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4 Features of a Good Office Chair

Office Chair

Whether you work from home or at a corporate office, you need a good office chair. Then, you can keep from getting tired and developing injuries just from sitting. Before you go out and buy a chair, consider some features to look for so that you can get the best bang for your buck.

1. Cushion

A good office chair should have a supportive cushion for your legs and back. That way, you can stay comfortable as you sit for hours at work. While you can take breaks and stand up, a bad cushion won’t be comfortable for short periods of sitting. You can look for memory foam or another thick material as the cushion. Then, you can sit for longer without feeling pain or developing an injury.

2. Height

Next, you should consider how tall your office chair is, especially in relation to the floor and your desk. If your arms need to stretch to reach your computer, that can cause tension and pain in your shoulders and wrists. Make sure you can raise your chair high or low enough so that you can sit in line with your desk. However, you should also consider if your feet can touch the floor comfortably or not. If they don’t, you may also want to get a stool so that your feet can sit flat.

3. Wheels

Even if your office has carpeting, you may want to use wheels so that you can move around. Swivel wheels are an excellent type of wheel because you can move in different directions, but any wheel can help you move your chair in and out from your desk. Then, you won’t have to awkwardly scoot your chair back and forth when you sit or stand. Instead, you can slide and easily stand up.

4. Armrests

Sometimes, you can rest your arms on your desk or in your lap. However, you may want some armrests for your office chair so that you can feel even more comfortable. Some armrests are adjustable, so you can put them at the right height. Then you can keep your arms comfortable during a meeting or whenever you need to put your arms somewhere besides your desk.

The right office chair can make a huge difference when it comes to comfort and productivity. Keep these things in mind before you buy your next chair for your home office or the workplace. Then, you can stay comfortable through a long meeting or work session.