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3 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Learn About Cloud Computing

As a blogger, you spend a lot of time creating content online, but that doesn’t mean you’re an expert on online storage. Maybe you have a Google Drive account where you save a few files, but you haven’t looked much further into cloud computing because you think you can’t benefit from it. Discover what bloggers can gain from the cloud and learn how to use it to your advantage.

Access Software

You know that Adobe moved Creative Suite programs like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator to the cloud, right? The Creative Cloud is Adobe’s software available via monthly subscription instead of via pre-packaged CDs. If you’re an Adobe customer, you may have been using cloud software without knowing it.

Cloud software is beneficial to bloggers because you get to subscribe to the software you want and cancel when it doesn’t benefit you anymore. Plus, you can access many of your cloud software accounts from multiple devices, which means you don’t have to be on your own laptop or tablet to get your blogging done. Cloud software isn’t limited to photo editing and design software, either. You can manage finances, access Microsoft Office, and do countless tasks that will further your blogging career.

Keep Your Files Secure

How do you back up your files? If you’re not using a secure cloud service to save your files, you should get some free storage and start learning about it. Cloud storage keeps your files backed up and secure. You can access them from anywhere, so if you’re working on a blog post, saving it in the cloud is the best thing you can do. Open it later from any device, making blogging from the road or from your smartphone a lot easier. You don’t have to worry about saving drafts in the blog itself anymore.

Plus, you probably use pictures, videos, and other original content on your blog. Keep them all in the cloud so you don’t lose them or risk scattering them across multiple devices and storage methods. You might worry about how safe it is to upload your files to an online storage location. Once you learn all about cloud safety, however, you’ll understand how different storage services keep your files safe. You can implement your own measures by using software add-ons, too. Your files are as safe as you need them to be.

Blog About It

Any time you learn something new, you get to blog about it. That’s what’s so cool about being a blogger. Learn about cloud computing so you can give tips and tricks to your audience. Have you tried out several cloud storage companies? Post a few reviews. Do the same for cloud software and security. Take your readers on your cloud computing education journey, and ask them if they have any tips for you in return.

Cloud computing isn’t just for business people and tech-savvy programmers. The cloud is an asset to you, a blogger, too. With the cloud, you can save your files and access software more easily than ever before.

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Tips to Find out the Best Antivirus Software

Bitdefender-Antivirus-Plus-2015-2People use computers for anything from personal entertainment to business. If you own a business and you are saving hard copies of different data in files, then you would surely attempt to keep these files safe, maybe locked away somewhere. Similar measures are needed in the case of digital files. Soft copies have substituted the bulk of hard copies for most people; and nowadays data is preserved in digital format. The facilities the storing of records in digital structures that are easier to manage and to edit. It does not mean that digital files need not be secured. You have to make certain that the information saved on your PC is protected and that it can never be corrupted by anyone or anything. The best way to achieve this is to buy protective software.

Knowing about the significance of virus removal programs in order to protect your computer is simple, but to get the most appropriate antivirus for your necessities is a matter which needs proper study and information. To assist you in finding out the perfect antivirus solution for your computer, below are some tips to be remembered:

  • Get some experience purchasing software. Make certain to download a free trial version from any trusted site before buying antivirus software in order to verify whether or not it is able to fulfill your requirements before you have a deal. This is the best way to check on the compatibility of the software with your PC, whether you ae comfortable with its UI and its functions, etc.
  • Note its efficiency. In addition to the security against viruses, antivirus software must be able to safeguard the machine from any spyware, Trojans or malware. Be certain to examine all of its features prior to choosing the best virus removal program.
  • User friendliness. Confirm whether or not your chosen product offers an accessible interface and whether it includes a comprehensive user guide and manual. The best antivirus program also presents reports, regular updates, different supporting services (for example technical support), remote assistance, live chat, parental control, and a suite of other benefits. Good customer support is important if you face any kind of problem.
  • Select software with a low impact on system resources. Get full information on what amount of system resources are needed for the antivirus program to operate. In some case cases, antivirus programs have been known to slow down a computer. Nowadays, the type of antivirus that has the most minimal impact on resources will typically rely on cloud technology.
  • Ensure richness of features. With the rise of criminal activity on the internet and and the ever growing risk of identity theft, the antivirus program you select should not be restricted to virus removal only. It must offer secure surfing on internet, daily updates, and must be competent to warn you whenever you enter any website known for hosting malicious software. Moreover, it should also have a spam blocker, anti screen grabber, parental control and many more things.

