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Beef up the security of your Smart Home with Bitdefender

A smart home is incomplete without IoT security solutions safeguarding every device. The security of all your devices is of utmost importance if you wish to lead a tension-free life.


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When your devices are becoming smarter by the day and technology is growing by leaps and bounds in the IoT sector, it becomes necessary to secure all of this advancement. Security for internet-connected devices is not an optional thing, but a necessity that needs to be paid heed to.

With ample choices available on the market for building your smart home, it is easy to get swayed and forget all about the security measures that are needed to preserve your smart home. Especially missed out, among other things, is an antivirus software which should be the very first thing to be installed on all your devices, be it tablets, laptops, smartphones or any other smart devices.

Bitdefender provides you with uncompromised security for internet-connected devices. With Bitdefender BOX being the latest addition to the list of device security products, the degree of security for IoT has just gone several notches up. It is responsible for securing every IoT connected device in your office or home and protects all connections against suspicious activity in your network. Bitdefender BOX is revolutionary since its security features cover everything from IoT hardware to antivirus software.

The more connected you are, the more vulnerable you become to attacks by hackers. You are not safe even with wearable devices, as the motion sensors can be used to locate you or gather your health data. The IoT era can leave you spellbound with little thought put into the security measures that each device is built with.

Most manufacturers fail to put enough emphasis on the product’s antivirus protection. They are more concerned about making the product alluring enough for consumers to purchase them. After the purchase, it becomes the responsibility of the consumer to ensure they protect themselves against digital threats. It is up to the consumer to choose the right products that will ensure the security of their devices.


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Since the biggest challenge of the IoT is security, it is only wise to take steps for bringing down the vulnerability of every device. With so many apps and devices failing basic security checks, why take that chance?

It is best to go in for an antivirus that takes care of compromised devices while the Bitdefender BOX is the additional shield saving your smart home from any unwanted external attacks. You need to pay full attention to the security of your virtual world, just like you do for your real world. With your virtual world ruling the real world in this day and age, wisdom lies in safeguarding your technology against malicious attacks.

Bitdefender is the perfect solution for all your tech problems and helps you win your peace of mind back as you leave any worry of a secure home behind. IoT devices are worth your money but IoT security solutions are worth a lot more!

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