Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker Bulb Review

Ligth-Cube-Speaker_45200_13A fantastic idea allows you to reveal the new level of lighting experience in the name of Olixar’s Bluetooth Speaker Bulb might sound like a gimmick, but it’s actually really cool, let’s read this review to know more it.

Have you ever think about the collaboration of a Bluetooth speaker and a light bulb? It sounds annoying but it’s a combination that really works. Olixar’s Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker Bulb is a very cool gadget and yet, surprisingly, not unique.

But we really love it, because the beauty of pairing light bulb and speaker provided a amiable situation when light is turned on, the speaker is fired up and ready to go. There’s no need to touch buttons, and no need to charge the speaker or plug it into a wall outlet, you just grab your smartphone and connect to the Olixar Speaker Bulb over 4.0 Bluetooth and instantly ready to blare out music, podcasts and audio books from the ceiling.

Olixar Speaker Bulb’s high up or central position is ideal to enjoy the rocking out audio without obstruction, which is a 3W speaker especially loud, but never create the annoying atmosphere.

Both light bulb and speaker is no way to separate in this product the speaker is good only as long as is the bulb, sometimes the speaker will still work, but a light bulb that doesn’t brighten the room if you used it too much.

Olixar offers a two-year warranty and LED lasts much longer than a traditional incandescent bulb, it works around 10,000 hours, there is one more benefit if you use LED lighting, such as reduced energy consumption and less heat generated. The £49 tag on the Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker Bulb is therefore much better value than it might appear.

Unlike many Bluetooth speakers the Olixar does not support hands free calls, though its good thing, you can hardly hold a private conversation through a light bulb. If a call comes in the music automatically pauses, then resumes when you hang up. But while your ringtone won’t play through the speaker, keypad tones and text, email and other notifications do.


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