Block or Mute Someone on Twitter

twitter-muteTwitter is the right social platform to share your opinion, follow your person who are all in your wish list. At the beginning of Twitter usage folks things, like as above but later they staring to ask questions. Question, frequently asked by twitter user, can everyone see what I tweet? How can I make my tweets private? Is there a way to block people those who are fit to my twitter world? Here’s the thing. Twitter allows it’s users to handle this situation more easy then before. You can also control, who want to share tweet with you and who want to view your account. To achieve all this you will need to make your account private. You can also refer How to get more followers on Twitter.

For this Twitter has a couple of tools that let you to hide your account from certain people. Whether someone is trolling too or spamming on Twitter, these tools will help you deal with the situation. Now mute someone on twitter is ease of work.


Mute is the new feature introduced by the twitter, significantly for its app and the web interface. It works specially for the people those who want to hide tweets from someone without unfollowing them. Mute is suitable and useful too when some people we follow had been posting several tweets for contests. We muted them for a day and this hid all the annoying contest tweets from our feed.twitter_ios_mute

But keep it in a mind mute is not as same Block. If you muted one, they can follow you, send you direct messages, can also reply your tweets and you will get the notifications tab. But on your time line you can see the tweets posted by the muted one.

How to Mute?

On the Web, click More below any tweet by the person you want to mute. Now click Mute. Alternatively, you can go to their profile page and click the gear icon > Mute.Twitter-Icon-Mute

On Android and iOS apps, open any person’s profile on twitter, tap the gear icon > Mute > . Apart these users, other platform users are not avail with this mute feature,yet.

To check if you’ve muted someone, just go to their profile page. If you see a red mute icon next to the gear icon, then you’ve muted them.


Block is an extreme option that’s useful if you encounter some one who are really not fit for your twitter world such as spammers or if people are harassing you on Twitter. If you block them, they can’t follow you or add your account to their lists on Twitter. You will not see tweets from these people, even if they mention your Twitter handle. People you block will also not be able to see your profile picture.EmirCanerBlocksMohammadKhanTwitter

Go the person who you want to block then tap the gear icon > Block or Report. The Block option will be checked by default and you can select File a report if you want to tell Twitter about the problem.

2. Select reasons such as “This is a spam account” or “This user is abusive”. If you choose any of the options except “This user is abusive”, you can click Report to let Twitter know about the problem. If you choose “This user is abusive”, Twitter will ask you to fill a form specifying what kind of abuse you are facing and will ask for some contact details. The page advises you to contact local authorities if you feel like you’re in danger.

To unblock a user, go to their profile, tap the gear icon > Unblock.

These are the way to Block or Mute Someone on Twitter

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