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An Overview of Ruby on Rails Developers and Their Roles

Ruby on Rails is a highly popular object-orientated framework for application building. Essentially, it has been created in order to ensure advanced programs are able to do their work as well as possible. Very simply put, it is a type of open source web development language that has been designed to make sure developers are able to create functional web applications very quickly and with great ease.

Benefits of Ruby on Rails for Developers

More and more often, we are seeing Ruby on Rails developers mention their skills on their resumes. It has also been found that those who do are offered high salaries and more significant responsibilities. As such, being well versed in using Ruby on Rails is a great way to further a career.

Naturally, the benefits are not solely focused on having a good career. The most important thing is that the framework allows for greater robustness and scalability. While some people feel that the framework is slower than other types of similar applications, the majority disagree. This is because it has so many advantages that, while some areas may be slightly slower than others, the overall creation of an application through Ruby on Rails is much quicker than with any other framework or platform available today.


More and more, we are seeing that Ruby on Rails is starting to dominate the world of web applications. This is mainly due to its many amazing features. Because it is open source, developers are able to use it on a global level, working together with a worldwide community of likeminded developers with whom they can work and share information.

Additionally, a greater number of online giants are now starting to look into the Ruby on Rails framework and advertising its many benefits. They have noticed that , by creating apps using this system, they can increase their revenue as well. As such, they are now constantly on the look out for excellent Ruby on Rails developers who are able to create applications that improve their overall portfolio and brand image.

How to Work with Ruby on Rails and Earn a Living

By far the most popular place for Ruby on Rails developers seems to be India. While it is an open source platform that can hence be used all over the world, it seems that the vast majority of developers lives and works in India. The reality is also that much of the internet, its processes and algorithms also come from the Indian continent. As such, many businesses that are looking at working with a Ruby on Rails developer will turn to freelance directories, where they hope to find a professional from India. However, anyone is able to join these platforms, which means there is a good possibility of finding development work by simply putting yourself forward. And if you are budding developer, you may want to consider taking part in Ruby on Rails training so that you become more marketable.