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Check out the Top iPhone XR Specs Before Buying the Affordable iPhone

Apple announced its twelfth generation iPhone in October 2018. iPhone XR is one of the advanced models and one of the very rare Apple phones that can easily fit your pocket. iPhone XR is one of the budget series phones that Apple has introduced for iPhone lovers.

The phone was introduced with the motto of ‘iPhone for everyone.’ Apple iPhone XR has all the upgraded features, and it does not make a big hole in your pocket. The iPhone XR price is affordable for many. Apple has moved way far ahead with colors of the body, particularly with XR. It is not just the dull space grey and white. The XR offers you six colors to choose from, like coral, red and yellow.

You will have to compare the phone and know a bit more about XR before placing an order. We are here to discuss the iPhone XR specs.

Screen and Display

iPhone XR screen size is effortless to handle. XR has a liquid retina LCD. XR has one of the best LCD screens. But in the era of OLEDs, who wants LCD anymore? OLED displays a better and deeper color; LCD fails to perform that well. XR has a lower pixel density and resolution if compared to the OLED screens. However, it is as good as all the other iPhone models apart from iPhone XS. If you have been using any iPhone other than XS, we bet you will not feel any difference in resolution. One of the critical iPhone XR specs is the 6.1-inch display. It comes right between iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max (5.8 inches and 6.5 inches respectively)

Stereo Speakers

Let us talk about the speakers now. Apple has introduced stereo speakers for iPhone XR. One speaker is placed on each of the corners. You will feel like you are just inside the sound as you can hear the sound moving to either side of the Head. There is a chance that you will be using your headphone most of the time. But for some, the in-built sound system is one of the essential iPhone XR specs to consider while buying. The speakers of this model are generally loud, as well as quite impressive.


If you compare other advanced iPhone cameras with that of XR, it is not that impressive. While other advanced models have more than one rear camera with an ultra-wide-angle feature, iPhone XR does not have the same. Moreover, the Pro models have a telephoto zoom lens (2x), which the XR doesn’t have. If you compare iPhone XR vs. iPhone 11, in terms of camera, XR loses the game. But an Apple phone wins hearts with its clarity. XR has maintained clarity and real color. Apart from the zoom lens and the night mode, XR can give you pretty good pictures. One big let-down is that XR’s image processing is the same as the old iPhones, whereas SE, 11, and 11Pro use the latest one. The contrast and color reproduction are not the best in XR.

iphone xr specs

Performance and Battery

What would you look for in a phone? High performance and tough battery life, right? Performance and battery life are the features we care about the most. If you look into iPhone XR specs, you will be a bit disappointed here as well. Apple phones are famous for their smooth performance and trustworthy battery life. XR still uses Apple’s old A12 processor. We have to admit that it is neither the best nor the latest one by Apple. But even then, it is much better than any other android phone, that is a guarantee. iPhone XR review says it can handle almost all kinds of apps quite smoothly. Be it a 3D game or a video editing app, XR is comfortable with almost everything. Even though the advanced iPhones are technically much faster, you will not be able to spot the difference quickly. Switching from apps to apps, opening apps are super smooth in XR like any other iPhone.

Pocket Pinch

As we said earlier, this model is dedicated to the motto, ‘iPhone for all,’ and so, they have kept the price on the lower side and much more affordable than any other advanced iPhones. iPhone XR price in the USA starts from $599. If you are planning to buy the iPhone XR 128GB, the price will be $649.


Given the iPhone XR specs that we have come to know, we think it is a good buy only if you are a huge Apple fan. It is affordable and gives you the desired performance. It is not that an excellent purchase if you are looking for a high-end phone. iPhone XR will not give you all the features that new iPhones have, but continues to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free performance.