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Important features of Firefox OS

The Firefox launched its new operating system on 2013 termed as the Firefox operating system. The Firefox operating system now boosts the many mobile phones, tablets and much more. The Alcatel One Touch Fire and ZTE Open are the two smart mobiles released on the awesome Firefox Operating system platform already in some places of the world. Let’s read the review and know the unique features of the Firefox OS.


Completely Open Source:

In Firefox operating system you can’t find any proprietary components, when compared to the other mobile operating systems. In Firefox operating system the user interface coded by the HTML 5 and the three layers named as the Gaia, Gecko and Gonk are fully open sources, where the Gaia is the user interface, Gecko is the run time engine and Gonk is the lower layer with the all accessible libraries.

Open development community:

In Firefox operating system you can contribute to the developers in the all part of the developments so you don’t need to download and install the software development kit. In Firefox operating system everything is similar to the other mobile operating system such as the calls, browsing, camera and much more.

Upgraded in parts:

The Firefox architecture designed in the way to faster upgrade, which collects the frequently changing features in the run time engine and it can upgraded independently. The OS fragmentations will be reduced and upgrades faster by the OEM.

Dynamic App search:

The Firefox allows the application to run directly from the webpage and you can download it if needed. The HTML 5 based browser allows you to experience the real mobile platform, which means if you type a single word the browser shows the related apps as well as the corresponding web page. So this is easy to use and access. This is the important feature when compared to the other operating systems.

So read the above review and know in-depth about the Firefox operating system.