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How to delete unwanted comments from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others

social_mediaCommunication between the people on the Social media app is emerging trend. Aplenty of Social apps already reached the market and downloaded as millions of people includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and more. Using these Social apps people like to communicate each other instantly, sharing thoughts, links, photos and more. The communication even across time zones and continents too. But all the interaction over the internet could not be positive and sometimes people can leave comments on your posts that you’d expect.

Happily, the Social media developers have made it easy to delete any negative comments you might receive. Here a steps that clearly explain how to delete comments on Social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.(see also Step by step procedure to use Facebook’s Privacy Check-Up tool)

How to delete comments on Facebook?

To delete comments on the web version of Facebook, you just move mouse over the comment you’d like to remove, and click the ‘x’ that appears on the right-hand side and your unwanted comments will be delete within a seconds.

In the iOS app, simply tap the comment that you want to delete and click delete and for Android it might vary, you just swap the tap for a long press.5650163188_ed187206f8_z

How to delete comments on Instagram?

To delete a comment from the iOS version of Instagram, you just tap on the comment that you need to delete and swipe it to the left then tap the bin icon, and select Delete.

For Android users simply need to tap the speech bubble icon below the comments and tap on the comment in question to bring up the option to delete.(See also How to get more followers on Instagram)How-To-Delete-Instagram-Comments1

How to delete comments on Twitter?

Unlike Facebook, Twitter works slightly in a different way. You cannot comment directly on your posts but instead you can reply via their own, separate post. So you can delete other users reply easily as many other social networks. You must use the block or mute features to halt the offending user’s negative comments. If you are getting too much comments, in that cases, you report them for spam or abusive language.

For mobile versions app it could be differ. You can delete the negative comments in iOS by long-pressing on the tweet in question to bring up the menu with these options.(see also How to Block or Mute someone on Twitter)9d924f2fe1b56aed_howtodeleteinstagrampicks.xxxlarge

In the Android app, click on the tweet in question, then click the options button in the top-right hand corner to open the menu.

How to delete comments on YouTube?

Usually, in YouTube also people getting much navigate comments. To delete the comment from a video, click the drop-down options arrow in the top-right hand corner of the comment, and then click remove.

How to delete comments on Google+?

To delete comments from a Google+ stream, simply find the comment, click the ‘x’ in the top-right corner and then click delete to confirm.

Now you can enjoy the world on Social media apps without any negative comments…..


Block or Mute Someone on Twitter

twitter-muteTwitter is the right social platform to share your opinion, follow your person who are all in your wish list. At the beginning of Twitter usage folks things, like as above but later they staring to ask questions. Question, frequently asked by twitter user, can everyone see what I tweet? How can I make my tweets private? Is there a way to block people those who are fit to my twitter world? Here’s the thing. Twitter allows it’s users to handle this situation more easy then before. You can also control, who want to share tweet with you and who want to view your account. To achieve all this you will need to make your account private. You can also refer How to get more followers on Twitter.

For this Twitter has a couple of tools that let you to hide your account from certain people. Whether someone is trolling too or spamming on Twitter, these tools will help you deal with the situation. Now mute someone on twitter is ease of work.


Mute is the new feature introduced by the twitter, significantly for its app and the web interface. It works specially for the people those who want to hide tweets from someone without unfollowing them. Mute is suitable and useful too when some people we follow had been posting several tweets for contests. We muted them for a day and this hid all the annoying contest tweets from our feed.twitter_ios_mute

But keep it in a mind mute is not as same Block. If you muted one, they can follow you, send you direct messages, can also reply your tweets and you will get the notifications tab. But on your time line you can see the tweets posted by the muted one.

How to Mute?

On the Web, click More below any tweet by the person you want to mute. Now click Mute. Alternatively, you can go to their profile page and click the gear icon > Mute.Twitter-Icon-Mute

On Android and iOS apps, open any person’s profile on twitter, tap the gear icon > Mute > . Apart these users, other platform users are not avail with this mute feature,yet.

