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3 Useful Tips for Dealing with Customer Attrition

Customer Churn

Customer attrition or churn is perhaps the biggest concern of any subscription-based business, whether it’s one that deals with providing content, services, software, of subscription boxes. After all, a high number of subscribers does not automatically spell big business in the subscription economy. The crucial factor is long-term and uninterrupted subscription.

That is why a lot of online businesses and enterprises have taken to automated subscription billing software to help them achieve this. Such tech-based solutions can ensure that the payment process is streamlined, that friction points are eliminated, and that failed payment transactions are addressed automatically. All these can help encourage customer loyalty and prevent customer churn.

Of course, it is important to be aware of the many other factors that may contribute to customer churn and to find out which solutions are applicable to your subscription-based business or enterprise. Here are some helpful tips that you might want to consider.

Adopting a high-quality automated subscription billing solution

As mentioned, while many subscription billing solutions are available in the market these days, they are obviously not all made the same. Business owners need to be discerning in their choice of solutions providers to partner with, because a lot about customer satisfaction depends on the quality of the subscription billing service experience.

It matters how efficient and reliable a subscription billing system is. Downtime, erroneous processes, and failed payment transactions are among the biggest reasons why customers turn away from a subscription service. The solutions offered should also be tailor-fit or customized as much as possible to organization’s needs. There is no cookie cutter computer-based tech solution when it comes to subscription billing.

Improving the quality of customer experience

Related to the quality and design of a billing solution is the customer experience. How does the software “interact” with the customer at different touchpoints? For instance, it matters how automated messages and responses are carefully worded to elicit the right response from target audiences. Customers get turned off with incorrect or irrelevant messages that border on traditional spam.

A good automated subscription billing system can also provide business owners with big data insights into consumer preferences, attitudes, and inclinations. These can be harnessed, in turn, so that more effective marketing activities and initiatives can be developed. By studying data generated by subscription billing systems, for instance, companies can offer the right incentives, develop more attractive payment schemes, or promote related products in order to increase profitability.

Improving the quality of the product or service

At the end of the day, no amount of online marketing or automated billing solutions can help or strengthen subscription-based businesses if the product or service itself is unsatisfactory. Customers will abandon a subscription product or service if they find that its value is really not worth the price. A good thing about a well-designed and high-quality automated billing subscription solution is that it can help business owners gather customer feedback as part of its real-time data activities and transactions.

Such information is valuable in developing insights into how excellent or how poor an online product or service actually is. It may be a bitter pill to swallow for some companies, but learning the truth is very important and will prevent them from continuously spending money on measures that do not address the business problem at its source.

Many companies think that putting an automated billing software in place is the end-all and be-all of a subscription-based business. However, it is vital for enterprises to partner with the right vendor, who can come up with a customized solution for their billing subscription needs. There are a variety of relevant functionalities that a system can be designed with, many of which will help in achieving minimal churn rate. In the end, all these efforts will improve a company’s profitability and bottom line.