Essay: Can Technology Replace Manpower?

Essay: Can Technology Replace Manpower?

Essay: Can Technology Replace Manpower?
June 01
20:17 2016

Technology and machinery have taken a step forward in today’s world, that is, the 21st century. Most of the tasks that were earlier done by man are now being done by machines. You’ve dirty laundry? No problem, there are millions of washing machines out there. Don’t like doing the dishes? Get a dishwasher! Thanks to technology there are billions of machines that have literally replaced man power.advanced-tech

Technological Influence

From computers, carrying out our day to day tasks, to luxury items such as intelligent bathrooms that heat the water to your liking, which in turn can be controlled from your mobile phones, technology is everywhere and whether we all use it or not, technology is replacing manpower increasingly.

Speaking of mobile phones, there are a host of new features and technology that link your mobile to your house, air conditioner, bathroom, car, etc, where normally you do the chores yourself, all these can now be done by single click on your mobile application. Yes! It is that simple, technology has made things simple, no longer do you need to do things by hand, all these can be done with some type of machine that intelligently uses technology to minimise human effort and maximise output. Today, most factories have fewer amounts of men working and more machines and computers operating.

People’s Mind-set

It is not just about replacing manpower and labour it is about bettering human manpower; human beings make mistakes frequently whereas machines barely make any. Technology based machinery doesn’t get tired, it doesn’t require sleep, doesn’t require food, only a source of power to work.

In our world technology and manpower go hand in hand, but most importantly we have to accept that technology makes lives easier but human intervention is must.

Both technology and manpower are in a harmony today but the question arises, can technology replace manpower? Can technology replace manpower for good? One cannot be blamed if he or she thinks that technology can replace manpower completely, as technology has already taken over more than half of the things that were done by hand a few decades ago and newer technology is being produced every day. So it is natural to think that technology can completely replace manpower, but the truth is different and much more complicated.

Manpower as a resource

Human beings are the parents of technology. They gave birth to technology, embraced it, nurtured it, developed it further and now it serves us by making our lives a lot easier. In the coming decades, technology will take over a lot of other things that still require manpower. But here it is important to note that technology cannot simply replace manpower completely.

There are still so many people who rely on labour for their livelihood, so many people who need manpower to run their businesses and tons of other things that still require. While technology makes our lives easier and even effectively replace manpower, it can never simply replace it for good.

Reliability of Manpower

Manpower will always be more reliable if not as efficient as machines are. Machines only work till the time they are being provided energy from electricity or other sources, but a man can push his limits and endure pain. While technology can go haywire due to a simple wiring defect, humans can work through pain and injuries. So, technology might makes our lives easier but can’t mimic the human nature; and, it is our human nature that we make our own masters and it is also the reason why manpower will always be required in some shape or form, no matter how big or small. No matter how many factories employ machines to get their tasks done, those machines still have to be controlled or monitored by man. No matter how much technology develops, to develop new technology itself it will require manpower. Therefore, the coming few years might see an increase in the use of technology and humans may be replaced by technology in many aspects.

Manpower has been and will always be the required by the world in tasks ranging from something as small as cooking food to working at oil rigs or construction sites or outer space expeditions. Technology might be better than manpower, be more efficient, even might be more economical and intelligent, but because technology will never have human emotions and instincts it will never be able to replace humans.

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