To check if you’ve muted someone, just go to their profile page. If you see a red mute icon next to the gear icon, then you’ve muted them.


Block is an extreme option that’s useful if you encounter some one who are really not fit for your twitter world such as spammers or if people are harassing you on Twitter. If you block them, they can’t follow you or add your account to their lists on Twitter. You will not see tweets from these people, even if they mention your Twitter handle. People you block will also not be able to see your profile picture.EmirCanerBlocksMohammadKhanTwitter

Go the person who you want to block then tap the gear icon > Block or Report. The Block option will be checked by default and you can select File a report if you want to tell Twitter about the problem.

2. Select reasons such as “This is a spam account” or “This user is abusive”. If you choose any of the options except “This user is abusive”, you can click Report to let Twitter know about the problem. If you choose “This user is abusive”, Twitter will ask you to fill a form specifying what kind of abuse you are facing and will ask for some contact details. The page advises you to contact local authorities if you feel like you’re in danger.

To unblock a user, go to their profile, tap the gear icon > Unblock.

These are the way to Block or Mute Someone on Twitter

Fastest growing app- Tumblr

Tumblr-for-Android-update-Allison-BrieFacebook reached the peak already, but only the less number of new users sign up with it. In this large social platform the Tumblr steeped to a peak. Though Facebook continues to stay peak over the world’s largest social market, when it comes to the new users aspects the Tumblr over comes all Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and even Google+, from last six months. This makes the Tumblr team to be happy for a while. Even the Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and even Google+ also preeminent than the Facebook.

This survey makes the Facebook team somewhat disappoint but when comes to the social and messaging app Snapchat leads than the Facebook Messenger. At earlier to this year instagram over came first among all, but now the Snapchat beats all. This growing in Social platform, How force the Facebook to include anything new.

But the Facebook officially never bother about these changes in Social platform, because it always stay front in users, Nothing can drop the size and strength of the world’s largest social network( Facebook) whatever happens. Officially also included that there are now 3 billion people using this worldwide and 1.36 billion active users, So Facebook having over one-third of the world’s population is now.

Whatever it may be the report which covers the frequency of visit top social platform, Facebook hits the first and than twitter and YouTube at third place. This survey boost the Facebook Team more and it shows, whatever social apps reach the market never hit the peak what Facebook got.

So enjoy this world’s largest social platform as one of the user.


How to Get More Followers on Twitter

0275885Are you searching the way to promote twitter account to grab more followers? If you are looking so you must read this review which will help you lot, to get more followers. To achieve this you can do the following, especially good content is the must do thing. Good informative, original and interesting tweets surely grasp the attention of many followers. Your tweet packing maximum sparkle into every 140 characters, try to post good things that have genuinely interested you, don’t just repost every popular video you see.

Use popular hash tags every day, jump on bandwagons; try to add something new to existing memes. See some popular topics on the left of your homepage, which are trending that day, and see what is trending locally. Do regularly and create post on the trending topics and share it to all your friends and grab more followers.

Following is also important to earn more followers, follow people selectively, don’t just follow every Justin Bieber fan, what you really want are genuine followers who will occasionally read your tweets. When someone follow you, thank them and consider following them back, and create a better relationship among them.

Your profile is your one of the best chance to make a first impression among all, have a good photo that says something about you. If you are a business people, use a photo where you are some files or business related quotes, it’s that simple. Fill in your bio in a positive, short and sweet way, don’t try to be too annoying, you’ll fail, just be informative, most people take a decision based on these few words, so careful in It.

Timing is a real killer, When you tweet is more important is time, tweet on a particular time like before people go to work and just after they go home are good time, so 8am to 9am and 5pm to 6pm, but the less well known one is 1pm. Try to tweet at 1pm when many people are finishing their lunch break and will check Twitter one time before getting back to work.

Get more followers on your twitter.

Get More Retweets and Shares from Your Social Media Content

1280px-Social-media-for-public-relations1Social Media advertising is a real unbeatable factor, behind the success of each product, if you want to reach your target audience; obviously you need to use social media, because social media is an awesome and less cost platform, to know what is going on in the world. For this shares and Re-tweets are the excellent way to push your message to the end user.

