Best Precautions when using public Wi-Fi networks

wifi63Wi-Fi networks are the best way to use the internet without any uninterrupted services. Now a days free Wi-Fi networks are available almost in all public and specially in private sectors to sophisticate their customers. When you are going for a mall, cafe or library along with your laptop or palm devices, you take a risk. But if you know what you’re doing, you can minimize that risk. To know about the dangers of using a public Wi-Fi network and also to know is there any other method to increase my privacy?.Please read out further.

When Windows logs onto a Wi-Fi network that it doesn’t recognize, it will ask you how it should handle security. And if for some reason it doesn’t ask, you can manually make it bring up the question itself. Actually it depends on your version of Windows. In case it is Windows 7 please read out the following.

Windows 7:

Windows 7 brings a large dialog box when you log onto a new Wi-Fi network whether the network may be Home, Work, or Public network. If the dialog box doesn’t come up, you are in the critical situation and you should confirm that Windows knows it’s a public network. For this go to the Start menu and search Network and Sharing Center. Once there, you’ll see the name of the network, and below that, the network type. The type is a link. Click that link, and you’ll get to the same dialog box that was supposed to come up automatically.

Windows 8:

When you log onto a new network, a panel will appear on the right side of the screen, asking if you want to find “PCs, devices, and content on this network.” If it’s a public network, select No.

If you want to make sure the setting is correct, go to the Search charm, type network, and select Network connection settings. Select your network. If the Find devices and content switch is turned off, Windows knows it’s a public network. If that switch is on, turn it off.

Apart these things you should also take some precautions such as logging onto the right network, check the network name, don’t contact your bank, and don’t use a credit card, use a good firewall and anti virus program and use different passwords for each site.

So take care of your secrets while sharing over Public or private sector’s Wi-Fi.

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