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7 Ways to Accelerate Your IT Career

If you love computers and want a career that feeds your passion, Information Technology could be an excellent choice. There are numerous types of IT jobs, including web development, analysis, systems architecture, and consulting. You can also specialize in IT systems designed for the healthcare community. Geographic Information Systems is another area with countless applications in a variety of industries. If you think a job in IT may be right for you, there are several things you can do to prepare for a successful career.

1. Research and Learn

It’s a good idea to learn about all the possible IT careers you could pursue so you can focus on getting the right qualifications. You may want to work with computer hardware, systems design, or software development. You could also focus on applying IT technology in various industries with GIS or data analysis.

2. Follow IT News

One thing that could set you apart when it comes time to interview for a job is your knowledge of the current state of the IT community. Keeping up with new technology advances and other news can also augment your formal education and give you a well-rounded view of the IT industry. You can follow IT developments through trade publications, blogs, press releases, and news outlets.

3. Start Freelancing

Having IT work experience can open up numerous career opportunities and help set you apart from other candidates in a competitive job market. If you aren’t ready for a full-time job yet, consider doing some freelance work in an IT field. You could design websites, develop apps, or fix computers. Information Technology is a part of daily life, so you should be able to find some freelance work to improve your skills and enhance your resume.

4. Join a Community

Participating in an online community can improve your industry knowledge and help you build and grow your professional network. It can also help increase name recognition for your personal brand. Whether you prefer the feel of a professional social network or an online forum, you can find a community that matches your interests in IT-related topics.

5. Attend a Conference

Attending a professional conference or trade show is another way to improve your IT career prospects. Even if attending a top event such as E3 isn’t a possibility, there are countless other options that can offer many benefits. When you go to a tradeshow, you can learn about up-and-coming technologies and find companies where you may want to apply. You may want to bring your business cards and copies of your resume just in case.

6. Read Through Job Listings

It’s important to know what skills and educational credentials you’ll need for the job you want and one of the best ways to find that information is to read through job ads. Reading through current job listings from real companies gives you an idea of the skills and technical knowledge employers value.

7. Consider Education Options

While some IT positions rely more on practical experience than formal education, getting a degree can still improve your career prospects dramatically. Formal education also increases your professional knowledge and can open doors to internships and other job opportunities. Some programs, such as UAB’s bachelors in mis degree, allow you to complete coursework online for convenience and flexibility.

A career path in the IT industry can provide a wide variety of opportunities in a field that is continuously growing and evolving. It can be an excellent place for people who are interested in technology and its practical applications. There are several ways to prepare yourself for a successful IT career, including reading about current happenings and participating in online communities. You can also try your hand at freelance work to improve your skills, and pursue formal education in an IT degree program.