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Android App Lightbox Review

669635e9-de3f-4301-9953-e1625c3f0992Lightbox is a prefect app allowing you to snap, enhance and easily share your pictures with your favourite social networks. It is a camera and gallery replacement application. Already a bunch of photo sharing app wandering around every one’s smart mobile,now Lightbox is one among all. At the time of launch, app was not known by all but later it becoming increasingly popular in the Android ecosystem. Join with us to know more about the new photo sharing and best smartphone app, Lightbox.

Setup, snapshots, and sharing:

The first and foremost things is launch the app and it will redirect you to create your Lightbox account. This will give you a public profile that all your shared pictures will be hosted on. Now the account will allow you to log in to multiple device and letting you share your complete gallery across them. After creating an account, it will ask it if you want to link the application to any social networks and it show some options such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Tumblr. You don’t have to connect to any networks if you don’t want to, but that will limit the how much you can do with the app.

Installing the app shows two different shortcuts in your app drawer, one is Lightbox that holds the photos which is the gallery and social photo ticker that shows recent picture uploads from the social networks you link the app to. If you are new to this app, you would not prefer the ticker much at the beginning but later you will love to work on it.

You can set how often the application will sync, and toggle it so it will sync only over Wifi to save on your data plan in the settings. As with any application, selecting a shorter period between syncs will put a greater strain on your battery. You can find the direct short cut icon for camera app. Just hit the camera button and the app will focus and take a snap. The snap may lack in sharpness, color, brightness and more. The Lightbox allow you to edit your snap the way you want, for this it offers much editing options with few number of filters.

After completed the editing part of the snap hit the OK button and choose where you want to share the picture. If you don’t want to enclose your picture on Social media, it will post your snap on your public wall on default. When you share an image, it uploads the image to your public profile and then the application will update your social networks with your comment and a link back to the image on your public account.

Really this is the nice photo sharing app for android users.

Instagram dominating Twitter in user Chase with 300 million active users

Instagram-vs-TwitterInstagram is one of the fastest growing, photo and video sharing service. It keeps on growing with more active users than twitter now. Yes, it hits the important milestone, Twitter. Now the company owns more than 300 million active users and chased the twitter successfully. 300 million active users apart, everyday more than 70 million photos sharing takes place and an average of 2.5 million users likes it. Let’s we peep into the history of growing Instagram now.

Instagram is a four year old baby in the photo and video sharing social world and best smartphone app too. In march it crossed 200 millions of users and now it owns 300 million users but the twitter has 284 million active users only. This serves as a evidence that the Instagram has grown in huge way in the past few months.

The service, bought by Facebook in April 2012, also said in a blog that users would now see a “verified” badge for celebrities, athletes and brands as Instagram pushes to deactivate spam accounts. The company also said, Instagram will delete the spam accounts permanently, although it cause a drop in user counts.

Instagram recently launched a new app in the name of Hyperlapse app. The Hyperlapse app, specially launched for capturing time-lapse videos using iOS devices. Videos captured under Hyperlapse app can be saved on mobile devices and then shared on Instagram.

Now the Instagram launched five new filters to enhance the photo sharing more. So many reports pointed out that, twitter have fallen in users count, but we can’t predict that, this situation must continue, it may change or may not. At present Instagram is really awesome in photo and video sharing let’s enjoy this.

Instagram Launched five new Photo filters to enhance your Photo sharing

instagram-logoInstagram offered new update as a Christmas gift to its users. Its sounds awesome right. Instagram introduced five photo filters such as Crema, Slumber, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua to enhance your photo editing world. These filters will now appear first in the filter tray of the updated app. The filter tray of the updated app, works smart than ever. You can arrange your filters as your wish and hide the filters that you are not using it regularly.

This smarter filter tray, now display mini previews of filter that you would like to apply on your photo. This will really escalates a step in filter usage effectively. Then scroll to the end of the filter tray, where you can find a manage setting. This setting allow you to quickly personalize how and where your favorite filters appear in the Instagram App. Let’s see the five new filters helps to make the most of better image quality.

Five new filters are,

Slumber: Adds haze and desaturates the image for a retro dreamy look, with a particular emphasis on blacks and blues.

Crema: As the name suggests, adds a creamy look that both warms and cools the image.

Ludwig: A minimalist look with a hint of desaturation. It also enhances the light and works especially great with portraits, architecture, and geometric shapes.

Perpetua: This filter gives a blue/green natural look

Aden: Ideal for portraits, this filter gives a pastel look and feel to images.

Along with this new five filters update, Instagram announced three new features:

The ability to upload slow motion video, real-time commenting and adjust your photo’s perspective using the adjust tool.
Customize your tray of filters by just hit the manage button that is available at the end of your filter tray.
Now view the preview of the filter that you are going to apply on your photo. This will allow your photo editing works as simply as possible.

This updated app is now available for iOS and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play. Let’s begin to work with this best smartphone app for photo editing.