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Second Generation Motorola Moto G Review

A completely new Smartphone of Motorola under the name of Moto G, which is the second-generation Moto G, Let’s see the review about the new Motorola Moto G.


The new Moto G comes in two different versions one is 8GB and another one is 16GB, 8GB Moto G costs is £145, if you want 16GB model you have to pay £20 more than the 8GB model.

Design and Build:

The Second generation Moto G received the features as previous models such as the bigger screen, better speakers, and dual SIM card slots, Buttons and ports and the back you can find couple of slots for the Dual SIM and back panel is removable type and you can also find a slot for MicroSD. This MicroSD will accept cards up to 32GB. This updated version of Moto G has 11mm height and 150g of weight and available in two colors such as black and white.0c08d__foto-3-1024x931


The Moto G screen has good update in screen wise, because the previous model has only 4.5in but the upgraded Moto G has 5in IPS display feels good with the 1280×720 resolution and the 294ppi density. It is a big screen with the good viewing angles and decent brightness.


The upgraded Moto G still same as the previous model in the processor department, because it is powered by the Snapdragon 400 quad-core chip runs at 1.2GHz and has the Adreno 305 graphics processor. This is good in performance at this low cost, which is available in two models such as the 8GB and 16GB versions, and both will have dual SIM slots. The bad news is that the Moto G will not support the 4G, if you need 4G mobile internet, you’ll have to move to the first-gen Moto G or look elsewhere entirely.
In that you can also find the 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS and more under the connectivity features.MotoG-1839

This is the best partner for those who looking budget based smart mobiles.


Motorola Moto E at a Glance

Recent market is fully covered by the plenty of smart mobiles with varying prices and varying features too, many blogs and websites reviewing more about each new release gadgets but know is there to tell the true defects of that mobiles, now the below review will allow you to know completely about the Moto E.

• If you begin with the body of the Moto E, which offers the curved back with less thin moto backand also offers built-in battery, MicroSD and Micro SIM slots at the back. It has the buttons with little stiff, but easy when you used it.moto slots
• The Moto E has the 4.3 inches of display with the 960×540 IPS screen, when compared to the Moto G the Moto E’s display isn’t as bright. While in direct sunlight but it works well enough. The screen gets protected from the scratches by Gorilla glass, so the anti-glare and oleo phobic coats are good, which also offers the sharp display with the 255PPI pixel density.
• Moto E offers 5 mega pixels of the rear camera as similar as the Moto G, so you can take good pictures with brightness.moto cma
• Many part of the Moto E is the processor which runs with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 Dual-core processor clocked with 1.2 GHz. It has the 1 GB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory and you can also extend it with the Micro SD up to 32 GB. It runs with the Kitkat based Android OS with the version of v4.4.2 and it also upgradable to Kitkat v4.4.4.
• It offers all basic connectivity features such as the Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi hotspot, GPRS and More.

These are the important features and specifications of the Moto E, if you want to procure it, read out the review and buy.


LG G3 versus LG G2

LG G3 is the 2014’s important mobile with the forward in technology, now read this review to know more about the highlights of it.
• The LG G3’s most important feature is screen with a QHD screen, which is the equivalent to four 720p screens, due to this you can experience the high pixel density count of 538ppi, when compared to the Galaxy S5 the LG G3 offers sharp display. The LG G3 has a 5.5-inch screen, but the predecessor LG G2 offers 5.2 inches screen.LG-G3-Specifications-Price-Release-Date
• In performance base the LG G3 and LG G2 offers same but you can find slight difference such as LG G3 has Snapdragon 801 chip but G2 has a Snapdragon 800 chip with the 2.26GHz Clock but the G3 increases speed by the 2.5GHZ clock speed.
• The G3 and G2 almost resemble same in Camera features both having the 13 megapixels of rear camera with the LED flashes and optical image stabilization, but the G3 introduced with laser focusing and a newer camera sensor.
• The G2 was plastic and the back cover of the LG G3 is faux metal, which looks more attractive and G3 the cover hides the MicroSD card slot but the G2 lacks in it.
• The G2 and G3 offers better battery performance but the G3 offers better power and same size battery.
• The G3 mobile sensors, connectivity and other options are looks almost same as the G2, but the battery of the G2 can’t be removable G3 battery can be easily removable.IMG-20152
• Both runs under the Android 4.2.2 operating system with the java support and HTML browser but the G3 Browser supports Flash and G2 lacks in that.
• G3 not only leads in features and specifications also lead in price too.

So consider all the points while to grab your smart mobile.