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Nokia Lumia 530 Review

Nokia-Lumia-530-apps-jpgThe new Nokia Lumia 530 is a successor of Lumia 520, which will reach the market with the price of £60, but the predecessor Nokia Lumia 520’s price is £100. It is cheaper than the Motorola’s Moto G and Moto E phones and EE’s super cheap 4G phone the Kestrel. Let’s read this review to know more about the new Nokia Lumia 530. Also watch out the  Nokia Lumia 530 vs Motorola Moto E.

Design and Build:

The new Nokia Lumia 530 has the detachable brightly colored made plastic back such as the green, lurid orange, bright powdery blue, white and black and more. At the back you can find the access to the battery and SIM slots, obviously removable battery is always a good thing. It has the 120x62x12mm dimensions and weighs in at 129g, so you can use it with easy and comfortable. At the back you can find the camera and rear-facing speaker and at the bottom is a USB charging and connector port, and at the top is a 3.5mm jack for your headphones.


The new Nokia Lumia 530 has a 4inch display with the TFT capacitive touch screen and it boasting 16M colors, which has the 480 x 854 pixel resolution and the 245ppi pixel density. When compared to the Lumia 520 the successor is better in display but it really poor-looking display compare to the Moto E.

Specification and performance:

Lumia 530 is powered by the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor clocked with the speed of 1.2GHz and it is paired with only 512MB RAM and Adreno 302 graphics card. Moto E somewhat lacks in speed than the Nokia Lumia 530 and the 512 MB of RAM will not make a problem in performance.

Storage and connectivity:

In Lumia 530 you can get only 4GB of onboard storage, If you want to store music, video or photos you will need to expand the storage by using an SD card slot that will accept up to 128GB.

Battery life and camera:

The new Nokia Lumia 530 offers 5Mp rear camera with a 1/4in sensor and captures 480p video at 30 fps and then its Li-Ion 1430 mAh battery offers up to 13 hours of talk time.

These are the important specifications of the Nokia Lumia 530.


3 Great Phones for the Holiday Season

The last three months of the year are a big deal for cell phone companies. In 2013, T-Mobile sold 91 percent of its mobile devices during the year’s fourth quarter (October, November, and December). Many of those sales came from parents trying to satisfy children who love high-tech gadgets like smartphones and tablets.

This year, kids will beg Santa Claus for a selection of phones released during 2014. Before you run out to buy the first phone on your kid’s holiday wish list, learn about other options that could match his or her needs better. You could surprise your kids with nicer phones than they expected. You might even find that you can save some money.

Nokia Lumia 530


Release Date: August 16, 2014

Nokia has been steadily improving its Lumia smartphone since it released its first versions (the 710 and 800) in 2011. Today, the Nokia Lumia 530 stands out as one of the most popular smartphones on the T-Mobile network.

Why it Makes a Great Present

Nokia covered all of its bases when designing the new Lumia smartphone. The Lumia 530 has a sturdy plastic body that looks attractive and can take minor abuse. Since it can survive short falls, it makes a great mobile device for teenagers who often pay attention to things other than caring for the smartphone you give them.

The 530 also has a high-resolution screen measuring 480 by 854 pixels with a 245ppi density. That’s excellent for a screen that’s only four inches tall. The small size also makes it easy to carry in a front pocket. The small screen means that the phone isn’t the best for watching movies, but it’s still a very good smartphone that has proven its merits through constant updates.

Samsung Galaxy S5

samsung s5

Image by Janitors

Release Date: April 11, 2014

Samsung pushes its popular Galaxy smartphone again by upgrading features, improving performance, and adding biometrics.

Why It Makes a Great Present

Samsung has had repeated success with its line of Galaxy smartphones. The new Galaxy S5 offers even more than previous models. Nokia has added a new camera that lets the S5 take clearer pictures more quickly. The new model takes advantage of wearable health technology by offering a heart rate monitor and S Health app. It’s a great option for athletic middle and high school students who need to stay connected to friends and family.

The new phone comes with improved specs, too. The operating system is driven by a 2.5GHz quad-core CPU; it comes with 2GB of RAM; and 16 or 32GB of memory, which you can increase up to 128GB by adding a microSD card.

Thanks to its 1080ppi, 5.1-inch screen has vibrant colors that surpass nearly every other affordable smartphone on the market.

Kyocera Hydro Life

Kyocera Hydro Life


Image by almudenafernandezrios

Release Date: August, 2014

Kyocera is widely known for making inexpensive phones that give owners more than they expect. The new Hydro Life follows that plan while offering extra features rarely seen in other smartphones.

Why It Makes a Great Present

Kyocera may have built the perfect smartphone for maturing kids and young adults. Parents will love that the Kyocera Hydro Life can withstand everything from drops on the concrete to drops in the water. That’s right, this relatively small smartphone is waterproof. That will bring everyone a sigh of relief when your teenager jumps into a pool before emptying his pockets.

The Kyocera Hydro Life is more than just a rough-and-tumble phone, though. It has a 4.5-inch touchscreen, a battery that will survive up to 13.5 hours of talk time, and  two cameras (one facing front and one facing back). The phone measures 5.19 inches high by 2.57 inches wide by .43 inches deep, making it small enough to fit into a pocket, yet large enough to use the screen without squinting.

Have your children already started asking for one of these phones? Which features are most important to them? Are you equally impressed by those features, or do you use different standards when deciding what phones you buy for the holiday season?