7 Myths About Cloud Hosting That Need Debunking

Cloud Hosting is evolving into the go-to option for small and large business alike because of the high levels of security offered and being cost-efficient. The ease of access, scalability, and flexibility offered, make cloud hosting a great package for all hosting needs. However, being a relatively new technology, there are several myths surrounding it, leading to uncertainty among business owners about moving to the cloud. In this article, we will look at 7 myths that need debunking.

Myth # 1 –Cloud Providers can view my customer’s data

The Fact – Data is accessible only to people authorized by you with a User ID and Password

This myth probably stems from the fact that many website owners are not yet comfortable with uploading their customer’s data to a third-party server. However, with stringent policies in place to keep your data safe, the information stored by you on the cloud can be accessed only by those people who have a user id and password.

Myth # 2 – Cloud hosting is costlier than traditional hosting

The Fact – It is the most cost-efficient hosting option available

While traditional shared hosting plans might be a little cheaper as compared to cloud hosting, the subsequent costs incurred while scaling up and the incidental costs due to downtimes/outages reduce their cost-efficiency. Cloud Hosting has lower upfront costs since you don’t need to invest in infrastructure and manpower to maintain it, and single-click scalability option which allows you to pay for the resources that you use, making it more cost-efficient.

Myth # 3 – Migration to Cloud is difficult

The Fact – Transition to Cloud is smooth

With the help of a good hosting provider, seamless migration to Cloud Hosting can be made with minimal downtime. You just need to make sure that your current servers are clean and not too outdated. So, contrary to the myth that migration is complicated, it can easily taken care off by an efficient hosting provider.

Myth # 4 – Data is not secure in the cloud

The Fact – Cloud hosting offers high security for your data

Most cloud services providers give topmost priority to the security of your data. They deploy the latest antivirus and anti-malware tools, offer Hotlink, Leech, and DDoS protection and offer redundancy of data so that you never lose data in case of a disaster.

Myth # 5 – With Cloud Hosting, you always keep making payments

The Fact – Cloud Hosting reduces your overall costs

Cloud hosting helps you cut down on the following costs:

• Hardware (purchase, maintenance, and replacement)

• Backup fees

• Manpower costs

• Power consumption costs

Cloud Hosting also works on a pay-as-you-go payment model. It simply means that payment is to be made for the resources that have actually been utilised.

Myth # 6 – Cloud Hosting is not environmentally sustainable

The Fact – Cloud Hosting increases energy efficiency

Cloud Hosting services reduce the consumption of energy and other consumables, etc. Since you are not hosting servers on-site, the carbon emissions by your facility are lower making your business environmentally sustainable.

Myth # 7 – Learning Curve is too high

The Fact – Cloud Hosting is easy to manage

The difficulty of migrating onto or operating in Cloud is not at all more than what you are used to in a traditional setup. One of the biggest advantages of Cloud Hosting is that it frees you up from worrying about intricate technological things. Most of the things can be handled by an intuitive dashboard provided by hosting providers nowadays. Operations can be easily managed with a click of a button.


To benefit from all the features, you must ensure that you buy a plan form a good Cloud Hosting provider who prioritizes security, stability, and scalability. Also, look for free migration support, caching and CDN services, and data mirroring to ensure that your hosting needs are met.

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