Getting Your Foot in the Door: Do You Know Which 8 IT Skills Are in High Demand Today?

IT is unquestionably the industry that has the most room for expansion in the modern landscape. It seems like every company has an IT department, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding work once you learn the basics. There are some IT skills, however, that are absolute essentials because every employer looks to see if you have them. These are the skills that you should have if you want to land a high-paying IT position.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a cloud platform, and the reason it pays to know about it is that more companies are switching over to it from the more traditional server infrastructure. Amazon Web Services is all about networking, database storage, and content delivery. Make sure that it’s on your resume.


Cybersecurity consists of network and information security rolled up into one. Almost any company has their own sensitive information to protect, and many of them also collect customer information. If you have cybersecurity skills, you can prevent those costly data breaches that have proven so devastating to banks, department stores, and others. There are not enough people trained in this area, though, so it is doubly useful for you to have these skills.

UX and UI Design

UX is user experience, and UI is user interface. Both of these relate to how a person interacts with a website. If you have UX and UI skills, you can customize sites so that visitors are enjoying their time there and are not becoming frustrated with the experience. That is valuable to potential employers.

Data Engineering

Data engineers create infrastructure and tools for data scientists. Since data scientists often work for companies doing market research, if you know how to assist them, you’re going to be an invaluable part of the team.

Data Science

This leads to data science, with the two professions working in tandem and some of the skills crossing over from one area of expertise to the other. Data science, also sometimes called data visualization, is how companies determine who is buying their products. If they can pinpoint the demographics that are likely to purchase certain products and services, then they can tailor their ad campaigns accordingly.

SEO Marketing

Digital marketing skills might include the ability to optimize a website, run a PPC ad campaign, take charge of social media accounts, or do whatever is necessary to get a site to rank highly with Google SERPs. This visibility matters for companies. If you have SEO marketing skills and you can demonstrate them effectively, you can easily secure a lucrative position.

Mobile Development

More people now use mobile devices to look at websites than use desktops or laptops. Because of that, if you have the technical know-how to improve a company’s mobile site, they’re likely to hire you.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is closely related to artificial intelligence. These skills are all about creating futuristic tech, from self-driving cars to chatbots to new staples like Siri and Alexa. This is an exciting area with new positions opening up every day.

If you feel like you want to get into the industry, you can always get IT training from ITProTV and similar services. IT is very much the industry of the present, but its future is secure as well, and you would be wise to take advantage if you have the aptitude for it.

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