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10 Quick Things for the New Aspiring Blogger

There’s a misconception that you need to have a Ph.d in rocket science if you want to be a successful blogger, well it’s not so.

Infact, before trying out all those so called “rocket science” methods, there are some pretty novice tips and tweaks which sound and are simple, but they’ve a pretty solid impact.

  1. Design

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on your blog Design. Just get a simple theme, but work on making it look unique.

Most blog templates allow ultra-customization. So the same theme can have infinite number of layouts. Just let your creativity flow, use what you got and make your blog stand out.

Use Sidebars, Custom Widgets and stuff, basically anything that adds to the look and feel of your blog and you’re done.

  1. Don’t focus too much on “anything”!

There are bloggers who focus on Content, and there are other who focus on looks, and again some others who focus on backlinks.

The secret is, not to focus on anything, but to focus on everything.

Let your time be divided into small fractions for every bit of the aspect. Just because someone says “content is the king“, doesn’t mean you can ignore backlinks, or the looks. This applies to each aspect of it.

Once you focus overall on your blog, you’ll start noticing the difference.

  1. Ask!

I don’t know how many times this has been said. But ask!

Ask for shares, comments and questions. You get only what you ask for and it’s the truth.

Asking doesn’t make you look desperate;on the contrary, it makes you look like a guy who knows the worth of his hardwork.

And trust me, it works. When you ask for Comments, questions or shares your Social Shares and engagement increases over time, and so does the ranking. And what did you do? Just “ask”, right?

  1. Frequency:

It’s one of the most important things (and also unfortunately one of the most neglected too!)posting 3 posts a day, and then being dead over the week won’t get you readers, or rankings.

Google takes “frequency” into consideration for rankings. Also frequency increases your returning visitors. It gives them a positive vibe about a site which posts content regularly compared to other which posts randomly.

It’s okay if you post just one post every week, but post it “Every Week”. Instead of posting 2 posts this week,and nothing for the next two weeks.

  1. Do not “Build and Email List”! 

What? Have I gone nuts?

Nope I haven’t. And I don’t even mean what I said. (Not literally atleast!)

An E-mail list is a must for a long-term successful blog. But in order to achieve that, a lot of people go over the wall.

You guys start installing popups, re-popups, headers and what not. Overall, the site starts looking shitty.

So either implement just one popup (and try to provide some real value in return of the E-mail ID) or don’t build and Email list at all.

Not having an Email list won’t hurt you as much as kicking and turning off a reader from your site forever.

  1. Don’t “Re-purpose”.

What’s re-purposing?

It’s the act when you read content off Neil Patel, Darren Rowse, Copybloggerkinda sites, come back to your site, and re-write that content.

Doesn’t matter what you think, unless you’ve provided some really “unique” value, it won’t work.

Yeah you can take tips and points from them to include in your article, but “10 ways to get backlinks” doesn’t work anymore.

  1. Prioritize:-

What happens when you start a new blog is, you don’t Prioritize.

For you, Traffic, content, money, it’s all the same. You post content, and wait for all three of them to happen. Well it doesn’t work that way.

You’ve got to prioritize and analyze what should you focus on most. Is it content creation? Engagement? SEO or something else, and then devote most of your time to that aspect.

What this does is, you get atleast one solid aspect on your blog after some time, and after some more time, all the aspects get stronger one by one.

  1. Good Images:-

Again one of the most neglected points.

Pulling images off Google and inserting them and using “paint” to write your headline on the image, won’t work.

There are so many free professional services you can use to create stunning, professional images. Let me name a few:-

  • PiktoChart.
  • Canva
  •  Pixlr.

So get some professionalism up on your site.

Final Words:

Implementing the above tactics won’t cost you even $1, but you can thank me only once you get results.

Do leave a comment or feedback on this piece, and I’d absolutely love if you hit the share buttons (I know you would!)