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Backed by Naspers, local classifieds website Olx.in came to India in the year of 2006, and since then it has gone a long, long way. With the aid of its well managed commercialising communication it has managed to bestow consumer-to-consumer (C2C) commerce in India and mature a market out of it. It has had a clear concept which is to make people sell their unwanted items be it a card or an old bag or a mobile phone, which would rather allow others to buy them who are in need of buying one, but are a bit short of funds to buy it first-hand.



From ‘Bech de’ to Sell phone’, the brand has made its base even stronger with bringing several interesting campaigns one after the other. But then not many of you know that OLX is a part of a global chain which is present in around 105 countries with their parent company in Argentina. Since Naspers’ investment in 2010, OLX arrogates to have built up unnerving positions in multiple markets including Portugal, Brazil, Pakistan and India, along with achieving major success in establishing itself as one of the top online-classified sites in India. And within its domain of sites, OLX India has been able to prove itself to be a standout, exhibiting extraordinary emergence in reaching a critical aggregate of sellers and buyers. And so the CEO of OLX India, Mr. Amarjit Batra explains how since the last two years their market development’s efforts have paid off handsomely. Not only have they penetrated the big towns but also every possible small town, thus creating a very strong loyal base of users. This thus gave way to a solid and firm brand equity all over India. In fact, India has been one of the best performing sites, and with this brand aware and active user base, they have been successful in building a market as big as the incredible India!



With every passing day, the number of the people getting connected to the net using their mobiles are increasing vehemently. With more than half the internet subscriber base in India being smartphone users, this base is increasing with every passing day, which brings in the importance of developing mobile compatible sites and mobile apps for all mobile operating systems.
OLX India was the first company to give a heed to developing a Mobile Classified by providing a mobile site and native app, which would be compatible with all mobile operating systems. Thus, the ones who would like to share the opportunities and benefits that OLX India provides, can download the OLX App for mobile, and android users specifically can download OLX for Android from PlayStore.

With classifieds to be mainly a winner-take-all sort of a business, OLX India has geared up into the driver’s seat in India by gathering a market share of 60%, along with an accelerating growth. And that’s not it. OLX India is still enthusiastic enough to extend this team which works on the mobile internet sites and apps more and more to achieve their goals in an even better way, owing to the increasing in the number of competitors in the market, the most notable one being Quickr.

Thus, the advent of mobile classifieds has revolutionised the market, and OLX India has made no mistakes in holding onto to its market and remain one of the most powerful online classified platforms.