Toshiba Glass Prototype Review

Toshiba Glass Prototype Review

Toshiba Glass Prototype Review
February 11
15:18 2015

gad1_9oct-1764x700At present, one of the emerging technology is the Smart glasses. Google, Sony and others already marked their foot prints in this platform, now Toshiba has unveiled Toshiba Glass. Here is a review will reveal the features and other specifications part of the new born Toshiba Glass.

The new Toshiba Glass also resembles the other smart glasses, Toshiba Glass is currently in prototype form, so is subject to changes, tweaks and improvements before it becomes a finished, purchasable product. It offers much more comfortable while wearing it and reduced much weight when compared to the other glasses.

It reached the market with a £1,000 price tag, unlike other glasses such as Google, Toshiba Glass differs in many ways, but both are aimed to develop the same thing.
providing information that’s accessible hands-free by simply glancing slightly to the right. Like Google Glass, Toshiba offer a small lightweight projector attached to the right-side frame of the glass. However, the projector works differently from Google Glass in Toshiba’s prototype wearable.

In Toshiba Glass the projector projects images on to a series of thin, vertical prisms which are almost invisible but reflect light back to the eye to provide an augmented reality display. On the other hand Google included a prism over the lens to reflect the content to the user’s eye.

Toshiba Glass weighs roughly 42 grams, which is same as the weigh of Google Glass, and will also come in three types of frame options such as standard, sporty and industrial. The most important and notable difference between Toshiba Glass and Google Glass, is that the Japanese prototype glasses are not wireless. The glasses connect through a wire to the user’s smartphone battery and utilities it.

But Toshiba explained that it did not include the battery as it would make the glasses too heavy a problem that Google evidently found a solution to. Also, the glasses themselves have no computing power, and simple act as an augmented reality headset. It is simple with impressive display but lacks in Camera.

So you can do the tough part cooking too easy with this by seeing the ingredients one by one as you follow a recipe without needing to take your eyes off the food itself. Let’s try it…….

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