Kaspersky security Software Banned for US Government Use.

Kaspersky security Software Banned for US Government Use.

Kaspersky security Software Banned for US Government Use.
November 20
12:25 2017

US Government has just ordered to stop internet security provided by Kaspersky security:

The US Government has just ordered its federal agencies to stop using any internet security software providing by Kaspersky Lab with more than 400 million clienteles worldwide, Kaspersky security is a giant cybersecurity organization and one of the topmost anti-virus software earners worldwide. The Kremlin statement came in response to a 90-day deadline given to US federal agencies to eliminate the security software. The US Department of Home Security held it was worried about connections between company officials and the Russian intelligence services. Kaspersky Lab has repetitively denied that it has connections to the Kremlin. In addition, US retailer Best Buy has said it would no longer sell Kaspersky security products in its stores.

DHS (Department of Homeland Security) statement:

The Department of Homeland Security “is concerned about the ties between certain Kaspersky security officials and Russian intelligence and other government agencies, and requirements under Russian law that allow Russian intelligence agencies to request or compel assistance from Kaspersky security and to intercept communications transiting Russian networks,” the section said in a statement.

The risk that the Russian government, whether acting on its own or in collaboration with Kaspersky security, could capitalize on access provided by Kaspersky security products to compromise federal information and information systems directly implicates U.S. national security.”

Their products typically have access to every file on the computers they defend and frequently connect with Kaspersky security to accept updates, which is typical of antivirus software. This means that they could ideally offer backdoor admission to sensitive info on government networks.

Russian company statement:

The Russian corporation denied such claims and said in a declaration: “Kaspersky Lab doesn’t have inappropriate ties with any government, which is why no credible evidence has been presented publicly by anyone or any organization to back up the false allegations made against the company.”

Wrong allegation:

Kaspersky Lab said that the facts of the emails have been “misconstrued to fit in with the hypothetical, false theory”. “[Kaspersky Lab] does regularly work with governments and law enforcement agencies around the world with the sole purpose of fighting cybercrime.” “Kaspersky Lab has always acknowledged that it provides appropriate products and services to governments around the world to protect those organizations from cyber threats, but it does not have unethical ties or affiliations with any government, including Russia.” Organizer and chief executive Eugene Kaspersky security said he has frequently offered to an extent the company’s source code to US officials for an inspection, but has not been given the chance to do so.

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