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Review Which Smart Mobile Will Be Update to the Next Level of Android

AH-Android-L-LogoRecent talk of the all people is obviously new Android L operating System and there features, specifications and more, apart from this, now all the people worrying about which mobiles will see the next version of the Android. This worry is due to the swirling news about the Android L over the internet such as the battery saver mode, easy user interface when compared to the Kitkat and more. So stop worrying, let’s read this review and know which mobile will see the next update of android.

• Google Nexus 5 will get the update of the Android L, but the sexiest and modern mobile Nexus 4 will not get any update on Android L.
• If you consider the Google tablets expect the Nexus 7 2013 and the LG G Pad Google Play edition to see an update and the 2012 tablets will not going to get any L update, it sounds sad for those users.
• Now HTC mobile all the mobile of HTC will get the Android update which is released after HTC One M7 and the mobiles released before HTC One M7 will not get Android L update.
• In LG, LG G3 will get the update but G2 and G Flex or the Optimus Pro 2 or lovely little G2 will never see the Android L update.
• In Motorola, Moto X, the Moto G and the Moto E will see Android L, remaining will never get the updates.
• Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3 will get the Android L update as fast as Samsung is able to update them and the Galaxy S4 will update Android L later.
• Android L updates for the Sony mobiles such as the Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2 and the upcoming Xperia Z3.XperiaZ2F-11

These are the mobiles going to get the update on Android L.


Android Kitkat successor Android L

A great distance in the technology path had covered with the big banner under the name of Android, Android is the heart beat of smart mobile growth, yet you can find more versions of android operating system such as Android jelly bean, Kitkat and more. Now a trendy of smart mobile using will be improve more because of the user interface of operating system.1280x720-rCi

Android L yet not reached the market but the rumors and other news about it is swirls over the online. What is special in Android L when compared to the Kitkat? Is this same as the Kitkat? And more are the important questions freely wander in your mind. Let’s read this review to know more about the improvements of android L over than the Android Kitkat.lvskitkat

Android L will have the excellent user interface than the Kitkat and it also include easy usage and excellent gaming features. Best and must considerable feature is the redesigned in on-screen buttons and you can find the use of more colors throughout the Android L apps and settings.
Let’s investigate on the apps part, the android L will easily explore the new users in Android L icons for settings, new sliders, new radio buttons, and will notice that there aren’t that many separation lines between various elements, such as contact lists, settings options or even keyboard buttons.

If you watch the Android L screen shots, which will tells you the Settings, Contacts, Calendar, Gmail, Email, Search, Maps, Gallery, Play Music, Drive, Keep and Hangouts. While you using Android Kitkat smart mobiles you will surely think about the some of the changes in the Mobile like you may felt that the Kitkat must too improve some user interface quality and more, now the Android L will completely change all and eliminate the disadvantages. So take a look and try out the Android L.