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Hidden Features of X Yosemite

osx_yosemite-finder-viewX Yosemite is a powerful operating system for your Mac; it is fully packed with more number of amazing apps, now this review will show off some hidden gem like features in front of you.

Quick Type Anywhere:

Similarly like iOS 8, Yosemite also has the QuickType feature, so you can get the suggestion words everywhere while you writing by pressing the ESC key.

Flyover in Maps:

Apple’s new 3D Flyover feature to Maps, will allow you to do take a tour immediately by just typing the name of a supported city, click the 3D Flyover Tour button, and off you go.apple-maps-flyover-city-tour

Remotely Close Tabs on Your iOS Device:

Suppose you may suddenly or accidentally leave an embarrassing tab open on your iPad, if you want to close it remotely you just load up Safari on your Mac, just hit a new tab page, and click the X next to any tabs you want to close, so know can’t see your private easily.

Record iOS Screens:

You can now record your iOS device screen, but this not useful feature for many users but good to use, if you want to make videos of whatever you’re doing on your iPhone, for this you need to connect your iOS device to your Mac with a cable, then upload any recording program to find your iOS device.

Input Signatures via Trackpad in Mail:

Initially you can put your signature by using your iSight camera, you can now use the trackpad to do the same on your Mac Book to sign documents, and for this you just upload any document in Preview and then click the signature button, and choose the trackpad option.

Share Your Screen from Messages:

Yosemite offers wonderful platform to the Mac users for Screen sharing with an easy environment, now you can click the Details button and select the screen sharing icon to share your screen instantly with someone. This should make tech support a little easier for everyone.

These are the most important hidden features of X Yosemite.


Power Every Mac by Operating System X Yosemite

osx_yosemite-finder-viewApple successfully launched powerful operating system for your Mac based on the California landmark naming scheme introduced with OS X Mavericks, after named as Yosemite, where the hardware takes full advantages to run in an efficient manner, which is specially designed to boost the Mac users with ease of use and it also looks beautiful in appearance too. The X Yosemite comes with an amazing collection of apps, so you will love your Mac while using it every day and it also brings Mac and iOS devices to work in a single platform.

This fully integrated system brings everything good and works together seamlessly and delivers best performance. In Mac notebooks you can find the super-responsive trackpad, so you can experience the Multi‑Touch gestures. Awesome high resolution Retina display looks gorgeous because of this X Yosemite, which works efficiently with your Mac hardware to keep the entire system up to date while it sleeps and also enhanced with power-saving technologies so your Mac battery life will be extend more. All these features enhance the way of looking and along with you can also experience the crisp and graphics are vivid.

While you start up your Mac, you can really feel easy use and good design with better applications, on your Mac you can do all in easy way such as find, share, and everything, another awesome features is gesture control, you can control your Mac with simple, intuitive gestures.
The X Yosemite is a best way to bring Multi‑Touch gestures to your computer on the surface of a trackpad, now it is easy to navigate your Mac using your fingers to tap, scroll, pinch, and swipe feels perfectly natural.trackpad_mac_gestures_lg

Apple enhanced hardware and software, Multi‑Touch gestures in a right way, so your simple scroll down, down your document, your simple scroll up, scrolls up your web page, your swipe left, your photos move left. These are the important gestures used in Mac.

Experience the world with new X Yosemite.