The most important step to create social media content with Google Alerts with the help of Google Alerts, you can subscribe to company blogs that are relevant to your industry, thus ensuring that you are always current, but keep it in a mind your material tempt the readers to hit the re-tweet or share button.

Remember, you must give valuable information to your readers, don’t make your readers why I have to read this? Or don’t allow then to move towards, some other content because of inadequate of information in your content.

Think from end user’s perception and also remember that your readers’ time is valuable, so make sure that they are glad they took time out of their busy schedules to read what you had to say. Think well how to make your content great; what are all the elements must add to the content, then only it is easy to promote in front of user. Always prefer images or videos which easily grab the user’s attention or which increase the likelihood of being shared.2x8hc9y3-1386559816

Monitor various social media channels and the type of content, which is mostly shared or re-tweets, check out some social media reports, usually twitter user like to share photos rather than videos, that images especially belonged to humorous and the shared articles were started as How to than any other type of article.

If you like to get more shares on Facebook, share content along with photos, if you share your content along with a photos, that’s a right way to gain more attention, to achieve this use high quality images, unique content and the most important one is include relevant links with all images.handcursor_cs6

Finally hit the target shares on any social media platform if you do practice it frequently.


Photo Editor and Mobile Messenger-Camu

the-iphone-camera-app-is-about-to-get-a-lot-betterAre you an iPhone user? Do you looking for the best camera app? If your wish is so, this review is especially for you, because early apps only allow you to edit and then you can share it with the help of the other app now an awesome app will allow you more in one app under the name of Camu app. The Camu app is a new mobile application launched and especially designed for this, which offers you to edit and share the photos easily without switching between other applications.

The CEO of the company explains, more camera apps reached the market and offers more complicated way of using the camera app, our aim to offer a best camera experience by simple settings and all uses in a single app such as the capturing, editing and sending photos and videos.

What unique in it compared to the Apple’s native iPhone Camera app?

Apple’s native iPhone Camera app allows you to change camera modes, add filters, and then enter into your Gallery with a single tap and then you can do variety of edits and then you can share the photo via iMessage, email, iCloud, AirDrop, Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

The Camu app will also do the same functions but it includes some features like super focus mode, adding depth-of-field to images, a different filters, add text to photos, turn photos into collages in real time and a selfie mode will automatically shoots a photo under the no movement on the frame.

After editing your photos or videos, you can share your media privately to your friends and you can also chat privately with them on Camu or you can also post your media publicly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The new Camera app Camu will allow you to do photo editing and message in a single platform.


Best Way to Share Your Snapshots over the Social Media- Phantom

Now a mobile application will allow you to share your snapshots in secured way over the social media such as the Facebook or Twitter, the name of this app is Phantom. Let’s read this review to know more about the working of this app.

It allows you to take stills, record a video or you can also select your favorite image from your mobile gallery then add your comments and edit using drawing tools similar as snap chat, but the Phantom allows you to do some configuration such as how long the content will live, period, as well as how many viewers it can have.snapchat

But the snapchat just offer time to control the viewers of this image. You can also limit the number of users and the snapchat also does the same but the difference is you can share your image over many public networks such as the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Word Press and Blogger and you can also find many public networks under the more option such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Whatsapp, LINE, Telegram, Movable Type, iMessage/SMS or email.snaphack

So you can share everywhere and anywhere. Phantom also takes the ban board against taking screenshots of other users’ images, if anyone does it, they will be automatically banned from Phantom, and will be reported to the user whose privacy was violated.

So the Phantom is available for both iphone and Android platforms and gets this application or downloads this app from the iTunes and Google Play. This wonderful app will allow you share more snapshots videos over the Social media in the most secure way, of course more apps do the same but the Phantom will differentiate in working and gives more sophistication to all without violating the others privacy.

So download it freely and share all your snaps over the social media under the secure roof.