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Android App Lightbox Review

669635e9-de3f-4301-9953-e1625c3f0992Lightbox is a prefect app allowing you to snap, enhance and easily share your pictures with your favourite social networks. It is a camera and gallery replacement application. Already a bunch of photo sharing app wandering around every one’s smart mobile,now Lightbox is one among all. At the time of launch, app was not known by all but later it becoming increasingly popular in the Android ecosystem. Join with us to know more about the new photo sharing and best smartphone app, Lightbox.

Setup, snapshots, and sharing:

The first and foremost things is launch the app and it will redirect you to create your Lightbox account. This will give you a public profile that all your shared pictures will be hosted on. Now the account will allow you to log in to multiple device and letting you share your complete gallery across them. After creating an account, it will ask it if you want to link the application to any social networks and it show some options such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Tumblr. You don’t have to connect to any networks if you don’t want to, but that will limit the how much you can do with the app.

Installing the app shows two different shortcuts in your app drawer, one is Lightbox that holds the photos which is the gallery and social photo ticker that shows recent picture uploads from the social networks you link the app to. If you are new to this app, you would not prefer the ticker much at the beginning but later you will love to work on it.

You can set how often the application will sync, and toggle it so it will sync only over Wifi to save on your data plan in the settings. As with any application, selecting a shorter period between syncs will put a greater strain on your battery. You can find the direct short cut icon for camera app. Just hit the camera button and the app will focus and take a snap. The snap may lack in sharpness, color, brightness and more. The Lightbox allow you to edit your snap the way you want, for this it offers much editing options with few number of filters.

After completed the editing part of the snap hit the OK button and choose where you want to share the picture. If you don’t want to enclose your picture on Social media, it will post your snap on your public wall on default. When you share an image, it uploads the image to your public profile and then the application will update your social networks with your comment and a link back to the image on your public account.

Really this is the nice photo sharing app for android users.

Best Photo-Sharing Apps for Android

heres-a-new-app-that-makes-file-sharing-as-easy-as-sending-a-link-to-your-friendsPhoto-sharing on mobile platforms is one of the major emerging social fun activity. Although instant chats, voice chats, sticker chats are also an important social fun activity, but photo sharing is more than these, now a days. Many apps, especially on Android, are perhaps the ripples from the splash created by the iPhone photo-sharing titan Instagram. The good news is that Instagram plan an Android release in the future. Until this we have to opt other apps for photo sharing on Android for Android users, there is still a huge interest in sharing pictures effectively.

The best photo-sharing platforms available on Android Google+, Facebook and Twitter which serve a wider purpose, these apps are more dedicated to sharing pictures but not allow you to edit the photos for this you have to depend the photo-editing apps like Pixlr-o-matic and BeFunky. Here are the list of excellent photo-sharing apps for Android users. Check it out!


Lightbox is a new photo sharing App developed by the former Google and YouTube product manager Thai Tran. It offers better user interface with a built-in camera. The app includes a host of cool filters and lets users post, not only to your Lightbox profile, but also Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and FourSquare. It allow you to view users pictures from other social networks within the Lightbox app.lightbox


Better User interface with cute features are the special features of EyeEm. It’s light, smooth and simple to use. You can also take photos from within the app itself and add cool filters. You can view live feeds, see what pictures have been taken around your location and share with other social networks.


Flickr is the biggest and well known photo-sharing platform than any other and its internet tenure totals nearly 7 years. Flickr is owned by Yahoo, the service has only quite recently released an official Android client. The app includes an alternative camera with filters and useful tagging functions. Flickr is both smooth and responsive and allows for a speedy turnaround from taking the picture to uploading. It also having quite impressive UI.best-Free-photo-sharing-websites-like-flickr


LiveShare is also a good photo sharing app powered by Cooliris that has both a mobile and web service. Cooliris is well known for its rich web interfaces and while this is transferred to the LiveShare web service, the mobile offering is unfortunately quite basic. You can upload pictures quite easily, add friends, view streams etc but the app feels a little.

Share your photo’s via these photo sharing apps.