This way, you will get the best virus removal solution to lessen the probability of losing any precious data stored on your computer.

Apple’s Touch ID Review

??????????????????????Security is the major part when consider the smart mobiles as well as other electronic devices. People looking somewhat unique rather than the usual passcode, pattern and more. Another important consideration is convenience. Obtaining the both criteria on your smart mobiles is complicated one. To attain this developers focusing on one of the emerging technology, biometric fingerprint authentication technology. Here’s Apple’s Touch ID review:

Great convenient and highly secure way to access your phone is the biometric fingerprint authentication technology. Put your finger on the Home button of the Apple’s iPhone and it will read your fingerprint and grant permission to access your mobile, then you can do purchases from iTunes Store, the App Store, and the iBooks Store, so you don’t have to enter your password or pattern.touchid

Touch ID is capable of 360-degree readability, which means no matter how your placing your finger on the Home button it can read all kind of orientations such as portrait, landscape, or anything and your iPhone reads your fingerprint and knows who you are. Apart you, others can also access your mobiles only if you permit them, because Touch ID lets you enroll multiple fingerprints.

Entering a password on the iPhone was incredibly painful, because you have to be very conscious while typing characters, if you entered the wrong character, you have to face many consequences. In order to overcome this situation people forced to keep their passwords short without any complexity and strength. Which led your mobile’s security low.

To avoid this, Apple added much facilities on to their smart mobiles such as,

To increase the security level, it preferred strong passwords instead of simple passcodes to unlock devices.

Then you can also enter the character without type by showing, to increase the convenience without lowering the security level.

Apple also allowed you to copy and paste the passwords.

Yet mobile keyboards, especially virtual ones, still sucked for password entry, especially strong ones. so much people turned off the passcodes and keep their iTunes passwords simple and easy to enter.

Now Apple introduced a incredible way Touch ID sensor on the Home button to access your smart mobiles with high security and convenience too. This sensor assembly protected by the highly scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens that also enhances the focuses of sensor. Then this sensor surrounded by stainless steel detection ring, when it triggered
the capacitive Touch ID sensor activates and takes what’s effectively a high-resolution snapshot of your fingerprint.touch-id

Then this fingerprint is compared against with your already stored enclave on the Apple A7 chipset, and if it is matches such as the arches, loops, or whorls match, you’re instantly authenticated and your iPhone 5s will unlock or your iTunes purchase will be authorized.

Enjoy everything under Touch ID security.


Android L versus Android 4.4 Kitkat

Many news swirls around the online regards Android L, now the smart mobile users thoughts full of how the Android L vary from the Kitkat on performance, features, interface, material design, apps basic. Let’s read this review to know more about it.

Android L versus Android 4.4 Kitkat in Design:

The Android L introduced new material design such as the multitasking and notification shade, when compared to the Kitkat you can get all the basic information such as the date, time, Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, notifications about the apps and more on the three layer of the Notification shade. Enjoy the smooth animation cards based multitasking in Android L. But Kitkat offers slide type of multitasking and few options on the notification shade.

Android L versus Android 4.4 Kitkat Lock screen:

Good pretty feature of the Android L is the Lock screen, which offers simple swipe up to unlock, left to launch the camera and right to open the dialer, you can also easily access the quick settings by single swiping down the notification shade, but in Kitkat you can’t get these notifications on screen.Lockscreen

Android L versus Android 4.4 Kitkat Home screen:

When compared to the Kitkat, in Android L you can find the different home screen buttons such as the triangle for back button, a circle for home button, and a square for multitasking button, but the Kitkat vary in this home screen.

Android L versus Android 4.4 Kitkat battery life, security and performance:

Android L offers amazing battery life due to the battery saver mode, while the battery saver mode on brightness of the mobile gets dim and reduction in the performance level, but it lacks in performance when compared to the Kitkat. The Android L offers location and proximity based levels of security.AndroidL_settings

These are the important difference android L having when compared to the Kitkat.