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When Change is Good: Seamless Steps for Switching Web Hosting Services

Sometimes the best solution to a bad web hosting situation is to switch providers. There are literally thousands of web hosting solutions available for small businesses, but not all of them are equally robust. If you are seeing a spike in downtime on your website or receiving complaints from your customers, it may be time to cut the link to your old web hosting company and switch to a firm that has your website and the best interest of your firm in mind.

That having been said, switching web hosting companies is not something to rush into – or something to be done rashly. The spike in downtime may have a simple explanation, and the problems you have been seeing may be outside the control of the web host. Before you rush out and change web hosting companies, you need to carefully evaluate your current service and thoroughly research the alternatives.Web hosting

Back Everything Up

Whether your current web hosting company uses an IBM AS400 or some other platform, it is important to do your homework and prepare carefully before you decide to change firms. Changing your web hosting service can provide a number of important benefits, from improved uptime and enhanced customer service to lower cost and greater transparency. Even so, if you do not handle the switch properly, you will live to regret it.

Perhaps the most critical thing business owners need to do before switching web hosting services is to back up all of their data in a secure location. It is a good idea to make multiple backups of the company website, blog sites, social media pages and other critical infrastructure prior to making the move. While you hope the move will go seamlessly, you never know what could go wrong. Having a local and a remote backup of all your electronic infrastructure is a vital first step when considering a web hosting change.

Once the data has been backed up and the backups verified, you can go ahead and sign a contract with the new web hosting company. You will want to have the new web host in place before discontinuing your old service, so it is important to plan carefully. You may need a week or two to make sure your new web hosting service is providing what you need before you cut ties with your old web host.

Keep Downtime To A Minimum

It is important to work with the new web hosting company to point your website domain to their servers. The company you are switching to should be able to provide all the information you need to repoint your website and make sure the experience of end users is unaffected.Web hosting

When you change web hosting companies, you want to make sure there is no impact on your customers and the end users of your website. The change should be completely transparent to your customers – if anything the new web host should provide a better experience, 24/7 uptime and superior service going forward.

Web hosting is a must for any company, and it is important to constantly monitor the quality of the service you are receiving. If you notice a degradation in quality of service or a reduction in uptime, it is important to research alternatives and start getting ready to make your move.

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Want a Reliable Web Hosting Service?


In this technically advanced world, all of us need a website in order to promote our brands and this way a lot of websites are being created day in and day out. But have you ever thought of the fact that not all websites are as popular as the other ones? Have you ever thought of probing deeper in to it? Well if you haven’t and if you are thinking of starting up a website on your own then you need to know about the reasons tight away. And for that purpose, we are going to help you a lot.

Reasons why the websites fail to be promoted?

There are a number of reasons why some websites fail to get the success that they have been craving for. One of the main reasons is copying the other websites. While creating a website one always have to be careful about the fact that the website does not even carry a tinge of any other website of the similar kind. Other reasons are faulty information, plagiarism and so on. But the major reason why a website basically fails is the web hosting service. If the web hosting service is not reliable and good enough then the website is bound to fail.

What to do in order to make your website strong?

In order to make your website strong one needs to get hold of a reliable web hosting service with a lot of capacity to turn things in the positive way. If you ask me I would tell you to go for a server known as the server named fatcow as I had read up in a Fatcow review. Not only that one of my friends have also created a website with the help of this and his website has been gaining a lot of popularity ever since.

What makes Fatcow so very popular and reliable?

Fatcow is a very popular and reliable sort of website and that has been possible because of the following reasons:

  • The work efficiency of this web hosting service- So far, there has been not a single website that has not gained popularity holding hands with it. Not only that, a recent review about this service has revealed that there are thousands of websites that are taken up by fatcow. So if you are going to start up any website do not forget to go for fatcow as the web hosting server.
  • Low costs- This is another factor that makes this more popular than it formerly was. Unlike other web hosting services, you will see that these service charges very low costs. So that means that you are getting a lot of services at low prices. So why wouldn’t you try this popular service for once?
  • Individual care- Even if you are taking up a two to three websites at a time, you will set to see that every website is taken up with individual care. Sounds interesting right?

How to Create a Successful Business Website


Where to start?

Whether you just started business or want to go online with your current one,looking for a Windows based web hosting solution will most likely be the right choice. As opposed to a Linux based solution a Windows-based web hosting server provides you with an intuitive and easy-to-handle user interface as well as many presets and functions you can easily access and operate.That means you do not need to be a programmer or a web designer to create a professional and optimized website. Most providers on the market offer direct access to varying degrees of design options, a lot of presets as well as the necessary management options that let you maintain and update your business website.

Web hosting and design options

When you are looking for a good web hosting solution there are a couple of options you might want to consider. The basic packages web hosting providers offer these days should feature everything you need to build yourself a professional web presence and also make it popular fast. These basic packages usually feature many design presets that give your company website an appealing appearance and at low cost. Often they are even tailored to your particular business.If you want take a look a thow easy this is, try to build a free website for your business and see for yourself how easy it really is.

Content and Search Engine Optimization

All the options and advantages you get from a Windows based web hosting package already are an optimized basis for your business web page. Nevertheless there are a few details you should simply be aware of in order to achieve faster loading speeds and better accessibility of your site. In order to decrease page load speeds for example you should always be sure to have all the images you want on your website prepared in an optimized file size and image format. This means images for thumbnails as well. You need to look at this on a page to page case in order to be as effective as possible. To boost your website in popularity and reach a bigger audience you should definitely catch up on SEO, because it makes for one of the main influences on the popularity of your website. This can be done quite simple if you consider the Big 3. Structure, Content and Links. Read up about these three and how to optimize these to their full maximum and there won’t be much that you need to do in future if you adhere to these guidelines. All you need to focus is to continue running content on your site in regular times so that you keep your website up to date with information.

With all that in mind you should now be prepared to set the cornerstone for a successful online representation of your business.