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10 Tools to Up Your Company’s Bottom Line

Are you ready to boost your business’ bottom line? We’ve got a great roundup of small business tech tools that can help save your company time and money and make you more productive. Check out this simple guide to ten of the best tools to boost your bottom line.

perspica-improves-your-bottom-line-e1470851527322-1Big Data Analytics Software

According to Business News Daily, it’s time to invest in software that will provide you with real time big data reporting and analysis. Big data analytics is best for remarketing campaigns. Find a tool that will integrate into current business intelligence and analytics applications you have, so that you can make the data you currently have work for you.

Cloud-Based Phone System

Use a cloud-based phone system, so that any business calls go directly to your smartphone. Such systems allow callers to reach you on mobile devices via call routing. Make sure to look for services that offer the features you need, like automated menus and voicemail to email.

Communications Hub

If you’re having trouble keeping track of where all your conversations with colleagues and partners are happening, it might be time to invest in a unified cloud communications hub that will keep everything in one place, so that it’s easy to find. With communications hubs, emails, instant messages and contacts will all appear in the same interface, boosting company efficiency and productivity. Most communications hubs allow you to make free video calls, as well as calls to landlines and mobile phones. Some hubs even include your social networks in the interface.

Financial Software Suite

Use a cloud-based, integrated financial solution to stay organized when you’re dealing with finances, invoicing, accounting, payroll, payments, budgeting and taxes, according to SunTrust.com. Many of these solutions also offer mobile apps, so that you can easily check your finances on the go. Make sure that you do your research and find one that specifically works for your company’s size, needs and wants.

Web Conferencing Service

Web conferencing is a great method of communication, especially for companies that include remote employees, clients or partners that want to increase productivity while slashing travel time and costs. If you’re interested in a video conference tool, consider checking out a service like BlueJeans.

In-Store Analytics System

Keep track of foot traffic and in-store customer interactions with an in-store analytics system. This type of software is great for small retail businesses. This tool will include Bluetooth-enabled devices to transmit data between mobile phones and tablets, so that you can keep track of your performance metrics. If you want to see the number of customers coming into your store on a daily basis, as well as conversion rates, this type of system is the perfect way to see your customer statistics and make educated decisions about your small business.

Online Payment Networks

Are you still using paper checks to pay your employees? Paper checks are an incredibly inefficient way to send payments. You waste money on postage, envelopes and invoice stationery. Using an online payment network instead will save your company time and money and boost your bottom line. These networks are secure and affordable and allow you to send and request money to and from your bank account. These networks usually don’t involve credit cards, so you will likely save plenty of money on transaction and service fees.

Project Management Software

Do you waste time and resources by working on projects in several different applications? An all-in-one project management software platform can help save you time and money. It also allows you to coordinate with your team members, so that you can work collaboratively on the same projects. These apps let you assign tasks, view the progress of your colleagues and employees, send notes and consolidate everything into one platform. Many apps also include built-in performance metrics to keep tabs on the efficiency of your team.

Screen Capture Software

Screen capture software lets you save images and videos from your desktop. You can save all the visual content you need with just a click, whether you want to capture the entire screen or just one segment of the screen. Most of these software tools have a built-in screen capture, but you should make sure to use tools that include annotation and editing capabilities to customize your images and videos and make them ready to share with your colleagues, clients and partners.

Social Marketing Platform

As a small business owner, it is essential that you build your social media community. However, building this community can be time consuming. With a social media marketing platform, you can easily monitor all your social media conversations, as well as boost engagement and share only the content your audience really wants to see.

So there you have it! Now you know about all the tools you need to boost your company’s bottom line.