Ultra-Slim Wireless Charger your smartphone

Wireless Charging is the fastest growing technology. Now many of the latest smart mobiles and tablets come with support for Qi wireless charging. But still, people doesn’t know what it exactly do? And how to use it ? Here a review will allow you to know more about the Wireless Charging.

Let’s we see how to set up Qi wireless charging on the Nokia Lumia 735 using the EC Technology Ultra-Slim Wireless Charger.

Wireless charging allows your palm device’s battery to charge wirelessly by using induction transfer method. Qi is a global standard to mention wireless charging and you can easily see it on smartphones. To charge your mobile wirelessly, place your mobile on top of a wireless pad, moreover you don’t need any cables or adaptors for charging.EC_Technology_Qi_Ultra_Slim_Wireless_Charger

Wireless charging become a common feature in upcoming days, as Wi-Fi you can find this features everywhere such as hotels, airports, train stations and more. You can also buy your own Qi wireless charger for home use, such as this EC Technology Ultra-Slim Wireless Charger, which costs just £12.99 from Amazon UK.

You can use any kind of wireless charger instead of EC Technology’s Ultra-Slim Wireless Charger. There are couple of types wireless charger available that’s the low-power Qi wireless charging and medium-power Qi. low-power Qi wireless charging able to deliver up to 5W of power; medium-power Qi will offer up to 120W.51LpVzCydOL._SL1500_

Obviously Wireless charging is slower than normal charging method. This EC Technology Qi charger delivers a 1A current and it is standard for smart mobiles, but you’ll notice the difference with tablets such as the Nexus 7 – these will charge much faster using a 2A charger.

The EC Technology Ultra-Slim Wireless Charger is not harmful for humans because it emits non-ionising radiation. While charging the device can warm but it doesn’t exceed 40ºC.

Really this is better technology and useful too.

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