, people love to follow the snap of the place you’ve been most recently. If you want to more people to see your Instagram pics, you must consider the timing, usually people are more likely to watch photos in the morning while travelling to school/college/university, office at lunch time, and then in the evening.

Make sure you space out your posts. If you’re clogging up someone’s feed, they’re likely to get a bit angry and they might unfollow you.If you allow Instagram to see your location, you’ll be able to geotag your posts. You can turn on ‘Add to Photo Map,’ and also add your location by tapping ‘Name This Location,’ both of which will help others discover your posts.

Follow all these and sure we will be follow by more people as you expect.

Instagram dominating Twitter in user Chase with 300 million active users

Instagram-vs-TwitterInstagram is one of the fastest growing, photo and video sharing service. It keeps on growing with more active users than twitter now. Yes, it hits the important milestone, Twitter. Now the company owns more than 300 million active users and chased the twitter successfully. 300 million active users apart, everyday more than 70 million photos sharing takes place and an average of 2.5 million users likes it. Let’s we peep into the history of growing Instagram now.

Instagram is a four year old baby in the photo and video sharing social world and best smartphone app too. In march it crossed 200 millions of users and now it owns 300 million users but the twitter has 284 million active users only. This serves as a evidence that the Instagram has grown in huge way in the past few months.

The service, bought by Facebook in April 2012, also said in a blog that users would now see a “verified” badge for celebrities, athletes and brands as Instagram pushes to deactivate spam accounts. The company also said, Instagram will delete the spam accounts permanently, although it cause a drop in user counts.

Instagram recently launched a new app in the name of Hyperlapse app. The Hyperlapse app, specially launched for capturing time-lapse videos using iOS devices. Videos captured under Hyperlapse app can be saved on mobile devices and then shared on Instagram.

Now the Instagram launched five new filters to enhance the photo sharing more. So many reports pointed out that, twitter have fallen in users count, but we can’t predict that, this situation must continue, it may change or may not. At present Instagram is really awesome in photo and video sharing let’s enjoy this.

Instagram Launched five new Photo filters to enhance your Photo sharing

instagram-logoInstagram offered new update as a Christmas gift to its users. Its sounds awesome right. Instagram introduced five photo filters such as Crema, Slumber, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua to enhance your photo editing world. These filters will now appear first in the filter tray of the updated app. The filter tray of the updated app, works smart than ever. You can arrange your filters as your wish and hide the filters that you are not using it regularly.

This smarter filter tray, now display mini previews of filter that you would like to apply on your photo. This will really escalates a step in filter usage effectively. Then scroll to the end of the filter tray, where you can find a manage setting. This setting allow you to quickly personalize how and where your favorite filters appear in the Instagram App. Let’s see the five new filters helps to make the most of better image quality.

Five new filters are,

Slumber: Adds haze and desaturates the image for a retro dreamy look, with a particular emphasis on blacks and blues.

Crema: As the name suggests, adds a creamy look that both warms and cools the image.

Ludwig: A minimalist look with a hint of desaturation. It also enhances the light and works especially great with portraits, architecture, and geometric shapes.

Perpetua: This filter gives a blue/green natural look

Aden: Ideal for portraits, this filter gives a pastel look and feel to images.

Along with this new five filters update, Instagram announced three new features:

The ability to upload slow motion video, real-time commenting and adjust your photo’s perspective using the adjust tool.
Customize your tray of filters by just hit the manage button that is available at the end of your filter tray.
Now view the preview of the filter that you are going to apply on your photo. This will allow your photo editing works as simply as possible.

This updated app is now available for iOS and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play. Let’s begin to work with this best smartphone app for photo editing.


Fastest growing app- Tumblr

Tumblr-for-Android-update-Allison-BrieFacebook reached the peak already, but only the less number of new users sign up with it. In this large social platform the Tumblr steeped to a peak. Though Facebook continues to stay peak over the world’s largest social market, when it comes to the new users aspects the Tumblr over comes all Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and even Google+, from last six months. This makes the Tumblr team to be happy for a while. Even the Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and even Google+ also preeminent than the Facebook.

This survey makes the Facebook team somewhat disappoint but when comes to the social and messaging app Snapchat leads than the Facebook Messenger. At earlier to this year instagram over came first among all, but now the Snapchat beats all. This growing in Social platform, How force the Facebook to include anything new.

But the Facebook officially never bother about these changes in Social platform, because it always stay front in users, Nothing can drop the size and strength of the world’s largest social network( Facebook) whatever happens. Officially also included that there are now 3 billion people using this worldwide and 1.36 billion active users, So Facebook having over one-third of the world’s population is now.

Whatever it may be the report which covers the frequency of visit top social platform, Facebook hits the first and than twitter and YouTube at third place. This survey boost the Facebook Team more and it shows, whatever social apps reach the market never hit the peak what Facebook got.

So enjoy this world’s largest social platform as one of the user.


Top Two Instagram editing Apps

Instagram editing Apps is an awesome photo editing application that will let you to do some required adjustments to your photos before you start adding effects to enhance them. Here, our list of the top editing apps for you to download now.



Build something beautiful together with VSCOcam which is the simple photo editor that offers an incredible output. VSCOcam is featured with large numbers of filter packs which is very much helpful to add up the effects to your photos. With these filters you can take a little extra splash of beautiful light. You will get lots of facility options such as exposure, temperature, contrast, crop, fade, vignette, frame and much more. You can customize the image until it becomes a perfect picture as you expect. VSCOcam also boasts with VSCO Grid, a photo publishing platform where beautiful imagery abounds. Overall, VSCOcam is the subtle and precise editing app.


Whitagram offers the best way and the simplest way to use the original size photos with the background of white. Whitagram for Android is the easiest and quickest way to post entire photos on Instagram. Always keep in mind that the landscape and portrait photos can be uploaded to instagram. All you need to do is take a new photo or choose the photo from your existing files. Once you select the photo, save it in camera roll and send it to the instagram directly without any delay. Now you can able to access and reset the color palette, Auto fill hash tag and also with Location services. For a sub menu, all you have to do is edit the photo with Aviary photo editor or Camera and so on. Now, change the background color and brightness and add labels to the photo and change font, size, color and opacity of the photo.

Try out these Instagram editing Apps to design your perfect photo.