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Tizen Powered Samsung Z smart mobile

Are you getting bored to use the android based smart phone? The Samsung will launch its world’s first Tizen operating system based smart phone called Samsung Z. The Tizen already hits the Russian market, now it’s ready to knock all the countries market with the unique. The Tizen is the Linux based operating system, which is the open source platform and compatible with the other OS such as IOS and Android. Let’s read the review and get the idea about the complete specifications of the Samsung Z.


The Samsung Z offers the 4.8 inch super AMOLED display and powered by the 2.3GHZ quad-core processor made by the Snapdragon 800 run with the 2.2.1 Tizen operating system, which has the 2GB RAM memory and 16GB internal memory and it can be expandable up to 64 GB with the help of additional micro SD. In Samsung Z have the 2600mAh battery 2.1mega pixel secondary camera and 8 mega pixel primary camera, where you can find the finger print sensor at the home button and heart rate monitor on the back.

Tizen Powered Samsung Z smart mobile 02

The Samsung Z can sense all kind of shocks with the help of the LTE-A, NFC and an IR sensor, which is available in available in Golden and Black color with faux leather backs. In Samsung Z you can find many options under connectivity feature such as 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Micro- USB. The Samsung Z other feature are similar to the Samsung galaxy S5, which is the gateway for the Tizen future.

The Tizen operating system is easy to operate, use and allows you to experience the unique, so read the above specifications of the Samsung Z and it almost similar to the Samsung galaxy S5 specifications. The price of the Samsung Z is still not clearly mentioned and releasing date also.

Samsung Plans to Launch Tizen smartphone in Russia and India

Samsung Electronics have planned to launch a new Tizen smartphone in Russia and India. Tizen smartphone is empowered with its Tizen operating system will be launched by the end of the second quarter. The senior vice-present of Samsung’s product team confirmed the release of Tizen Smartphone which is a high end device finally getting closer to release.


As we all know, Tizen is an open-source, Linux-based operating system led by Intel and Samsung. Tizen completely focused on the upcoming markets and also in the low cost devices. Samsung’s first release of Tizen was actually planned in 2012 which was later released in 2013. With Tizen, the Samsung has got the best opportunity to build its own platform.

Tizen in India and Russia

Samsung aims to release its product and to capture the users in India and Russia who does not have used with much smart phone. It is very much confident in its strategy of basing its non Smartphone connected devices on Tizen that might have more of an impact. Though, the Samsung is widely popular for its Smart phones and Android partner it still lacks on Google for software updates. Samsung officials saying that the Tizen Smartphone would be able to connect with other electronics products based on Tizen. It is also featured with very well hardware, software, configuration, and design with will produce an impact in the market for sure. The South Korean technology is planning to conduct an event in the place of Moscow in the upcoming month to introduce the Samsung’s Smartphone running on the Tizen operating system.

However, Samsung earns billion of dollars by manufacturing and selling the smartphones, and some of the other products and it is yet to make significant software in the market. This is the most awaiting Tizen smartphone which people are waiting for.