Tech Disasters That Could Take Down Your Business if You’re Not Careful

Tech Disasters That Could Take Down Your Business if You’re Not Careful

December 08
20:54 2015

When your business uses technology on a daily basis, as most businesses do, you need to be prepared for the worst. There is a whole host of disasters out there just waiting to strike your business down and make life more difficult for you and your employees. There is no silver bullet that will help you to avoid tech disasters completely. But you can mitigate some of the risks and prepare for what you would do if the worst did happen. Here are the tech disasters that it’s most important to prepare for.


Ransomware is a pretty common form of virus, but it’s more harmful and complex than most. It’s relatively new, and the criminals that use it tend to target businesses in particular, so you can’t ignore it. When ransomware finds its way into your computer system, it will lock everything down and hold you ransom. You’ll be asked to pay a certain amount of money by a certain time. And if you don’t, the system will be destroyed. All the while, the system will be locked, meaning you won’t be able to retrieve anything. Improving your firewall and using the best antivirus software can minimise this risk.

System Crashes

When your system crashes, all kinds of things can happen. It might not always be as simple as turning everything in again and getting back to work. Support for disaster recovery such as system crashes and data loss can be found online. If your files are corrupted, or hard drives aren’t receptive, you might still be able to retrieve what you need. But it will take time and expertise, so it’s best to contact someone who knows what they’re doing so that they can help you with this. Acting fast is important too, so don’t wait around for too long.

Power Failures

During a power failure, your business can be left with nothing to do. They carry out so much of their work using computers that they don’t know what to do when they don’t have them to use. If you operate in a location that has power cuts regularly, you should organise an alternate power source. This will keep everything ticking over and allow you to carry on working even when the power is out. Alternatively, you could prepare some tasks that can be carried out without computers for these times if that’s possible for the business.

No Backups

Without backups, your business could find itself in danger for all kinds of reasons. Data can be lost as a result of human error, technical malfunction or even bad weather. But having your data backed up in a separate location allows you to access it and restore it in seconds. But without those backups, you will have to go through a long data recovery process. That’s not what you want because it takes time, and you’ll have to pay for it too. It’s much better to start backing up today and avoid all that hassle. It’s not expensive or troublesome to do either.

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